Stairway To The Skies

Today was a fun and interesting day. I think almost everyday is interesting in some way. It might be a good interesting, or in a bad interesting kind of way. I think that’s why I always say it was an “interesting” day. Today was in a fun nevertheless. I went over to my nana’s house for the morning because my parents had a meeting and they went out for my dad’s birthday afterwards. I spent my day with my grandparents, however, I spent most of the visit with my nana because my papaw decided he was just going to sleep most of the morning. He has weird sleep schedules too. He can stay up late and go to sleep in his chair in the kitchen (which isn’t comfortable by any means!) or he can sleep most of the night, get up at 6am and have breakfast and around 8am, he’ll go back to bed and sleep until lunch. I always thought I got my weird sleeping habits from my dad, but I’m slowly switching and believing I got it from my papaw instead. Everybody in my family has a weird sleeping schedule. We’re never normal, but that is my family for you!

For some time, my nana has been writing about her life and everything can remember about it. She’s been digging up old family photos and has found some helpful pictures to help her remember different places and other memories she can incorporate with the pictures. Her entire office looks like a bomb blew up in that small room. She has so much stuff stacked and up against places, it’s kind of difficult to move around in there. So just imagine two bulky wheelchairs in this small room, with every photo album imaginable around. I mean, it’s not just photo albums, she’s got a few other stuff in that room too, but they’ve been in there for so long that I can find a way to run into it, but that’s only if I get lucky. Anyways, we were looking at different pictures that deserved to be thrown back into my family members faces. There were a few pictures of my mom in some awesome, 80’s clothes (and I’m saying that with a sarcastic voice) and I saw some funny looking pictures of my uncles when they were younger. There were a bunch of pictures that really got me though. My cousin Chris doesn’t have blonde hair, but when he was younger. He had blonde hair. He looks all weird, because I’ve never seen him like that and he doesn’t look good in blonde, let me just tell you that right now.

After looking at these pictures, we found what looked like an old sketch book, but it was a yearbook from the 1920s. It didn’t have anything special on the cover or the back of it to show you it was yearbook at all. I have like three yearbooks and they’re sturdy, looks like a regular hardback book, but it has the school’s name and the school’s colors with this unique design. This looked like a straight-up sketch book with nothing on it until you looked inside it, it had old black and white pictures and I don’t know why, but it kind of felt like the movie Grease. How they’re school would be, but what got my nana and I were these inside jokes my great aunts (we just called them, “the aunts”) and their friends said in this yearbook. The 1920s to the 40s are my favorite eras. This simple time mixed in with the flashy, prohibition, Great Depression. Something about these decades just fascinate me. I wish I was able to explain it better, My nana had also found this old poem she had written when she was in middle school and she kept it all these years and since I’ve been doing “Picture It & Write” she thought I would like to see her stuff too. It was pretty good! Considering a middle schooler did it. After she had to read it to me, because I can’t read her handwriting, we went into the kitchen and I brought the yearbook with me. I wanted to look at it more.

When we finally got ourselves arranged in the kitchen. My papaw was awake and getting his coffee ready, and thank god I didn’t have to smell of coffee for the rest of the morning. I’m still mad that I can’t enjoy the smell of coffee anymore. My nana continued to look at this yearbook and we found some interesting things about the aunts. I still pronounced my Aunt Regina like “Ra-Gina.” That’s  not how you say it, and I’ve been told that about a billion times and when I was saying their names out loud, I wasn’t even looking at their last names because I didn’t I’d get through them. So when I saw it, I just said it the way I saw it. It’s really pronounced as “Ra-Gee-Na.” I would like to know why her name was like that in the first place, but yet another one of my aunt’s had the nickname “Torturie” and they called her that and her name, Elsaleah. I’m probably spelling both of those wrong! I always heard a story of my mom thinking they weren’t the same person since everybody would call her both names, I guess my mom thought she had another aunt, she didn’t know about. Funny thing was, when I was younger, I had been told this story about seven times before I actually got it too. Like mother, like daughter, right? That’s how I spent my morning doing. I’m going over tomorrow in the afternoon. So who knows, what other pictures we find on accident.