Some Funny Stories For The Road.

So lately I’ve had pretty hilarious things going on in my life. I’m not kidding either. Certain family members know of one in particular because even I, get a little chuckle out of my own jokes sometimes. The other day, I was at the licence branch with my mom. We were in the mist, trying to get my ID card and my mom didn’t have enough stuff so she had to go home and get more stuff. Well, in this place, it doesn’t have very many spaces for people who have wheelchairs to park. So I went in this little corner, where the people go to do their written tests. Nobody was around there, but it was in a difficult spot. There was a small table, two chairs, then on the right side was a gentlemen sitting in another chair talking to another employee. So imagine, an already crazy driver in a wheelchair, trying to back into this small space without trying to hit anything in the process.

As soon as my mom left, I turned around and backed in this little space. I was literally holding my breath, hoping to God, I don’t run into the man on my right side, the chairs on my left, and the wall. After I successfully backed in fine. I was happy that I didn’t hit anything. I still didn’t want to be in the way, so I grabbed my controller one more time, and turned it to the left. I ran right into the damn chair. Strike one. A little after my mom got back, I got out of my little corner, she moved one of the chairs beside her so I could park by her. I backed in again and was fine, until I turned my controller to the left again. I ran right into the chair. I laughed and then I told my mom that I was glad that I wasn’t there to take the driving test, because I’d fail that sucker.

Next story happened on Tuesday. I was bored, really bored. I wasn’t in the mood to take a nap or anything. My back hurt and wanted to find something on TV to watch, so I could lie down on my bed for a bit. It was around noon, so most of the shows have turned to crap. So I went looking on our movie channels to find something interesting. Well, I noticed that the Back To The Future Part III was on. It was at the end, but that was okay, because I thought the TV Guide said, Burlesque was on next. So I stayed on that channels and never gave it another thought about it. Well, the first movie had ended, I laid down on my bed and got comfortable and put the blanket on. I was set. The previews for the original series on that network were playing. I was ready to watch Burlesque. It started, and I was waiting for the familiar noises (because I’ve seen it over 20 times anyways) and I never heard it. I was seeing what looked like a western movie. So I pulled up my TV Guide again and it said it was Bulletproof. I swear I did not see that. I thought it said Burlesque, but apparently I just saw the letters “B” and “U” and immediately thought it was Burlesque. Oops!

This Too Shall Pass

I made this blog to give people an inside to life. How life can be. How life could be, if they were living in my shoes. I keep saying shoes, but I don’t wear them. I hardly ever wear socks anymore. Winter is coming, so that’ll change. I’ve only had about four or five pairs of shoes in my life. I don’t exactly remember how many pairs my family use to get me for when I was little. I love sneakers, converse, and high heels. It doesn’t matter if I’m handicapped or not, I still love shoes. It doesn’t matter if I can’t walk, if I had shoes, they would always be clean. There is always a blessings somewhere in the mess. Life has other things that are backwards. Some are visible, and some are not. I am the opposite of every person I come across. We might like the same things, but not everything is the same. The longer we go through life, we either learn from our past or let it rule over us. Something that is starting to get me interested, is perspective of people I use to know.

Take someone from your class or someone in the underclassmen or alumni and try to remember why they were so awesome. You might remember them from different classes they excelled in or was the class clown. You might remember them being in band or on a sports team. It doesn’t matter where you remember them from, it’s just the little things they use to do. Here, I’ll use someone I knew in school. He graduated with me, and he was one of those class clowns, but he minded most of his classes. It’s been two years since I’ve actually seen him. He is in the Army now. When I first about this, I almost didn’t believe it. I wasn’t expecting it. I thought it was interesting considering he seems to enjoy it. Everytime we hear someone we knew in school, do something unexpected, it’s a little shocking, but you learn to accept it after a while. In a way, what I just described from a friend I knew is doing something like this with his life. It’s a good thing. What do I do about the ones who are having a difficult time in their lives?

You see, a person can read my posts on here and think, she’s handicapped, what does she know about my life? Well, to answer your question as honestly as I can. Yes, I am handicapped, but that doesn’t mean my thoughts about life isn’t the same as everybody else’s. If you’re going through a tough time, I know how you feel. The topic doesn’t matter so much, but we’ve all had rough patches. We can either fight through it, ask God to watch over us, and hope for a good day to come our way. Just because I’m different in a physical sense, I know what it feels like when everything just keeps getting worse and worse, like nothing can get better. I’ve been there. Things can get better. Everything takes time to get through. You may not think it will, but trust me, everything will let you up to breathe. Something good with come along and show you all this that your feeling will just be something of the past.