It’s Not Halloween Without…

You know, it’s not Halloween without your favorite Halloween songs your parents, teachers, or friends played throughout the month. I remember a lot of Halloween memories, but only three come to mind. The first was when I was in high school. During my senior year, my Grammar teacher, the person who got me started in blogging altogether. She had a fun day for us. We were going to play Grammar bingo. Most of the room was fill of guys, so they were excited we were going to be playing a game instead of doing sheet work. Before we did anything though, she told us that every Halloween in her classrooms she makes everybody watch Michael Jackson’s music video for “Thriller” and at that time, I had only watched that music video once and it was a long time ago. She turned off all the lights and I was thanking God I sat up in the front row, because I was scared. I never liked the music video. The song was awesome, but my fear of zombies was bad even then. Somehow I managed to be fine and didn’t freak out as I thought I would. Now ever since that day, I watch the music video for it every Halloween.

Another memory I have is going to a Girls Scout holiday party. Of course it was Halloween, but sadly I don’t remember much of this party. I think it was raining that afternoon, because I remember being under this wooden porch with a roof. I remember my mom and I meeting our troop leader when we first got there and she was playing “Monster Mash” and it is one of those songs, as a kid, it was fun to dance to and you only heard it once a year. This was the time before YouTube. So hearing it about a hundred times during the month of October was nice, it did get annoying at times, but oh well. Anyways, back to my memory. I remember all of us, walking out into this field. My mom had to carry me of course, and we were being told about this story about these witches and something about to be careful around your surroundings or something like that. I actually don’t remember that part, but I do remember our troop leader’s older son and his friends scaring the crap out of us and everybody running away, including my mom and I. Back then that was just mean, now it’s funny to tell.

These next two songs I don’t have specific memories to go with them. They’re just songs that you cannot go without hearing them on Halloween or throughout October. I’ve tried to watch each of these movies, but the movies are getting old and freezing up on you. They’ve been playing on ABC Family, but I keep forgetting to watch them. Honestly, every Disney based Halloween movie that I love to watch, like Halloweentown, Twitches and Beetlejuice, I have not watched at all this year. I’m pretty bummed at myself. I caught my mom watching Beetlejuice and I was going to watch it on my TV too, but I was so tired that night that I literally didn’t care. I think I’m losing the Halloween spirit. I just hope I don’t miss Charlie Brown and The Great pumpkin or I’ll be really depressed. My dad got candy for any trick-or-treaters tonight. He’s already told me, they’re not me. I told him we should at least hold back some of the suckers. It’s dad, he’s probably had one or two suckers already. What is your favorite Halloween song and candy as a kid?

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