Christmas Wishlist 2014


I’ve never done one of these Christmas wishlist or collage before. This whole thing was new to me and I’ve been blogging for five years now. I swear I find new things every other week that I never knew you could or had to do. Anyways, after literally going through my fellow blogger friends Christmas wishlists I’ve been really thinking about what I wanted too. I’m known for being the most complicated person to shop for in my family. I hear it every year. So I thought maybe if I did this, some of my family members would have a better chance of finding something I’d like than besides a gift card. That’s not saying I don’t those either but it’s tough to have a gift card and wonder what the hell you’re going to buy with it. Unless it’s an iTunes card, I know I’ll spent it well! This collage above is basically what I like to call a rough draft. Not everything on it and you don’t have to get it exactly like the way it looks on the picture. Except for the bottom two of the right corner.

However, I have managed to keep some of the links of where I find the items. I like to think I’m pretty cheap, the only thing I found that was over the price of $20 were the stars and stripes leggings and pajamas. Both were from different stores too! Every year, I get an assortment of clothes that I like, my mom and dad know me fairly well. They can get me anything in skulls and shade of black and I’d be happy! I’ve got a split personality though, that sounds so wrong but I’m going with it. I’m not just a “goth” girl. but I’m a winter girl: meaning I like bolder colors. I do like bright colors, some pastels but not to the point were it’s overwhelming.


Technically I can live with iTunes cards instead of physical CDs. I’d like to get Nick Jonas, One Direction (either Midnight Memories or Four), Anette Olzon and Banks albums. There are two DVDs that I’d like to have and both are shown above. Apparently One Direction’s This Is Us film isn’t enough to hold me over. So the one on the right side is the Where We Are tour DVD. The second is Within Temptation’s concert DVD called, “Elements.” There’s one more that I’ve forgotten to share the link, but I’m a fairly new Celtic Woman fan and I’d love to have their concert DVD called “Emerald” after seeing a section of it on PBS I gotta watch it all the way through without any interruptions.


This proved to be a great idea the last time we went out to Walmart. I’ve been wearing a lot of regular and sweatpants lately. I’m still a fan of leggings though, I just have a lot that goes with the rest of shirts in my closet. As far as patterns go, I’m not a fan of zebra, peace signs, or the color pink. As long as they’re not too long on my legs. I mean, my nana can always make them shorter for me. They have to be stretchy too.  The links of the two in the picture above are underneath this section.

All right now onto the weird part. I do love jewelry and I only like one certain type of jewelry and that is bracelets. Not a big necklace fan. However, I did select a necklace to add onto the collage but I think I only did that as I needed something that had a skull on the picture. I like anything dark, goth whatever you want to call it. I’m not much on the gold looks either. I do like flowers, crosses, infinite signs, but no anchors or peace signs. I have a HUGE fuzzy sock obsession. Heck I have a straight-up sock obsession! My mom and I basically wear the ones over and over again. I don’t like the ankle socks because they are too small on my feet.


Technically this is my “need” list. I’ve been enjoying repurposing different size boxes throughout this year but since they’re regular boxes made out of cardboard, they’re not as sturdy as I want them to be. When I went to Dollar Store with my mom, nana, sister, and cousins back in October. I saw these really beautiful dark shade of brown baskets and I just kind of told myself and my mom that I wanted baskets for Christmas. The second thing that I “need” is a curtain rod. I honestly don’t know what I really need as I have a curtains but the top part were they hang up is like broken. It’s been broken for quite some time now, I didn’t break it by the way. When our cat Tubby was inside, he I guess saw something on the blind and proceed to jump off the back of my stereo and missed and tried to hang on to the curtain with his claws, but since he was so large his weight kind of made the whole left side of the window hanger or whatever break off.

The last one is a fairly in between of “need” and something really weird. Then again, this entire list is pretty weird. Anyways, since last year I’ve been using this table for when I eat. Plates I’m fine with, but the cups we use aren’t really working out anymore. I always feel like my parents are going to spill the liquid all over the floor while they walk because they don’t necessarily know how to carry it. That’s my first reason, my second is my nana and papaw have like two or three different coffee mugs that they use. My nana uses like two. She has a “Ruth” cup which represents her real name before she was adopted and there’s the dark shade of green cup she’s been using a lot lately. My papaw has a Butler bulldog cup. My last reason which kind of goes with my second, is that I have a lot of friends from overseas, they use different coffee mugs to put their tea in. If anybody REALLY knows me at all, you’ll know I just want to be like everybody else. So I want coffee mugs for Christmas. I went on Amazon, Bed and Bath & Beyond (the one listed is from Wal-Mart) and found some really nice cups. I really liked the floral, owl, and solid color designs the most. I would love you if you found any Disney mugs too!

Okay well, I’m finished. To all my family members that are reading this I hope this helped a bit for this season. Like I said before, everything on this post is just supposed to help you out and get you creative. If you need more help on what I like I thought I’d share some bands/shows/superheroes too.

Ellie Goulding
Within Temptation
Of Mice & Men
In This Moment
Katy Perry
Celtic Woman
Bring Me The Horizon
Captain America
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Frozen (Olaf)
Winnie The Pooh