Review Over The Last Three Days.

Life has been pretty good lately. Kind of slow, but good. I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much. I thought I’d wait a couple of days and wait to see if anything comes up that I should blog about. Well, today is Tuesday. Not a Monday. That’s a good thing. For the last four days, it’s been very “wondering what the day’s going to bring” kind of deals. Some people think that’s a good thing. I’m still in the middle. Saturday, I came on here and blogged about my awesome looking pumpkin. We got things to make our new porch cute. Dad wasn’t impressed. Then I made the first pumpkin’s face like Scream and it was all over. I did my second pumpkin on Sunday and my original idea didn’t work out. So I made the Charlie Brown triangle eyes and an oval nose and he has a half-smile. Literally. he has a happy smile until you get to the right side and then it weird. Obviously, not one of my bests. My mom told me I am too critical on myself. I’m not going to lie, I am, but until I can actually fix it is when I’ll be happy with myself.

So Sunday was full of excitement. I was originally supposed to go to the store with my mom that day to get my first lottery ticket by myself. Well, we went to CVS first and a few months they opened the new store. I hadn’t been it yet. So I went with my mom to do my nana’s errands. One thing you should NEVER do when you go to stores with food all around. Don’t go in there, hungry. Not a very good idea at all. Anyways, I went around the store, just following my mom because I didn’t know where anything was and didn’t want to get lost. So I was like a lost puppy and was following her around the whole place. I saw a LOT of chocolate and different candies. Out of all these though, my mom was looking for medicine stuff and we were next to the wrappers and bags for gifts. I found the gift bag I want to get for my birthday. I found Bee from Transformers as a gift bag, it was huge, but freaking awesome! I think my mom was laughing her butt off most of the trip.

After we left from there, we went to the actual store. Which is just full of food everywhere. Somehow I kept my cool. I was looking in every aisle to see if they had any of my stuff but other than that I stayed around my mom the whole time. I wasn’t much of a help, besides making her laugh because of how my hungry was playing out of me. In every aisle we went into, I would blurt out different foods, like I said “TWINKIES!” and “CHOCOLATE MILK!” I almost got the Twinkies, but I turned them down. I went into the soup aisle and almost grabbed a couple. I thought of storing them at my nana’s away from my sister. Half the time, if we have soup, she’s ate most and I’ve only had one can. I should have gotten chips though because I’ve been craving them ever since. Not a smart move on my part. Then we got on the freezer stuff and I got to pick out which I wanted. Next thing I want to try is that Marie Callender’s Lasagna Alfredo with Broccoli and Mozzarella. It looked really good but it said Broccoli and some kind of cheese. I have to stop talking about food. Moving on!

So yesterday was Monday. It was kind of weird because it actually didn’t feel like a Monday, physically. I say that, but I very lazy yesterday like you wouldn’t believe. My body ached most of the day. The weather is really changing around because my sinuses are acting up and my body could split in two, not a good thing. I can say though, yesterday, I was lying around a lot, but I can safely say I wasn’t depressed, I was just lazy as crap. Friday’s football game was supposed to be Senior night. Well, it rained all evening long. It even thundered and lighting here. They cancelled the Senior night and changed it to Monday night, which was last night. It was awkward because it was at a volleyball game. I have never been to one of those, because of the actual ball itself. Right before the varsity team was to start, they honored the fall sports. My dad had to go to it too, and it was surreal. My mom and I have noticed our emotions are intact. When Grand March comes along for prom and the actual Graduation, yeah, we’re going to bawl our eyes out. It’s not going to be pretty.

Side note: I never got my lottery ticket over the weekend either. 🙂