EP Review: Laurel’s “Holy Water”

This is kind of different for me, to be doing a EP review. If you don’t know what an “EP” is, it means “extended play” and it’s more a single but less tracks than a normal album. I’m in a love/hate relationship with these things honestly. I wish artists would release albums instead of these things, but like they all say, less is more sometimes.

Last season on The Vampire Diaries I got introduced to this lovely artist, by the name of Laurel. She and her song that was featured on the episode of the big Delena sex scene was the only thing that kept me entertained. Sorry Delena fans! The track was called, “Fire Breather” and I remembered rewinding that episode twice because I loved that song so much! It literally took me two months to wait so I could buy it on iTunes. Ever since, I’ve been following the London-based singer on both Facebook and Twitter, waiting on every new track she releases. She released her first EP called, “To The Hills”  earlier this year and I really like that one too. I’ve been looking forward to her “Holy Water EP” since the beginning of November I think. I kept sharing her song “Memorials” on my Facebook a couple of times. So I could hear it anytime I wanted to. Yes, I’m that addicted!

The EP is everything I like about music today. This year I’ve been really into deep, dreamy stuff. You hear me talk about Banks a lot, and Laurel is the English version of Banks I think. They both take me away from my own thoughts with their lyrics, sounds, and voices. The first song of the four track EP is called, “I Forget” and it starts out in a little static vocalizing and some synth drums. Laurel’s voice is nice and loud out from the background music. There are so many emotions in this song that you can feel. The next song is my favorite at the moment. It’s “Memorials” and it’s a dreamy but kind of gives off this nice little dubstep/trance effects throughout too. I like to sway back and forth to this song. Her voice is so intoxicating. It’s been out for a while and I have yet to learn the words to this song. I can hum the medley though, so there’s a good sign!

The third song is called, “Come Together” and it featured another artist by the name of Sivu. This one has some nice R&B influences to it. Laurel’s voice is kind of softer in this track. I like Sivu’s voice in it. It’s got some noticeable drums towards the end. The last song is the title track, “Holy Water” you can definitely hear synths and a piano. I like her little hums at the beginning and just before she goes into the choruses. The entire EP and Laurel’s voice is a nice, easy balance to it. Nothing’s too overwhelming. It’s a nice EP if you want to get lost in. It’ll take you away for some time. My only wish is just wrong to say, because it IS just an EP. I wish it was longer, but maybe I’d only want the songs to be longer and not get more songs on it?

Which of the songs do you like? I’d also suggest you to listen to her other tracks as well. Enjoy!