Song Review: “Stand By You” by Rachel Platten

I’ve heard of people say that Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter, there won’t be another role that people will love more than that character. He was such a beloved character to fans of the books and movies. I always try to see actors and actresses in other roles besides the one that they’re so famous for. I have a better track record with movies than I do with music.

In the music world, there’s the thing of “one hit wonders” and I’ve always been a little afraid of getting into certain songs because once one song makes a splash and gets the world to recognize the artist or band. What happens if the second single doesn’t produce the same or maybe a milder take with audiences? When Rachel Platten released her first single “Fight Song” I thought it was amazing! A powerful message and sound; the whole thing was just prefect! The freaking song just exploded everywhere and I was actually very happy about it even though it took me like a whole month to get into it.

Rachel has released a new song called “Stand By You” and I am sad to say that it sounds like the same beat. It has the same slow introduction and climb to the chorus. The two instruments you clearly hear the most are the drums and piano, the same from the other song. I’m really disappointed. I wanted to hear something different, beat wise. I am okay with the lyrics and what kind of message she’s trying to make there, but I am really bummed! That’s now how you should follow up the first single!

Even though I clearly hate the song, I want to know your opinion on it. Do you like it or do you think it sounds like “Fight Song?”

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