What Was In Sophia’s Purse?

Have you wonder about the things you see on your favorite television show and if you can guess what was going through in their heads or if you’re like me and if they spent the majority of their kitchen, you wonder if the things in their cabinets and fridge was real or not. Or what if the clothes in their closets can actually fit them. Well, I had one of those thoughts the other day and I could not help but wonder about it. I was basically raised on classic TV shows, like I Love Lucy, Mama’s Family, and The Golden Girls. I was up in the middle of the night and bored out of the skull and I didn’t have my headphones either. I was watching TGG and it was the episode where Blanche takes the girls to the hotel were they have the mystery games, kind of like how you play the game “Clue” and the episode is pretty good and hilarious! I just love that episode but I mostly like it for Dorothy and Sophia’s mother-daughter arguments throughout the show. At the last of the episode, Sophia had said something about stealing silverware and as it ends, she goes to pick up her purse but can’t because of it was too heavy for her to lift it so she asked Dorothy to pick up for her. That part led to my next thought about besides the silverware that she took, but I was wondering what was really inside her purse. So everybody knows the golden purse and it kind of looks like a middle size purse to me, it could be a little bigger than that, but I’m going to try to guess what was probably or would be in that purse.

  • Lipstick
  • Keys
  • Fingernail clippers and fingernail filer
  • Lotion
  • Wallet
  • Little Candies
  • Any Medical Supplies
  • Eye glasses case
  • Scarf
  • Face moisturizer

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