Is It Too Early?

10430483_10153611672514358_546331830631413650_nI saw this on Facebook and I had to use it on a blog post. Leave it to me to find the most random shit to be used as inspiration to start a post honestly! However, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was, is it too early to be saying this? I remember in 2010 we were out of school for like two separate weeks between the end of January and beginning of February. The only reasons why I still remember it was because I missed working on my LP drawings in art class and everybody in my entire graduating class was freaking out that we’d have to push back our graduation until the middle of June. We didn’t, thank god!

Our snow blizzards in the Midwest can still happen though, from the mid-Jan to the end of March is when our snow mostly happens and everybody keeps forgetting that! So even though, we never got the worst of Winter Storm Juno, it doesn’t mean we won’t get Winter Storms Kari, Linus, and Marcus! I was looking at the list of the storm’s names and I can’t help but wonder about the outcome of both Winter Storm Pandora and Thor! I doubt we’ll ever see those blizzards in our neck of the woods, but they’ll happen somewhere! Of course, this weekend it’s supposed to snow like hell Saturday night I think? I’m technically not looking forward to it, but I would like to be able to see some snow on the ground!

So we’ve had a little bit of snow and a lot of sickness in our house! My poor mom’s just now getting over hers and my dad and I are basically on the lookout to see which one of us it’ll possess next. I’m talking like it’s a damn demon, but in a way it kind of is! It makes everybody in my family a little bit more paranoid than usual. Thursday was kind of strange for me. I couldn’t find anything interesting on TV and music wasn’t making me happy either, so after mom came home from work we both took an hour nap. After that, I felt lots better! With all of the sickness going around, I’ve been doing good of not fighting the urge to chill out in bed. I’ve be staying offline, lounging in bed and watching TV like none other!

Something that you might not know about me is that there are a LOT of classic cult movies that I have never seen before! I’ve tried to watch both Sixteen Candles and Breakfast At Tiffany’s but I can’t watch them all the way through. Earlier this week, my mom had decided to record the movie Steel Magnolias on the Sundance channel. Since I’ve been in this BIG movie mood for the past month and a half I can basically watch anything! I have seen parts of this movie but like I said before, never all of it at one time. I think it was Tuesday I watched it. I literally devoted myself to it for two hours – it even had commercials and I still couldn’t turn it off!

The story was funny and sad. I got a good cry out of it along with something else that made me think about life and its sorts. One thing I did enjoy was Ouiser. Good god! I laughed my butt off whenever her character was around. When it first started though, I didn’t think I was going to get through it with their country accents. I’m sorry, but it’s my least favorite accent of all time, on both male and females! Besides watching movies aka anything I can find at the moment. I’ve been doing pretty good on keeping up with watching daily vlogs. It’s a new obsession of mine if you haven’t heard by now! I’ve recently found the cutest family of vloggers that I’ll share with you next month!

Next month??? I keep forgetting it’s almost February! On Super Bowl Sunday it’ll be the first of the second month of 2015! Yikes! I usually like to do blog posts on the first days of the new months, but I might be too pre-occupied that day and night so I’m hoping this’ll do instead. I’ll be over at our neighbor’s for a Super Bowl party, mom said they’re having a fish fry! We both got too excited when she said the word, “fish” it’s actually been a long time since we’ve both had fish! I’m just happy I might actually get to see the halftime show. DISH decided to take off CBS (which is the usual channel that the game is on!) I love Katy Perry! That’s easily the best part for my mom and I is the halftime shows! I don’t know much about football and I know I’ll be asked quite a bit on which team I’m rooting for. So which team should I root for? Seahawks or the cheaters? It doesn’t matter if I don’t know anything about football or not, I still think the Colts should be playing anyways! I’m hoping to be recording the Kitten Bowl too. I’ve seen so many ads about it that I kind of have to! I already told Blondie I would do it for her. Nice cover story for me!

I’m thinking about breaking in my camera. I’m going to start “playing” with it sometime. It’s just resting in my little box with my stereo remotes, iPod, and phone. Those Veleeta boxes are the best things for a mini hoarder like me! I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend! See you again on Tuesday!

Tune Tuesday: Cascada


Week three and it’s about Cascada.

Now I’ll explain this first, it’s really all about their female singer Natalie Horner, but since there are three other people in the group, I have to add them along to the post too! The other three members are Manuel Reuter, Yann Peifer, and DJ Torb. If you’ve never heard them before they are an EDM act coming all the way from Germany. I heard about them years ago, way before Dubstep came and took me over! I’m thinking they came out while I was still in middle school, the first song I heard by them was “Everytime We Touch” and it played on the radio stations like crazy! That was our first taste of the EDM craze we’d get used to hearing all the time, but I used to watch their music videos on MTV early in the mornings too. I always thought Natalie was gorgeous!

I have quite a few songs of these guys on my iPod and I still have more I’d like to get someday! Everybody knows how much I love to dance and see others dance, when it’s a Cascada, you know the choreography is going to be awesome! I’m actually very picky when listening to anything in the dance music category, mostly because of this group. They started a lot for me. I was always into trance music but I’ve become a bigger fan if they have a female singer on the actual track. I don’t like very many male singers in these songs. A female singer can help guide you on a journey through listening to the beat of the music. So I give Natalie a lot of kudos for creating that trend! Here is a small list of my favorite songs: “Perfect Day,” “Faded,” and “What Hurts The Most”I would love to hear some new music by them in 2015. It’s been a while since they’ve released an album in the US.

Geeky Weekend


Well, if you read my post on Friday, you know how I’ve been feeling “weird” lately and how much stress I shouldn’t be under at this moment. All last week I was watching so much TV that I literally thought something was really wrong with me, like sick wise. I’m always online or listening to music. We have lots of different music channels on our TV’s and I’ve usually got mine on The Pulse or Venus. A birthday cake that my dad went and got Blondie on Friday or Thursday, I don’t remember. It was a nice, moist chocolate cake (I swore it had mint or cinnamon in it too) it was covered in lightly whipped frosting with yellow, green, and a very light-colored orange edge design. I watch WAY too many sweet specials on TV! This was before my sister and I basically tore into it.



I’ve known that my parents were going to go out Saturday, as a chance to escape for a bit. Blondie would be “babysitting” me in a way. Since this has been her birthday weekend, her boyfriend Batman is down for it. She’s been very happy! So has ChiChi too! I was told earlier in the week that my mom was going to get me an iTunes card as a way of my mom being sorry for leaving me at home with the twins. I have so many nicknames for these two I swear! Anyways, I started to think about later on in the week that since I’ve been watching movies a lot lately, that maybe I could talk her into going to the video store instead. Well, I woke up at like 6am and I never went back to sleep like I had hoped after my dad caught me on the laptop just before the sun came up, but before he came in I went through my DVR to find something to watch. I went on the Living Room DVR and I found the best thing ever. My mom found Captain America: The Winter Soldier on our demand! It was AWESOME by the way! Lots of fighting and stunts! Still mad that Hydra is back! Boo to the bad guys!

My mom and dad left the house to go to a bike show. The twins were in the living room and I decided that once they were gone that I was going on the floor. It’s been a while since I’ve scoot into the living room, my mom has trouble getting up off the floor so I usually wait whenever Blondie’s around. Poor girl. Thank god she’s gone back to lifting weights again though! I went into the living room to watch poor Batman get lovings from ChiChi, who might still be in heat. My parents were watching Two And a Half Men just before they left, I thought it was a taped thing. So when I realized that the first Star Trek movie was on I was ecstatic! I haven’t actually watched the first movie all the way through before. I’m in love with the second movie and the story line between Spock and his fallen planet definitely makes sense to me now! I also got WAY too excited when I saw Scotty and Bones. While I was on the floor, my feet were getting SO cold! I forgot to bring my socks with me. I think Batman and I got through half of the movie before I had to go back into my room. I did change the channel number and when i went back into my room, I tried to continue but I couldn’t so I taped it. I finished the film two hours after it originally ended.

Of course, with all this fun of watching films and being around my sister and her boyfriend. I have been doing my usual crap that I do on a daily basis. Go online for a couple of hours, listen to music, watch YouTube videos (which has now become an obsession!) and fight the temptation to fall asleep in the middle of the day. I decided to take a chance on Little Mix again. They may or may not make it to my Tune Tuesday posts sometime next month! I’m taking baby steps to listening to their album, Salute all the way through. I’ve also went on a weird hunt of Brits trying American candy. Oh my gosh, I’ve never enjoyed anything more than seeing their reactions! I was actually telling my mom about Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)’s video of trying different sweets from here in the US. I’m pretty sure she thought I was losing my mind as I was telling her about it on our way to the dentist. Something that I thought was interesting was the Jolly Rancher soda he and Zoe tried, here’s a fun fact I didn’t know it was an American thing! I thought it was a UK thing because my friend Stacie, who lives in England was the one who introduced me to it first! I actually saw it a week before Christmas, while we were out shopping, I wanted to take a picture of it and send it to the Facebook for her. I didn’t, so when I saw it again on the video I was very amazed.


I didn’t exactly wake up as early as Saturday morning, but I certainly didn’t sleep in as much as my dad would have liked me to apparently. I woke up to darkness even though it was 10am. The sun was gone and the pain in my lower started to make sense! I’ve been having some weird pain from the middle to lower parts of my back. The only way I can describe it as if I said it feels like if you were to twist a rag like three times to drain water out of it with all of your strength, that’s what I woke up to! I’m happy to say as the day went on, the pain kept fading away. I refuse to take medicine unless it’s like spasms and it wasn’t. Saturday, I saw this ad on Facebook, it was about a live broadcast of Ed Sheeran’s concert as part of VH1’s Storytellers edition. It was on at 7pm EST and I have been really loving “X” album a lot. So I scheduled it to record on my DVR and when I woke up Sunday morning, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I had to watch it and it was sooo freaking good! I really need to learn the words to these songs I swear! I only know “Don’t” is that bad?

I charged up my iPod in the afternoon, and I usually sit up and listen to music through my Spotify, but not this time. I kept switching back and forth to different music channels. I think my love for pop music might be deflating again. It happens. Sometimes I go on sprees of just listening to the same pop songs over and over again and then after a couple of months, I get annoyed with it and I stop completely. In a way, it might be a good thing because any song that I can’t stand to hear right now, I might like it again later. My mom said a few days ago that one of her residents had the flu. She and dad have been sneezing and coughing for the past week, I’ve been doing it too but not as much she was supposed to be working but called in because it has officially came to our house.

Blondie and Batman went to a basketball game and never quite came back to the house afterwards. They went back to her dorm and slept there, which seems like an odd thing to do considering our house is closer. Batman went back home early this morning and instead of just staying at her dorm for the rest of the day, like maybe she should’ve, she came home and spend the day in her room with probably ChiChi figuring out her new phone. Batman got her the iPhone 6 and she’s not doing well with her autocorrect and I’ve got the text messages to prove it! She might want to be happy that I don’t have a smartphone like everybody else though! By late afternoon, I’d been smelling something that was being deep-fried and I’m not going to lie when I say I was freaking happy! I love anything my dad makes fried! A few months ago, I had a serious craving for Buffalo Chicken wings, and within an hour after discovering the second layer of smells dad comes bringing in a plate full of them covered in ranch just in time for the lifestyle blogger chat on Twitter. I should’ve seen it coming I swear! I didn’t fight it though, they were so good!.

Here is the video that I watched. It’s pretty hilarious! I’m not afraid to say I’ve watched three or four other videos like it.

Begin Again


Oh, hello!

Is it finally Friday? My week has been a little messed up and I thought yesterday was Friday, even though I knew it clearly wasn’t. I had to tell myself three times that I had Vampire Diaries on and it still wouldn’t register. This entire week has been a little off. Why you say? Well, it could be from the fact that my mom has either came home with one of her resident’s sicknesses or I’ve had too much going on in my head that it sort of drained me out for the rest of the week.

For me stress came in two different forms.

Earlier this week, my sister and I went to the dentist. Here’s an interesting fact you mean not be aware of, I’m not a fan of the dentist or eye doctor. Never have and probably never will. My mom made the appointment in the last week of November, so she proceeded to tease me for next coming weeks after that because she knows how much I freak out about it. Well, lucky for her after she said they were only examining our teeth to figure out what all needs to be done (we went to a new dentist.) After she said that, I kind of calmed down until we got up at 7am Monday morning. I’m used to waking myself up around that time, but my mom had to wake my ass up. I even heard the school bus go by as she was getting me ready. It was very weird! I ate breakfast, listened to One Direction radio on Pandora to hopefully make me more relaxed, which worked out nicely! Once we picked up Blondie, my nerves were back in full swing.

I had been trying to convince our mom to take us to Steak N Shake afterwards, so us girls could have lunch together. We hadn’t it in like a year or so, I also thought if she agreed to it I’d have something good to forward to. Well, she made a joke about sissy paying for our meal there after all the tips she had gotten from her job. By the time, we got in there and had to do those X-Rays on our teeth. I have to explain something. I’m used to two things. Technology as in like computers, TV’s, and anything to with music. Seeing these HUGE ass machines in a small room just to take pictures from the inside of your mouth, you definitely knew you weren’t in your neighborhood dentist anymore. Another thing was, I have really seen anything else of my body X-Ray’d other than my back. So seeing these nice quality pictures of my teeth was pretty cool! I didn’t have to sit in that big intimidating chair. I actually got to stay in my wheelchair was another nice feature. Everything was going good, then he walked into the room and I felt every nerve in my back cringe once again.

The examine part wasn’t that bad. I only have three cavities. When you’re not used to brushing somebody else’s teeth every day, you can’t judge. Everything was going good until he said something that almost made me want to shit myself. He suggested I got them cleaned that day! I remember my eyes feeling like they could bulge out of my eye sockets. I didn’t cry but I could feel it coming soon if things had played out the way they could’ve. I only have to get them cleaned (next month) and then filled, which is something that I am not looking forward to at all. My poor sister, she has to have to surgery to remove her top wisdom teeth. So in a way, I’m quite happy I don’t have to have that happen. After figuring out the payment plans for the both of us, almost shitting ourselves again over the pricing! We left there, mom and I talked about the pricing, and somehow we never went to Steak N Shake. My theory now of course, is the one time we could’ve went before we get our teeth cleaned, we didn’t. So the next time around, I won’t be able to feel my top layer of my mouth and we won’t be able to have anything cold around that area. That sucks!

When we dropped Blondie back at her dorm, my mom and I had a nice little conversation on our way back home. This was the second part of the stress. Recently, I got invited to an event that would be discussing my five year class reunion. I’ve been wondering about it, because I’d really like to help out in any way I can, but I’ll be honest I only want to make sure that my class still understands that there were four people in wheelchairs in our graduation class. My mom and I were actually on the same page about my feeling towards the situation of wanting to be the reminder. I’ve always been that person who thought of the four of us (or anybody who had a disability) in school, this is kind of my duty to make sure that nobody forgets about us. Which isn’t wrong by any means, considering I don’t trust my class. Yup, I said it. I don’t trust the members of my own class. Technically, I never have and they’ve never given me a reason to. As much as i am becoming an optimist, this was my one downfall. It took over me. I’ve been in a small panic inside, whether or not I should handle it or not. I mean, things could happen and none of us would be able to go or the fact that maybe I’m over thinking again and I might be wrong altogether and they would think of us too. For three days I’ve done nothing but worry about it.

I haven’t had two different parts of me stressed to the max in a while. I’ve been doing really good about keeping myself calm, cooled, and collected this past year. Hardly anything has been bugging me until I saw these two things in my radar and it all went to hell. My body wasn’t handling it very well. I wasn’t feeling like myself as in I wasn’t online very much. I’ve been trying to work on future blog posts, but nothing wanted to come out. So what did I do? I did what I normally wouldn’t do. I didn’t fight it. I spent this WHOLE week offline (in a way) and watched movies. I’ve watched like five movies that I’ve told myself months ago that I wanted to see. Like, Winter’s Tale, Mom’s Night Out, and Pompeii. All three movies are really great! I haven’t been on a big music streak either. I’ve been wanting to lie down and stay covered up in the blanket. Yesterday was a rare treat for me. My mom got me up to take me to the bathroom, fed me pancakes, and put on my headphones and it wasn’t even 10am yet. Guess what time I crashed? Two in the afternoon. For the last 24 hours I’ve done nothing but sleep. It wasn’t like I was pushing myself either. I think it needed to happen.

Granted, not everyday of this week has been a total disaster. Wednesday was my only good day. I actually remember thinking yesterday, “I’m so glad I took these two days off from blogging.” That might’ve been the smartest idea I’ve had in a while. I don’t know the rest of the day will play out. Blondie comes home for her birthday weekend. Batman is supposed to come over this weekend too. I’m hoping to have myself a movie weekend and maybe figure out what the hell I’m going to do this week on here. Because so far I only have one blog post for next week. As you’ve read above though, I’ve had one hell of an excuse!

Toodles. ♥

Vloggers That I Love #1


I’m getting my feet wet again with creating this little drawing last week on paint. It’s not perfect by any means, but I do think it’s adorable! I just wanted something simple but yet appealing to others, because let’s be honest where do we mostly watch vlogs? On our computers and laptops. I’m still not familiar of a layout of a tablet so that’s why I didn’t draw one. I’ve recently gotten myself into watching different vlogs. It started back in early December. From there it has kind of grew into more and more vlogs that I liked to watch and so I thought I’d go back and forth each month and share a couple of my favorite vloggers. I think I’m only going to focus on two people a month, so I don’t overwhelm myself with different videos. So I hope you enjoy these other vloggers too!

  1. Zoella – I am a new fan of Miss Zoe! I’ve only visited her blog twice, but she’s a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger! She’s had her blog and vlogs since 2009! When I saw that she had written a book about a girl who has another life writing a blog, I thought it was awesome because people still don’t know what to think of both bloggers and vloggers. There are a lot of stereotyping with other non-bloggers but that’s life right! Anyways, every single vlog she’d put up, I’d watch! She’s bubbly and sounds so genuine!  I actually love her vlogs on “MoreZoella” instead of the others. it’s kind of like writing up a lifestyle blog post but the only difference is that you’re actually seeing it for yourself what she’s doing and talking about, so it’s more personal really!
  2. Polka Dots And Cups Of Tea – I thought it would be really special if I featured this post with the Queen of YouTube with a new vlogger to me. Tanya is a new friend of mine. I found her blog by accident, I had just gotten on the 1D bandwagon and somehow I saw her post about taking her daughters to one of their concerts. I read it, followed her on Twitter, and haven’t been the same since! I love talking to her about life and even though she is a mum, she is extremely fun and honest! I recently started watching her vlogs. It’s so nice to know what her voice sounds like! That’s the one thing that being online and writing blog posts doesn’t have, a way to know how they sound like. Anyways, I love watching her vlogs, she goes about her day with and without her kids, does OOTDs and what make up products she uses!

Tune Tuesday: Plumb


Week two and it’s all about Plumb.

Tiffany is her real name, but she goes by her stage name Plumb on social media sites. I mostly follow her on Facebook through her fan page that she runs. She is a Hoosier like moi. This woman has been at it for a long time now. I’ve just recently gotten into her music. There was an episode of The Vampire Diaries were they played her song, “Cut” during a sad scene on the show. I always get this song confused with The Civil Wars’ song “Poison & Wine” because both songs were highlights in the scenes, but I have no clue which scene in my head went with her song. All I know is it was played on the show, I loved it, and bought it within a few days after hearing it.

Plumb makes alternative rock, commentary Christian, and electronic music. It’s a strange mix, but nothing new to me. I’ve tried to get into her earlier works, but I haven’t been able to mesh with any other songs. In 2013, she released a new album called, Need You Now and I was obsessed with it! Just before it came out, I had only been following her on FB for a few months. I remember patiently waiting for my Spotify to load up all new tracks of the week her first single, “Need You Now (How Many Times)” and instantly buying it on iTunes a couple of days later. It took me some time to get me into her second single, “Drifting” but I did listen to the whole album. It’s one that’s perfect for a rainy day or when you’re down for no general reason at all. The album inspired a big playlist of mine on my Spotify account. It’s called the “mellow” playlist. It’s got every song from artists that have calm, slow upbeat songs for those low moods. It was made in 2013 and it now has almost 700 songs in it! It’s insane of many songs I’ve managed to put in it!

My favorite Plumb songs are “In My Arms,” “Don’t Deserve You,” “I Want You Here,” and “Chocolate & Ice Cream.” That last one makes me so happy! Such a lovable and dance-y song! She’s one of those musicians that likes to take her time in creating and releasing new music. So who knows when we’ll get new music from her, but she could surprise us in later months.

Movies I Want To See In 2015


I’m always talking about life and music, but hardly anything about movies. I’ve said this before but it does take a lot to get me to watch a movie. Whenever I do find time to watch one, I may get addicted to it and I’ll watch it multiple times in a week or even a month. I was really mad at myself that I didn’t watch very many movies last year and I had a lot of movies that I was looking forward to, but you know of course plans change. I still want to see at least five movies that came out last year though! Since it is still early to find movies to see this year, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been searching on YouTube. Even doing that is a new trend with me. I mean it’s not as bad as wanting to hear new music every week, but I love watching the trailers and seeing the effects and wonder who is playing that character. It’s all fun!


I am the type of person who loves her action and comedy flicks, but I have a soft spot for anything drama too! Between the three subjects, drama is probably most-watched and its mostly because I like watching films that bring a lot of emotions of the actors for the character they’re portraying. I saw the trailer for Cake early last week. You know when you’re on YouTube waiting for something to load and the annoying commercial pops up? Well, normally I’m like everybody else I just skip those suckers, but on occasions I do like to watch movie trailers that way. This movie looks amazing, even though I’m still don’t know what it’s about or why Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful wrinkled and without any makeup on. I’m also trying to figure what the word “cake” has to do with the vibe of it, maybe like taking the whole thing of “life’s a piece of cake?” I haven’t a clue, but I’m sure I’ll figured it out soon. This movie also has Anna Kendrick in it and it was directed by Daniel Barnz. It comes out on January 23, 2015!

The next one I found was Clouds Of Sils Maria. This was another movie I found to be very confusing as far as watching the trailer and reading the plot. This concerns me because if I usually can’t understand either meaning, then I probably won’t like it as much as I thought. This is actually one of two movies with Kristen Stewart that I actually want to see this year. The real reason why I didn’t include that movie in this list is because I know it won’t be a movie I’ll watch this year, it’s called Still Alice. Look it up and you’ll get what I mean! Anyways, back to this movie. I do love the movies Kristen is in, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie with Chloe Grace Monetz or Juliette Binoche in it. It was directed by Olivier by Assayas and will be released on April 10, 2015! Last drama film I found is actually at the highest point right now. The Age Of Adaline and if anybody is watching the show on ABC Forever, it’s got the same vibe to it. Blake Lively plays Adaline and she remains 29-year-old and never ages. I have a serious girl crush on Blake, but that’s not the reason why I want to watch this film! I’m also addicted to anything with this sort of concept of never aging and living forever. Going through different eras of fashion, wars, and politics, for some odd reason this excites me! This film also stars Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn (who plays Adaline’s aging daughter) and it was directed by Lee Toland Krieger. It will be released on April 24, 2015!

I don’t know about you all, but I love comedy films with Chris Evans in it! Oh my gosh! He’s freaking hilarious! He’ll always be my Captain America. Speaking of Cap, a co-star of the sequel, The Winter Soldier Anthony Mackie is in this new movie Playing It Cool with him. I watched the trailer and went, “oh boy!” it doesn’t matter if its action or comedy based, these two are going to kick ass! This film is about a writer not believing in love (kind of familiar actually!) but of course he finds it! Did I just spoil it? Let’s be honest these romantic films all end the same! Excuse my inner critic coming out right now. It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day. This movie also has Michelle Monaghan, Topher Grace, and Ioan Gruffudd. It was directed by Justin Reardon and there is no release date as of now. This next movie you might’ve seen the previews over the summer, Jupiter Ascending was actually supposed to be released in August I think, I remember seeing both Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum making their press rounds for it, and then all of sudden it disappeared and then I saw it again on my TV with a new date! Talk about confusing! Either way, the movie looks really good! I have a love/hate relationship with some sci-fi films, but I’m sticking to my gut and saying this is stuck on my list to see! It was directed by The Wachowskis and the new release day is February 6, 2015!

And lastly the movie that out of all the movies listed above, this is the one I want to see in theaters. I’ve talked about watching the first film recently, the second of the trilogy of the Divergent novel series, Insurgent. I don’t know what to share and what not to share, if you’ve seen the film before it’s just the next part of were the first movie left off. Tris figuring out what Erudite wants to try expose of her born faction: Abnegation from and what Jeannie Matthews wants with her. If you haven’t seen the first movie, you really need to watch it. I liked it so much that if it didn’t have a sequel, I would have been fine with it. I like wondering what could happen if it never did. It stars Shailene Woodley in shorter hair (because of her role in TFIOS) with Theo James as “Four” and Kate Winslet as “Jeannie” and I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen any films with Kate in it besides Titanic and I’ve got to say I thought she was wonderful playing a darker role. This film was directed by Robert Schwentke and will be released on March 20, 2015!

I thought since I do a lot of different music lists, maybe I could switch it up and include a list of movies that I think look great! Everybody should know my excitement for at least three of the movies coming out. They are the Backstreet Boys: Show Me What You’re Made Of, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and Fast & Furious 7! I decided not to include these in the list because everybody should know how much I want to check them out since I talk about all three subjects a lot! What are looking forward to seeing this year?