I know I have a couple of more days left until Valentine’s Day, but I did something that I could have done it as a two-day thing, but I didn’t. Last weekend, while my mom was doing my nana’s errands. She found this box of valentine’s day cards fill of kittens and puppies. They also came with these different breeds of cats and dogs. I let my sister have one of the rottweiler tattoos. She loves them! She always has. Ever since she had those rottweiler stuffed animals when she was little, she’s always loved them. I don’t think she’s ever been around one in her whole life though. Anyways, after my mom saw how cute Emily’s was, she showed my poor dad these little tattoos and asked him which one he wanted. His reply was, “not those damn cats.” He “hates” cats. So he picked out a beagle tattoo and my mom put it on his upper arm in the center of one of his permanent tattoo. He won’t be able to wear a short sleeve shirt for a while.

So I got done with these cards earlier today. I probably should have slowed down a little, because now I have nothing to do. I want to read my book since I didn’t read yesterday at work. Which was weird, since I usually do my reading at work. I can read about two chapters a day, well within the two days I go there. I can’t read two chapters everyday. I wish I could though. Actually I haven’t read my book in almost three weeks. That’s crazy! I haven’t done that in a while. Oh, I found out some news. A few days ago, I saw this guy on my Twitter say he was going to talk to people on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. He had put the channel number, and I was just curious, I was actually searching for the same channel on the day I found FUSE on my guide. I never found that channel untill Sunday afternoon. So my good news is, if I can stay up that long, they will be airing a concert live. It’s from Stone Sour and Papa Roach. This girl is freaking excited! Just one little problem. It airs tomorrow night at 11:30pm and goes off at 2:30am. I have to go to work tomorrow morning and it’s also my early day. So I’m kind of hoping maybe I can watch my Law & Order: SVU and Happily Divorced at their normal times and have my parents tape this concert for me. I already told my mom about it, but I think I can get by with having my dad tape it for me. I’m hoping at least. Maybe I can actually get him into two more bands I like and I would get an excuse to buy the Papa Roach and Stone Sour albums. Hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying. Which reminds me, I need to hear Stone Sour’s new single. See you tomorrow!