The Outside

So it’s the day after Valentine’s Day, did you have a good one? If you’ve read my last post, you would see I certainly did.

Today was a little boring. It was strange, because everything I told myself I was going to do, I didn’t do. If I had one little thought about something I wanted to do, I would either not do it at all or do a little bit of it. I had looked up something on my TV this morning, and found out that FUSE was doing an hour of Christina Aguilera’s”Loaded” episode. I had plans on watching that, but I was late and I only watched one music video. Last night, when I wide awake I went looking on AXS for something to watch tonight to watch. I found out that Look Who’s Talking was going to be on at 6pm. I instantly got excited because everytime I hear that new Jenny Craig commercials and hear that song play, I think of John Travolta doing his little dance with those stuffed animals. Yeah, I thought I missed the beginning of that, but I was right in time. I actually watched the whole thing, but took some music breaks in between. I missed that movie! Now, I complementing if I really want to read anymore tonight. I’m moving right along, I just started Chapter 25 and it’s just starting to get interesting.

Good news though, I had some pain today, but not a lot. Actually the only pain I had been my back aching like crazy. I’ve been getting up and down a lot today, I think my body is getting lazy again…or sick. One of those two I’m sure. When I was laying down earlier, I was trying to fix my blanket and I literally felt my legs getting weaker and weaker. Some other good news, I found today that Five Finger Death Punch are releasing their new album this summer. Now I’ve got to find out when Backstreet Boys are releasing their’s and I’m really hoping it’s not in the summer. Can you imagine that? Because you know I’ll only be able to just get one CD and there’s no hope in buying an explicit album at Wal-Mart. When I got the chance to try to watch The Vampire Diaries and Law & Order: SVU earlier, I laid down and tried to relax, but it didn’t do much for me though. I had to try to watch TVD this morning and the link was acting up. The entire internet was acting slow. My mom and I decided it was because of meteor in the skies. Around 2pm, I started watching it again and it actually worked. If you haven’t seen the episode, I’m giving you warning, be prepared and have a box of tissues ready. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Now Law & Order: SVU episode I knew I wasn’t going to have any trouble, because for some reason, that link always works wonders for me. The picture is bigger and even though I hate the commercials, they only play two of them with each break. That’s better than watching it on TV. That episode was better than TVD’s episode. You’re never disappointed in a Law & Order episode. Okay I’m done. (: