DIY: Holiday Project 2014

1507148_656115491164704_6226756379600682951_nIt’s been a while since I’ve done a DIY post. If you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve missed me talking about what my nana and I have conjured up for the end of year project. It’s strange how it all started with my dad and I and then somehow I managed to switch him with my nana. He kind of enjoyed doing the crafts the first year we did it, but he’s a very hands-on type of person. He also freaks out a bit if he sees me struggling in any way, and we end up arguing about it for like five minutes.I think he’s perfectly fine that I get my nana involved with these projects, I hardly make his head spin anymore! You all should feel bad for my nana though! Because if I’m in my thinking mood. All hell could break loose in a matter a few seconds. Sometimes it can get difficult for me to explain my thoughts out loud. I stumble on my words while I’m thinking about what else we could do. If there was a way for me to do everything and not have to ask for help I think I might actually get to do everything on my own, but I don’t think it would be that much fun!

This idea came completely organic and I decided on it in about a day or so. When I get really cool ideas, sometimes you just gotta act on them! Most of my family will be coming down for Christmas and I’m so excited, but with that it also means the amount of gifts doubled. I’ve been thinking about candles, I’ve got a slight obsession with them recently. When my mom told me we were going to the mall the other week, I thought “well I wonder were I can find something that was cheap, but for a good amount of people.” I went on both Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. They each had different kinds of sales, but since I don’t know much about lotion, body wash, and wax melts. Everything looked foreign to me. I’m not much of a girly girl. I had to keep in mind of some family members and their living arrangements. My mom explained what a wax melt was and she told that majority of everybody got Scentsy burners for Christmas last year. Our most common presents were blankets, socks and Scentsy burners. We are a weird bunch of people! So I decided to go with my original plan of getting candles, I went online and saw the prices of the tart wax melts and they were cheapest! So my mom and I went in there and got different scents: Cherries On Snow, Cherry Chutney, Merry Marshmallow, Lavender, ¬†Vineyard. All were $1.99 each!

Things You Will Need:

  • Small Size Brown Paper Bags
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Scotch Tape
  • Holiday Colored Yarn
  • To and From Stickers

Since it was only the two of us. We kind of worked slow, but somehow we managed to get everything done in one day. Now that’s a Christmas miracle! She still had these brown paper bags from last Halloween/Thanksgiving or the one before that. I don’t remember but we never used them all so this entire project was inspired by that! We use small lunch brown paper bags as our packaging. If you’re read my last blog post about the cookies. You know that my nana and I made a LOT of cookies. She made the last two batches a couple of days after that. We have both sugar and chocolate chip cookies. We frosted and she put sprinkles on some of them as well! We decided on Tuesday that we’d just wrap a stack of cookies around in plastic wrap. My nana came up with the idea of after they’ve been wrapped in their little paper, that she’d put a small strip of tape around to secure it. And then added the new red yarn as a lively decoration to finish it!

That was her job to do! My job was getting each bag ready, placing a “to and from” sticker in the center of each one, and then I put whatever we selected for them in their bags. We actually did these for two different reasons. Instead of getting two presents (for each couple) we made them one gift bag. The men would get one thing and the women would get the other! Even though considering how many cookies we had left over, my dad might not eat the cookies that we stuffed in his bag! I originally had the idea of decorating each bag like we did on the mason jars last year, but I opt out of it because I love the plainness of a brown paper bag. If I could wrap my own presents, I’d only use this and a very sparkly blue colored wrapping paper! I know I’m weird. I really hope everybody has a great Christmas and hope my family enjoys their goody bags to take home! Next time my nana told me we’re getting to work on our holiday project in August! As much as I want to agree with her, I kind of like waiting til the last week. It gets my creative juices flowing!