Perfect Stocking Stuffers Under $20 From Wal-Mart


I’ve been looking on other blog sites to try to draw inspiration with their Christmas or “Blogmas” posts. I decided to opt out of writing every day in December since in the colder months, I find myself slowly getting into the whole Christmas spirit. Anyways, while drawing some inspiration, I’ve had it between writing my favorite Christmas sweaters or what were the perfect stocking stuffers this year. I decided on the stuffers as I thought would be fairly fun thinking of others and what would be cheap. So I found all these items shown above from Wal-Mart and they’re all under $20! I also decided to draw some inspiration from my friends what would be perfect stocking stuffers too! I even went to as far to asking my dad what his favorite gift he got in his stocking as a kid was, he didn’t remember. He wasn’t much fun.My mom said she used to get apples and oranges, now at first I thought this was a term of a game, but nope, they were actual apples, oranges and grapefruits inside their stockings! My grandparents did this once or twice when we were younger too! I had a lot of answers my Facebook and that helped out a lot too!

Everybody has a few common answers: candy, lotions and socks! Not very many people said gift cards. I think my favorite answers were candles, scratch off tickets, and my Uncle David always has to be included in some fashion. His answer was pizza. Unless somebody has put pizza rolls inside his stocking then I could see it being done but I know he was just kidding around! Anyways, I remember in my stockings growing up, especially teenagers years til now. CDs, movies, and candy were the biggest hits with us! You could always tell my dad got something for me because he knows what kind of candy we each like the most. He used to get me the bubblicious brand of gum. He knows how much I love the good stuff to blow those giant bubbles. He always agreed with me when it came to that stuff being the best and I’d get a couple of packets every year at Christmas time.

Now back to the items above! It was kind of difficult to find something for every age and both genders. At one point I had started off looking for something small enough to fit inside a fairly medium size stocking, but by the third thing I found I realized that the next one wouldn’t fit into a stocking even if you shoved it as far back as possible, it just wasn’t going to fit. This item was a Olaf toy that sang “In Summer” if you squeezed his nose or something. Realistically, this would not fit inside a normal stocking. So out that one went and I got back on track, but I still think it was a terrific gift and it was also under $20 too! I selected items that were both a want and need in everyday life. So the watch and clutch/wallet would be on the “need” and the rest is on the “want” as what a normal child or teenager would want to get for Christmas. Of course, if it came in what your child likes the most, you should get it in what they like and not what I like. I selected in familiar brands that I like and what I think is “popular” since I don’t know all the trends very well, I went with my gut on parts. All items above I’m including links if you wanted to order online or not. Just to make things easier on you! Click each item to bring up the link!

  1. The Vampire Diaries – Season One ($12.96)
  2. Leopard Cellphone Pouch ($3.00)
  3. Disney’s Frozen Movie Soundtrack ($10.00)
  4. Hershey’s Kiss Sliver Necklace ($20.00 and this was the cheapest one!!)
  5. Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles Lip Balm ($4.88)
  6. My Little Pony Body Shimmer Gift Set ($5.00)
  7. Men’s Digital Watch ($14.99)
  8. Peppermint Holiday Candy Canes ($2.48)

Music Video Review: One Direction’s “Night Changes”

I think I’ve been getting lazier as the days go by. It might the colder temperatures or it could just be me altogether. Whatever the reason though, I thought I’d push aside my normal Tune Tuesday routine and do a music video review instead. This one has been long overdue, but considering I can’t stop thinking about what I would talk about I need to let this out. So bear with me as I talk about One Direction. Again.

One Direction released their second music video to help promote their album, Four on November 21st. See, I told you it was long overdue! I wasn’t on the hype for it after being disappointed with their music video for “Steal My Girl” but leave it to me, once they posted a collage photo of the different scenes of the guys, I’ll be honest a spark got me excited. Something about that collage made me think of Christmas. So when it was released, it didn’t take me long before I had to watch it. Probably a good two or three hours worth depending whether or not I saw it early in the morning and had to wait until somebody got up to watch it with the music playing. Each verse is separated out with Zayn being first, then Liam, Harry, Louis and lastly Niall. All five boys have different scenes by themselves and they act like they’re taking a girl out on five different places. Seems like every hardcore 1D fan’s dream honestly!

When I first heard the song “Night Changes” I just loved it! I unfortunately had to wait until the release date of the album to hear it. Every link I found on YouTube wouldn’t load fast enough or the quality was awful. The radio also played “Steal My Girl” and “Ready To Run” more than this single. This song has a very slow, but strong romantic feel to it. Of course, I wanted the music video to have some element of a romantic vibe to reflect the song. Thankfully, I did get that this time around. For each “date” it was very adorable and quirky to see how each one would respond to each date. My favorite date out of all five is probably between Liam and Harry’s. I’ve got it on my bucket list that I’d actually like to go on a date to a carnival. Technically in a way, I already have but that’s another story! Honestly, Harry’s date was the most ideal date. I could see him sliding all over that skating rink, Best acting out of the whole thing would have to be Zayn. I’ll explain why next. I said the photo collage had a Christmas feel to it right? Well, one of them had an ideal wintery/Christmas feel date. Niall wore an ugly sweater for his date and had a fire-place in his part. Very home-y but romantic kind of date.

 Although things seem so sweet and innocent, nothing would stay that way, especially for a One Direction video. There has to be some element of being hilarious whether it be in the background of it or just in front. As soon as it gets  to 2:29 all hell breaks loose. From the first time watching it, you are immediately swoon by the feelings of romance but then things drastically change and it is hilarious how all five dates end very badly.  Out of all the endings, the worst way to end a date were probably Liam, Harry and Louis’s. Liam throws up after going on a go-cart ride by using his dates hat, Harry wants to do a spin as a couple like professional skaters who have practiced on that exact move for weeks and breaks his arm and his date’s ankle and Louis gets arrested for speeding. In a way, I think every girl likes a bad boy so getting one speeding ticket wouldn’t consider not getting a second date but that’s just me! Both Niall and Zayn’s dates were bad but not as bad. Accidents happen, even if one’s shirt gets caught on fire. The reason why I like Zayn’s acting on how his date turned out was that honestly no matter how a date turns out with Zayn, you never walk away from him! He almost made me cry and I’m not kidding either!

I really liked this music video a lot more than the first one. Nothing was awkward about it, too much in it, or anything. If you were going out on a date with anybody, this might be a good video to watch ahead of time. I’m being serious here. If these dates were real, with different people (sorry 1D fans!) and the situations were still the same. Would you really walk away? I mean, I see Liam or Harry’s date not on the top of getting a second date anytime soon, but accidents do happen. I’m getting a little too serious with this review. I’ll stop here while I’m ahead. Hopefully the next music video review I do won’t take me three weeks to make. I hope you enjoyed this! Which date was your favorite?