I’m Starting To Get Into The Season!

My first decorated pumpkin.

The last time I ever decorated a pumpkin was the beginning of my sophomore year. Yes, a student in high school having fun with tiny kids and trying to be creative on a pumpkin. You wouldn’t think it can be that difficult, but it can. You see, I can’t use an easel because my feet can’t turn that well, with your wrist you can switch your hand to either side, but with my feet I can only move it so much. Also, trying not to fall on your back is an issue too. Somehow, I can balance very well on my butt.I can’t in my chair to do this, because I’m too tall to reach. So my mom put me on the floor so I could do it. I used a permanent marker, because we don’t have any other markers at the house, because I never use them that much. Originally, I had it in my head that I just wanted circle eyes, you know just a simple face. A nice pumpkin. Well, then my dad said it kind of looked like the mask in the Scream movies. So they proceeded to show me the mask on the movie, and I ended up just doing a Scream-look-a-like pumpkin.

My mom bought two medium size pumpkins today at the store for our new porch that my dad fixed up for us. Our other one was sinking in and just looked old and everything. So he got it done Wednesday. I hadn’t seen it at all until Thursday afternoon. It looks so cute. It’s all nice and light wood. Dad put a fence type on the edges and put a border around that so it looks even nicer now. It looks like a cottage house or a country house porch. So my mom bought some flowers and it definitely looks like an autumn style porch now. Mom put the pumpkins by the stairs in the front. She needs to get one more flower to match the flower by my ramp. So then after that I started working on the pumpkin. I haven’t done the second, but I have some unique plans for that one that I hope work out. It was really fun and I didn’t think it was going to be that fun. We already have plans for Christmas, but that’s two months away. So we got all the time to plan ahead, or I can plan ahead. This was kind of an idea of my mother’s and I just agreed.