My Christmas Review


Hello! So it’s been three days since Christmas? Just three. Around certain holidays I’m more looking forward to seeing family and enjoying the laughter and happy faces, but something that I deeply hate is the aftermath of it all. I figured out that growing older makes holidays feel more like a chore. You can’t really enjoy yourself without knowing it’s going to end somehow, whether or not it ends on a good or bad note is even worse. Well, for me Christmas morning was the best. It was like how it’s always been. We celebrate it twice in one day, we get up at the butt crack of dawn and open presents in the living room. By 7am, we head over to my nana’s and eat breakfast by my dad, who makes Christmas morning breakfast every year. However, it differs in between years of which comes first: food or presents. This year we opened presents and then we ate like kings. Dad made ham, scrambled eggs, and potatoes. My nana made her annual cinnamon rolls too, but she got creative with the icing on top. She used the food coloring and we had decorated Christmas-y cinnamon rolls! I had one but my papaw ate like two!

I swear when we were sitting in the living room to open presents, there was like half in the living room and the others were in the kitchen talking their heads off. I think it took 20 minutes to get everybody in there at once. We tend to sit in the same places we sat at the years before. Kristi and Blondie got the piano bench and I got to sit on the floor, which has happened since the year before. I feel much shorter on the floor in that house than my own. People were walking everywhere. My Aunt Laurie brought their dog Mila with them and it was nice to be the same height as her. I got my doggy kisses for the day too! At my house, I’m usually the last one to open my presents but at my grandparent’s, it’s usually my papaw that’s last. It could either be from his fingers or the fact he’s like me and loves to watch everybody unwrap their stuff. Something that NEVER happens though was that I actually helped clean up after it was all over, both there and at our house. I love to clean!

Every year, after we get done with opening presents we head home and take a nap. Well, I knew after the night I had it wouldn’t be smart to take a nap and risk not getting any sleep that night. So while everybody took a five-hour nap, I stayed up and put new music on my iPod. My Uncle Dave and Aunt Katt got me both Ed Sheeran’s “x” and One Direction’s “Four” albums for Christmas, plus a $25 iTunes card. I got 22 songs on that card and I felt like I was in heaven! A few days before Christmas came, we all went to Wal-Mart and shopped around, my Uncle Dave got a new game hoping it would work well with us. He got Taboo. It wasn’t a big hit like Scatterogeries was at Thanksgiving. Thank god mom was smart enough to bring it along. So when we got back to my nana’s house. Everybody was well-rested and ready for the night of fun. My mom had gotten a fruit and veggie trays like always, but she also a meat and cheese platter too. That proved to be the smartest thing ever, but barely lasted two days with sixteen people.

One of our family friends, Brittany came over to the house and spent quite a lot of time with us. She brought us all scratch off tickets, which she didn’t have to do that! Nobody won anything, but nana! She won $10! Despite having all that food around us, my Uncle Dave who has earned the nickname “Pizzaman” for years had to get himself a pizza. So we ordered two different topping large pizzas. We ate those and you always hear of the saying, “pizza and beer” right? Well, I’ve got to say wine and pizza is pretty good too! My cousin Kristi and Aunt Katt brought back a bottle of homemade wine and Katt fixed all three of us a glass of wine. It was pomegranate wine. It actually wasn’t that bad, I still don’t like the burn as the liquid is going down my throat. I didn’t drink it all, drinking anything with alcohol makes me a bit weary, as if I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing I could guzzle it down. I was good and only took sips of until I started using my RC as a chaser. I didn’t get sick afterwards so that’s a good thing! When the pizza came and everybody had their slices, my uncle put three slices on top of each other on his plate and he and my mom proceed to take pictures of it. It looked like they were a pair of food bloggers!


Now to tell you what I got for Christmas! I got a lot of clothes! I wore two of my new shirts at my nana’s in the first two days of getting them. I knew what I was getting anyways, so I had been basically figuring out what kind of bottoms would work for each shirt. In the picture up top, that’s new. I got a plaid, button up shirt from American Eagle. I got a gray shirt that was als from there too, it’s actually a crop top, but since I’m so small we’re hoping it’ll be just another shirt on me. It’s gray and got black and white floral design with the words, “All you need is love” on it. On Friday, I wore a gray with green and pink floral design with the words and number “New York” and “73” on it and I think I got that from Charlotte Russe. The shirt I got my nana was too big on her. I can’t wear it because of my fingers–I’ve got a texture problem–so we have to take that back and pray they have another size of it for her! I got one pair of leggings and it was also from Charlotte Russe, they’re black with pink and blue floral design. I got my English flag shirt I found at Journey’s, a Captain America shirt (geek alert!) and a white shirt that says, “Music Is my life” both were from Hot Topic. Lastly, I got a tank top and button up shirt from the trip to Wal-Mart both black and covered in skulls!

I hope everybody has a great Christmas with their family and friends! Here are some pictures from the all of the fun!

My Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike gave this little wooden tree to my nana, since she loves little trees around the house. It's got charms that mean different things with members of the family. Mike had made it for her.
My Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike gave this little wooden tree to my nana, since she loves little trees around the house. It’s got charms that mean different things with members of the family. Mike had made it for her.

This was taken by my mom from her angle.