Sticky But Sweet

So I did a post yesterday about the weather and everything, and today I woke up craving carmel apples. I think I may know why I was craving them because Tuesday I was on Pinterest, looking up possible homemade Christmas gifts for different family members and one of the creations I found was a mini kit of how to make carmel apples. It was a small jar of carmel (already made) and a huge Granny Smith apple on top of the jar. I don’t know if the stick was in it or not, but it was wrap in it a clear, plastic wrap and it just looked simple and fun. Almost good to eat. Which is the point.

The last time I had carmel apples was when I was a freshman. My resource class made them for all of their classes. My class was third period. I know it’s scary on how far back I can go back to remember that. Anyways, we knew about a few days before. My class was full of boys, with only two girls, plus the teacher and teacher aide. The four of us girls, had our hands full. That class was for getting help with your homework that you didn’t understand in class or if it was before that class you didn’t finish your homework the night before, that is where you did it. We were a good class, but yet the boys misbehaved a lot. Sometimes it was hilarious in that class. When our teachers were doing this, we were about to go on fall break. Carmel apples are things you can make during October and November, it’s the only two months where you feel like you should. So you could imagine, most of us didn’t have any work to do, and the ones that did, didn’t care. It was my first time trying carmel apples, and the only problem was, someone had to cut it up for me because my mouth wouldn’t open that wide, but somehow I can eat a Big Mac, go figure.

I’ve been on Pinterest for I don’t know how many months now and everytime I go into my Food and Desserts boards I feel like I want to do different things. I have 347 pins in my Desserts and I have 104 pins in my Food board. You can tell the difference between the two. I may not be a fan of hot chocolate or s’mores, but there is another fall time desserts that I kind of love, but I haven’t had it in a long time. Who knows, when I’ll have it next, but a girl can dream, right? This time around I think I might want a smaller apple to try to eat and now a huge one.