So it’s Monday and from the time I got up, which was 7am, to the time my driver came to get me for work. I was a little hesitate. I was worried about getting the driver I had last week. Today also started the first day of my mom doing my dad’s job, getting me ready for work. She’s done it twice before, but usually the day after I work she would go to work. This past weekend she went on weekend option. So for now on, she’ll be getting me ready and my old routine with my dad won’t happen so often. So bye, bye watching Finding Bigfoot right before I left for work. I realized today, my mom definitely won’t watch it, but she swears it’s only because she doesn’t want dad to be mad at her, because she knows he wants to watch it with me. Looks like I might staying up later on Sunday’s just to watch Finding Bigfoot. I don’t know if that makes me sad or not, but I think it’s about close. When I got picked up for work, I was happy and talkative. I had been up for four hours and I was much relaxed and energetic than any part of my day. I think it was the driver’s spirit and energy she let off. It was interesting, but when I got to work though, one of my co-workers was out sick and the other one was acting like she should have stayed at home too. She kept saying her head hurt and kept sneezing left and right! As the day went on though, everybody was acting the same way. Great!

I didn’t do the crafts this time around. Instead, I did help out my co-worker, because we had more than four people come into the dining room to do Crafty Corner. We were making shamrocks with four strips of paper and staples. Thank god I was actually paying attention to what she was doing, even though I don’t think it would have been easy to figure out if I hadn’t been watching her. She went to one table and helped out a few residents and their crafts. I couldn’t do the stapler with my feet, even though you would think I could, but nope! I can’t. My feet make everything so complicated. Anyways, I did the folding to make the shapes. She had to staple the ends to make it look like a small heart, but in green. We made them all a three leave clovers. We probably should have made them all four leave clovers so everybody a good luck charm, but she didn’t have another piece of paper for it. She found this cute craft on Pinterest. It’s where our other co-worker founds most of her craft inspirations too! We found out that it’s kind of hard to find St. Patrick’s Day crafts, so hopefully after that holiday is over. Easter will be a little bit easier for us to find some crafts to do.

Since my mom didn’t go to work today. She came to get me around 4pm and brought my sister with her. I was upstairs to do our last activity of the day and in the middle of it, I saw my mom and sister walk into the room and most of the residents were happy to see her, plus two of the nurses as well! When we left, for one thing it’s usually dark, but it was sunny outside and since Emily came with her, she decided to talk the whole way home. Which was good, because I didn’t have much to talk about. However, this entire post just blows over that thought. Now I’m at home, full from the fajitas my mom made for dinner, feeling a little bit bored and different parts of my body feels like crap. I am thankful God heard my prayers last night, because I had a great day! I keep looking at my clock and hoping it was later than 8:30pm right about now. I’m tired, but I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping much tonight. Here’s another thing, I’m listening to Robin Williams! He is freaking hilarious!

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