Music Video Review: “No” by Meghan Trainor

I have been loving Meghan Trainor’s new single!!

I told you last week that I would do a review of my thoughts of both the song and of course, music video! I’ll start off with the actual song. I only had to hear it once, that was it! After that first time I did have to rewind my TV to hear it again because I thought it was the best damn thing I heard all day long! I think it sounds a bit old school pop, like early 00’s Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera! That record static in the intro makes it like Christina’s Back To Basics era, but the whole thing is so catchy and gives you those happy vibes from start to the end. I seriously can’t get enough!

The music video had a similar vibe especially when you first play it and it has a futuristic theme, at first it made me think of Britney Spears’ video for “Hold It Against Me” but you see Meghan and these other women dance together. Meghan did a lot of sexy dancing in this video! …I am loving the red hair by the way! As much as I love dancing in music videos, I didn’t think the moves were very sharp. I think I might be watching too munch DWTS because I sound like Len Goodman! I mean, it wasn’t bad. I felt some of the arm gestures weren’t “attacked” enough, it was very loose and maybe that’s what she wanted who knows!

Do you like Meghan Trainor’s new single? 


Music Video Review: “The Black” by Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria used to be one of those bands where you had to force me to listen to back in the day. The band as a whole scared the shit out of me! You have to understand when everybody in my class was going through their emo phase in middle school, I wasn’t even close to being ready. I only had one black shirt in my closet and it came from the church I was attending! Bands like AA and Bring Me The Horizon were NOT my thing. It seemed ironic that I actually got into both at the end of my five year rock phase last year.

Anyways, Asking Alexandria has a new a song, music video, and lead vocalist. That’s another thing I figured would happen. A band I’d get interested in has to replace their long time singer with another. I actually never heard that they had found a replacement after Danny left the group, I only heard after the release of “I Won’t Give In” and I was intrigued! I still think that was one of the best songs of 2015! Denis Stof is like the perfect replacement, I know I can’t really say that, but he’s really good! He’s not going to sound exactly like Danny, but I think both of them as singers are very alike. Danny managed to have beautiful vocals with aggressive yells in songs. He can do both, on an album and live on stage. I think that’s what every fan is mostly worried about when it comes time to replace them. Can they be as good or even better than the original singer? Denis has nothing to worry about, let me say!

Now that’s done, we can move on to the actual music video! I’ve been seeing the different tracks popping up on both my Facebook and Twitter and then advertise for the album title track came up on YouTube and I was like, “what the hell?” and I love the intro very much. It’s got a very metalcore but electric sound to it, even as a whole it’s not like the other AA songs I’ve listened to! I love the darker almost demonic voice that Denis makes, not the low one but the high pitched one. It’s very sexy! You can tell I’ve done lost my fucking mind! The chorus of it is really interesting, the way their (Denis and Ben’s voices” cut in and out. It’s all good, but after Ben’s beautiful part, the whole song just kind of loses my interest. So that’s the only part that really stinks about it. I did enjoy the music video mostly being in black and white. I just don’t understand the concept for it of course!

Asking Alexandria’s new album “The Black” comes out on March 26th!

Are you an Asking Alexandria fan? What do you think Denis Stoff taking over? Are you excited for their album?

Music Video Review: “Suckerpunch” by Delain

Dutch symphonic metal band Delain has released a new music video to go with their first single off their EP called Lunar Prelude. The single is called “Suckerpunch” and I have to say, I’ve been listening to the band since late 2012 and I always look forward to the new things from the band, but I think it was all routine! Because I am seriously stoked for the EP and the album to be released later this year!

When I heard “Suckerpunch” for the first time I realized it had a different sound than to their other songs on previous albums. I think of Delain as a good band, but could get better with evolution meaning their music could grow, become more like Nightwish and Epica. They seem to have a more mature sound with this song than maybe “We Are The Others” and “April Rain” where they had more of a mellow symphonic rock sound. I have to say, I love both of those songs but I was really impressed with this song! I still feel like the keys have that alternative edge, but the overall sound is more powerful especially with the roaring of background vocalists and orchestra. The band really outdid themselves with this song!

If you’ve been living underneath a rock but are still able to listen to Delain’s music, you might not know that the lineup has changed some in the last year. Don’t worry, it’s still Charlotte, Martjin, Otto, and Timo. The group has added both Ruben Israel on drums and Merel Bechtold on guitar. I knew about Merel becoming a new member of the group but not Ruben, so when I watched the music video, I was like, “oh, there’s a new drummer!” Anyways, the music video was sort of dull I guess you would say, but then again it’s not boring! I didn’t necessarily understand the concept of it. The one thing I actually liked was the shots of all the members of the group performing the song as they would live in front of a huge crowd. The flames shooting up in the air is a good heavy metal element. Kind of like the extreme handbanging throughout the whole thing! You need it or it’s technically not a metal song or video. Or that’s what some people might think or say about it!

Delain’s new EP releases February 19th!

Are you a Delain fan? What do you think of their single “Suckerpunch” and its music video?

Music Video Review: “Be Together” by Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle


Ever feel like after you watch something, you need a cold shower or maybe a cigarette? I don’t smoke, but I definitely need a cold shower asap!

That was sexy!

I’ve been trying to tell myself that nobody is going to look “cooler” on a motorcycle than my dad and his friends. Yeah, I watched this and that went right over my head! I tried to be strong, but I didn’t last very long and as much as I don’t want my mom to discover anything Major Lazer or Diplo related because she’ll just takeover and I’ll lose them for good. I kind of want her to watch this. She’ll agree with me on the fact that was just, yeah you get the point!

Moving on! I had to look back at my review of the album and this song “Be Together” to see if my views have changed after a few months of listening to it (and finally purchasing it!) and I’m happy to say I might be a little bit more in love with it now then before! It was pretty good! I liked the “dark” theme of everybody walking together along the road, it kind of gave me this hippie feeling while watching it. I know that’s strange, but the dry plains around just did that for me! It was a different kind of music video.

I have been watching less and less music videos on YouTube because sometimes the message is hard to figure out. This one was fairly simple.  When you’re going riding around on a motorcycle, don’t bring a hot girl–just kidding! No laughing matter, you should always wear senseable gear: most importantly a helmet! Both of my parents like to drive around and go to rallies, but they always wear a helmet even if it ruins their hair! My mom also doesn’t wear flip flops either! Just some helpful tips for you riders!

Have you seen Major Lazer’s new music video for “Be Together” yet? Do you like it or not?



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Song Review: “Coming Home” by Sigma featuring Rita Ora

I heard this song a few days ago, I honestly heard it on an electronic dance music station on my TV. They host a countdown during the weekdays and this song started playing. At first, I didn’t like it. Everybody knows me by now that I’m really hard to impress. However, I heard it again that day after the first time and I kept thinking about it later that night.

Sigma is a duo from the UK and they actually have quite a few good tracks out. I really like the track “Higher” with Labrinth a lot! Now they have this one with another UK singer, Miss Rita Ora! This is another artist that I’m sad to say that I’ve had the toughest time getting into because I love her voice, it’s really gorgeous! It’s really hard to explain, I just have my issues as you can tell. This song though is beautiful. I’m definitely addicted to it and I just added it to my Starred playlist on Spotify like seven days ago.

This song is called “Coming Home” and something that I’ve always been really aggravated at different dance tracks, is that in some of the content of their lyrics, there’s no soul. It’s just the beat and I’ll be the first to say that it works in some cases. I like the focus on the music, but to be able to relatable for somebody to sing out loud makes it that much better. Thankfully, this song has a very equal playing field. You can hear Rita’s beautiful vocals and this awesome beat. Nobody’s overstepping the boundaries, it’s leveled perfectly together. Do I think it has a soul though? Eh, it’s too early to tell honestly. I haven’t learned the lyrics yet so when I’m ready to take that step, I might give you an update on this post.

What do you think of Sigma’s new track with Rita Ora?

Song Review: “Red Lips” by GTA feat. Sam Bruno (Skrillex Remix)

Sadly, I don’t listen to a lot of GTA and at this point I’m probably going to regret saying that out loud but I don’t. I mainly wanted to review this song purely to talk about the evolution of one’s music. I hope you will forgive me! Skrillex hasn’t been doing very much remixes this year. He’s been doing producing more with different artists and of course he’s been on tour and working with Diplo on Jack Ü. So the fact that he’s managed to do one remix (unless I’ve missed something and there’s more) this year I’m perfectly fine with it.

I was a dummy, the day this remix was out to the world aka YouTube and Spotify, I decided it would be a great idea to read the comments below the video to get a read on what everybody thought about it. One thing that I noticed in everybody’s comments were that “it sounds like old Skrillex” there were quite a few that disagreed and said that it wasn’t and they hated it because of that reason. Personally, I don’t think it sounds like he’s older stuff. Well, in certain areas, yes it does but it sounds a bit different too! I think as both a person and musician, your tastes and sound evolves with you, I think that’s what has been going with Skrillex. He’s growing and changing as a musician and since you can’t impress everybody some people are not liking the change as much as others!

I’ll say this first, I haven’t exactly heard the original version of this track and I probably won’t because I hardly ever listen to the original after I’ve listened to the remix. I’m sorry! Luckily for me, knowing what to look for in Skrillex’s music for four years now it’s not that hard what parts he’s added into it. The distorted vocals make it soft. I love the introduction, very slow and mysterious. That’s what drew me into the track in the beginning and I’m not lying either! Within the first minute the mood kind of shifts and gets more complex, it’s very interesting! I have a difficult time keeping myself together whenever this song plays on my Spotify, I tend to want to handbang and I can’t do that at the moment because my neck has been giving me problems lately. I love the remix a lot. I wish it was longer, but then again I always say that, don’t I?

What do you think of this remix? What are your thoughts of whether it’s a singer, band, or in this case a DJ evolution with their own music?

Music Video Review: “World Series” by Machine Gun Kelly

This might surprise you, but I actually don’t listen to a lot of rap. I really try my hardest to stay away from it. I used to like it as a kid and during my teenage years (I swear it was because of a boy). My sister is very much into rap music, we get it from our mother! She grew up in the 80’s, let that be your hint to our childhood! Anyways, I can remember one time our parents drove us to the mall for a day of shopping, my sister was busy watching a music video on YouTube and I saw this rapper, she told me his name was Machine Gun Kelly. I’ll be honest I thought he was cute, I mean who wouldn’t? I just thought I’d only watch the video and that was it. Nope, fast forward to maybe two years later and I find MYSELF looking up his music on Spotify and YouTube because my sister had been playing his debut album like crazy. I wanted to see what the mess was about I guess!

I’ve watched WAYYY too many tour videos up on YouTube late at night. I also went on a binge for a week, listened to that first album for three days straight. Nobody knew because of my trustee headphones. And then I heard his second album was finally being released. As my sister was generally more excited about Demi Lovato’s album coming out that second to last week of October, I was trying to contain my excitement for MGK’s album “General Admission” and it took me a whole 8 hours to finally listen to it because everybody wanted to sleep and I didn’t necessarily want to listen through my headphones! So technically it’s my own fault! I have to say the album was really great! I was really surprised at myself for giving it a shot. I had plans to do a review but I opted out of that again. I’m sorry!

I’ve been trying to figure out if I wanted to talk about this song or do a music video review instead. So when I saw this one floating around on Facebook and that’s how I made my decision. Before I go into this, the song “World Series” isn’t one of my favorites but the music video for it was interesting. Something that I’ve noticed that MGK’s music videos are different from other rap videos. There’s some kind of story behind it. This one has a short movie kind of feel to it. I don’t watch a lot of boxing/UFC type of sports on TV. I was never into that stuff even though I support Ronda Rousey. The whole concept is a little weird for me, but having a boxing and the title of the song, that went well together. I didn’t think they should have added the car with him and a bunch of girls. That was an unnecessary addition to it, but other than that it was really good.

Are you a fan of MGK? What did you think of his new album and this new music video?