Blogs That I Love #16


Christmas is coming soon! Like, really soon! It’s insane, because you know that means it’ll be January 1st and 2015 after that. Of course, we have a couple of more weeks until that does happen, so let’s just stay in the present, shall we? It’s another end of a week and Friday’s are better with three things: a good paycheck, booze, and new blogs to read! Let’s be honest, these would be awesome for any part of the week. I just thought it would make more sense on a Friday than say a Tuesday. These blogs selected below I only follow on Facebook. Well, except three of them, but I see their pictures and stuff they’d feature on their Facebook. I feel like I’m a secret groupie for these blogs because I don’t really talk to their owners as I normally would if I follow them on Twitter. People say Facebook isn’t the perfect way to promote your blog posts anymore because of the new policy, but there are a few that I do see quite frequently so they’ve become new favorites of mine that I want to share with you. So if you don’t already follow these blogs, I’d suggest you do. Enjoy!

  1. Living Boldly – First off. I love this blog! The owner is Meagan, (whoohoo to another Me(a)g(h)an!) and she is gorgeous! Not even kidding! She lives in Canada, which explains the cold/snow pictures she’s been posting on her Facebook lately. We haven’t had much snow here. She is a fashion, lifestyle blogger. Of course I mostly read her lifestyle posts more, but I have been reading her fashion ones a little bit lately. She has some really good content, her pictures are as beautiful too. She does some travel post every once in a while too, they are really fun to read too!
  2. Being Little – Lyzi and Meagan were “liked” at the same time, because at the beginning I used to get confused between them. You can’t blame me, considering both blogs have the same two letters, just backwards. I can’t be the only one who’s been easily confused! If I am, I’m the only one who’s admitted it. Anyways, Lyzi is from Bristol, UK and is a fashion, lifestyle blogger too! She started sharing her artwork on her blog, kind of like me in the beginning of mine. I love this blog so much. It’s so cute and simple.
  3. Alina Ermilova – Alina is a “newer” blogger I’ve been following lately. I actually follow her and Lyzi on Twitter, as well as their Facebook pages. I found Alina on Twitter, but I like following her on Facebook more as I can see her pictures and posts better on there. Alina is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. She does talk about DIY, food, and posts inspiring quotes on her blog as well. I actually found her last weekend, so I haven’t actually like “talked” to her yet. I have read a few of her posts though. I feel like I could be reading her blog a lot as time goes on, even the other two blogs!



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