How About Some Ink?

So I have some interesting news to share. My co-workers are thinking about taking me out for a girl’s night next month. I’m not telling you all the details until I know for sure what we’re doing, but one of the things is getting a tattoo. You know how I am, I have been dying to get one since I was 17 years old. My ideas have come and gone, but so have my guts too! I’m actually really excited about this, but here’s the thing. I have no idea what I want and where I want it at. Since space is kind of limited, I’ve been actually looking for small things, but I do know I want my legs done. I’m beginning to think about getting one of my arms done as well. I still want lyrics on both of the outside of my legs. I need to have my sister do like a “draft” and write out a word on my leg in different fonts to see what works and what doesn’t. I also have to cut down the length of the song, in other words, if I want to use a song with a big chorus I’m going to have either use one good line or find another song. I do know I want a Five Finger Death Punch lyric and Sixx:A.M. lyric, but I can’t pick out the song and which line I want. Too many choices!

I have been looking on Pinterest for some tattoo ideas and I kind of have an idea of what I want to get next month, but since the month just started. I have plenty of time to decide officially. I can also have Emily draw it out first and go from there. Here are some of the ideas that I was thinking about. You are more than welcome to look at my entire board of tattoos, click here.

I have three favorite classic Disney movies. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, and Alice In Wonderland. Snow White is my favorite princess and the beast is favorite prince charming, but my actual idea is for my love of Alice in Wonderland. I’m a big daydreamer and I would love to live in a world of nonsense and that everybody and everything was backwards. Could you imagine that? I wouldn’t be such a freak of nature (and I don’t mean that in a bad way, just didn’t know what else to use) and everybody would be used to each others flaws and hopefully we wouldn’t bully each other for our differences. And my parents think I’m not going to think ahead. To see picture, click here.

My second idea kind of goes with my whole thing with getting a sleeve done. The picture looks really big, so I think I’m going to shrink it down just a little, but I love the idea. It’s a symbol of my love for music. As soon as I saw it, I just kind of stared at it and saw some awesome effects I can get with it on a future date. I had a second idea for this tattoo, but I decided the picture wasn’t like what I really wanted. So never mind. To see picture, click here.

See, I told you it was huge! So imagine it kind of smaller. My third idea, might actually be the one I’ll get next month. Since it’s small enough and hopefully my dad won’t freak out about it. Also, getting a bow tattoo is on my Bucket List. So I thought this fit very well. To see picture, click here.

This is the other idea I was thinking of getting next month instead of the bow tattoo. Everybody knows I’m a very positive person, at least I try to be positive and I like to help other people positive as well. So I think this kind of fits me. The only thing I wanted changed with this, are the birds. Instead of them being pink, I want them to be purple. To see picture, click here.

I have some other ideas, they’re not official ideas. They come and go. I would like a sunflower tattoo. I don’t know where, but I’ve had visions of it on my right thigh with two big sunflowers and at the corners are two daisies and a dandelion at the center. Since I love all three of them so much. I also have a weird thing for cupcakes and this is the one that likes to come and go a lot. I want what looks like a devil chocolate cupcake with purple frosting with baby blue sprinkles on top. My last idea is a tattoo version of my drawing “Legacy” I made in 2010. I have a thing for masquerade masks and I also found this mask on Pinterest too. I’m still deciding if I want the whole face or just half of it. I also want to draw it myself. I think it would be more personal if I did it that way. I would want it on my upper thigh as well. Here is the picture idea, click here.

I hope you like my ideas and maybe I’ve given you some ideas if you’re looking for awesome ink.

As Promised!

Yesterday was a very fun, easy-going, and interesting day. It was the second time, my mom has ever had a day off when I’ve had to go to work. The last time, it was December and my parents were going to Jasper to some more Christmas shopping for us. So it wasn’t such a big deal with they were in the same town as me and that also meant, my day was going to be shorter than it usually is. Since I normally stay after the girls leave to go home with my mom when she gets off work that evening. This time I got to go home at 5pm and I finally got to watch all my shows on regular times. Instead, of my dad getting me ready to go to work, my mom got to do everything, which almost sent me over the edge, because there was a lot of things she did different from my dad and we kind of have this routine. Even when I was at school and I had a sub for that day, I had to teach them everything that my normal aide does and what I do in each class. Sometimes, it was almost routine like. I got very used to it, but since I haven’t done it in a while, it was like she was changing certain parts and I wasn’t having it. I’m going to have to get used to it though, because she’s going to be doing it more often. They’re both very different, and sometimes it drives me crazy.

The night before, I prayed to have a good day because I was in need of one. My mom washed my hair and while she was texting and I was trying to remember what time it was before she got me up, and trying to add everything she had to do before my driver got there. Thursday’s are my early days and so my mind was really racing because when my dad gets me ready, he doesn’t usually text in the middle of everything and be on his phone longer than two minutes. It felt like she was on her phone longer than 20 minutes. She blow dried my hair and fed me. She was going to get me dressed first before she fed me, and we ended up arguing about that for five minutes about the reason to wait. My dad feeds me first so just in case, anything gets on the bed and my shirt gets whatever was there. I was going to wear my white sweater, and if she had given me anything other than white, would have been a disaster. Imagine that fight. Anyways, I ate and afterwards, she dressed me in my white sweater with black skulls and crossbones. My dad doesn’t think any of my skulls stuff is very professional, so my mom understands and everybody at work didn’t see or say anything about it. So it was okay. I also wore my jean like leggings. I only had to wear a clip in my hair because my bangs wouldn’t stay away from my face. At least it wasn’t the headband.

You can tell God heard my prayer because not only did I get one of my favorite drivers, but it was also beautiful outside. My mom said it was the warmest day of the year so far. I didn’t even need my jacket on when I went outside, that’s how nice it was! My mom still put socks on me, but I think that was just routine. So when I got inside the van and we were on our way, I had to do things a little differently. Instead of my mom being at work, I couldn’t exactly text her that I was on my way in different spots, so I had to get my co-workers number the night before and thankfully I remembered to do that too, because I almost forget about it. So I ended up texting her. Once I finally got there, I was happy that I was there, even though I had a blast on the way there because my driver and I have pretty good conversations. Anyways, we got inside and I finally got to see my other co-worker, who looked like she had gotten a haircut, which she did. We both had new hairstyles. I hadn’t been at work since the week before I got my hair done. Even though, I told majority of people what I was getting and they saw the pictures on my mom’s Facebook. A few hadn’t seen it, especially the residents. So I had my skull sweater, red hair, and new polish on my fingers and toes. One of the residents liked the yellow nails, it was so cute!

We did four different things yesterday. We did our usual play UNO, go on a van ride, and scents. Yesterday, we also read to the residents upstairs. Well, I didn’t. I think I’d get too insecure about how bad I’m saying the words and take too long to be reading out loud. That’s why I read to myself. The girls told me I was going to (possibly) win one of the two games we played, because they know how much I think I’m going to lose at UNO and they were trying to give me some extra faith. Just because I was having a good day, doesn’t mean God’s going to let me win one game of UNO. Not in this lifetime. I almost did though, so that’s okay. For our car ride, we went to Ferdinand, we got to see the Monastery. They’ve done a tour before and we’ve driven by it before. It is huge and interesting. Everytime the girls talk about the interior, makes me a little jealous. Hopefully sometime I’ll actually get to see the inside of it. After we got back from the van ride, we sat in the room for a bit and talked our heads off like women normally do. Which reminds me that sometime this weekend, I have to make CDs for one of the girls. She needs some Halestorm and Five Finger Death Punch and I promise I didn’t force her to listen to them, I was lucky she was a fan of both before we got  to this point. We also got on each other’s good side when we both started singing “Freak Like Me” in the room. Thankfully we were whispering the words, because we were going a little crazy.

My mom came and got me. I had to go upstairs to find her, but that was okay. When my mom and I finally did leave, it was really weird to see the sun still out and it wasn’t cold as crap. My mom to do something before actually left town and I got to see a part of Jasper, I’ve never seen. The part where the mansions are and man, are these houses beautiful! My mom showed me one of the houses worked on, its red bricked with some green. It’s the ultimate Christmas house I will say that, but it was pretty. All the houses were gorgeous, but most were like two stories and as much as some people like those kinds of hoses, I’ll be the first to admit, they’re definitely not my favorite. I’ve lived in a one story house and I hate stairs and in-house elevators. Imagine getting stuck in that elevator. On our way home, my mom and I talked about, well mostly my day and we listened to the radio. We got home just after 6pm and it was weird for me, because I actually had time to wait for The Vampire Diaries and I actually got to watch the episode in the same day! I’m not going to be able to do that next week, but it was nice to enjoy it last night. By the end of the night, my mom had gotten food from Subway and got me some movies too. She got me (finally) The Words and Here Comes The Boom. Which is what I’m planning on watching after the post is published.