Roses, Shoes, and The Smell Of Coffee.


My mom had to wake me up this morning and I mean, like get me out of the bed. She got me up around 11am, and I was up earlier but everything in my body was telling me to go back to sleep. I’m glad she got me up when she did, because I wasn’t liking the dream I was having at all. I’ve had myself a long day, and it’s 4pm. I went to bed late again. I think ever since staying up until 1am for that concert on TV was a bad idea. I should have had somebody DVR it for me, because that’s when my sleep schedule got messed up. I’ve had it going good for a couple of weeks and I was pretty proud of myself, but now my body is wanting to stay up later and later. I can’t get myself to shut off my brain. Everything in body gets tired, but not at the right time. I am kind of hoping for a good night of some meaningful sleep. I’m not going to get it, but at least I haven’t given up hope for it.

Today, my mom and I went to my nana’s for our usual. I finally got to see this infamous roses I heard about Thursday morning before work. My papaw did the cutest thing for my nana for Valentine’s Day. He had called the flower shop for a vase of roses and when my dad came over to get their lottery tickets, when he came back with them, he gave my dad money and told him to go to the flower shop and they were expecting them. So dad paid for the flowers and they delivered the flowers to the house. After she saw them, she got all excited and thought they were from my Uncle David, because they put on the card “from Dave” and so she automatically thought they were from my Uncle David because my papaw isn’t a very big romantic guy. Anyways, she was getting ready to text my Uncle David and I guess my Papaw told her they were from him. My papaw called my dad Thursday morning before my driver came and got me for work, and my dad told me what happened and I thought it was cutest thing ever. Of course, my mom didn’t get anything from my dad for Valentine’s Day. She was supposed to, but I think my dad forgot about picking them up. That’s okay, because I didn’t get anything either. I was content with it though, because I had a pretty good day anyways.

So after my mom got me in the house. My mom and nana began talking about various things and my nana stops in the middle of the conversation to show us the second cutest thing. She found a pair of old shoes my papaw used to wear when he was itty bitty. We kind of thought to ourselves that he might’ve worn them when he was around a year or two years old. Which means they’re around 80 years old by now. They are gray and don’t like a pair of shoes from these days, but I’ve also never seen a toddler’s shoes before either. I don’t know if you’re supposed to see most of the bottom cut up from the person who worn them, because they ruined them. You can tell I’ve rarely worn shoes at all, can you? If I wore shoes at all growing at all, it was just because they were an accessory. Almost like jewelry, since I never walked, I didn’t necessary need the shoes. Anyways, seeing my papaw’s old shoes made me want to take a picture of them and include them in for today’s blog post. After seeing these shoes, my mood for the rest of the day went up and down. We had pizza and my stomach was not feeling so hot after eating the pizza. I didn’t get to have ice cream again, because I knew my stomach wasn’t agree with it. What made it worse though, was after when my mom went to do my nana’s errands. My papaw decided to make a fresh batch of coffee. At first, it smelled amazing and then as it kept “brewing” I guess, my stomach and my mouth were on the same page. I say my mouth because I began to taste my disgusting Starbucks drink I had back in November. My favorite smell was becoming my biggest enemy. Not cool.