I’m going back to what my Uncle David was talking about over the weekend. For a short period, the two of us, plus my nana were talking our dreams. The strange ones and the ones we’d do anything to forget about. One dream he remembers very well. He told us about a dream he had once about opening a door and when he opened this door, the room was really bright. As he walked inside, although he couldn’t see anything, he said the temperature in the room was noticeably cold, but yet it wasn’t that cold. All of a sudden, he woke up in sweat because it scared him to death. Now, I’ve never had those dreams, but I did think it was interesting. I have never had temperature differences or bright lights in my dreams, but if that’s not considered a nightmare, I don’t know what would.

Speaking of nightmares, I had one last night. Which I’m surprised I even had one considering how little I slept last night. I’ve had tons of dreams of people killing other people. I’ve had a lot of dreams where there are a lot of guns. This one was different and I really wish I remembered the pilot more than the ending, but it was intense. I remember laying on the floor, it wasn’t a floor in any of my family’s houses, both past and present. It was just a white floor and I was crying hysterically and this really tall, middle-aged, blonde guy is pacing around in what I remember a living room. He has a gun, type thing. I don’t actually remember what that looked like either. Anyways, I was pleading he’d let me go and begging him that I didn’t do anything wrong. I felt defenseless and scared. Next thing I knew he was leaning on top of me, telling me that I had done a good job and I’d live through this. Then after telling me this, I guess I relaxed and then he pulled the trigger. I don’t think you’re suppose to feel something go inside your head, but I definitely felt it. After it happened, I woke up to a pounding headache.

I have never had those dreams where I’ve felt the pain the actual area where the wound was at and very emotional. It was just creepy. The only thing that gets me, I wasn’t dreaming in disabled body. I could use my arms and of course my legs. He didn’t have me tied up or anything. I was just struggling and crying. He really scared me and I didn’t know why he wanted to hurt me so much. I’ve got to say though, once I actually woke up and looked around. I was happy, then I realized I still had that headache in the same spot and it freaked me out even more. I can take dreams that involve guns and shooting. Killing people, not so much. Killing people, such as myself or anybody I know, is a scary deal. I can still remember dreams I’ve had and I was walking around a block, and my mom, sister, and nana were all sitting outside in the garage type thing and something came over the news that we needed to go back inside and hide. It wasn’t weather related, it was people running around killing innocent people. Well, in the mist of bringing things inside, my nana and I were outside waiting, hoping nobody would come around our block and then out of nowhere, this guy, all in black, just starts shooting his gun and it hits my nana right in the head. Yeah, not a good dream to come out of. It sucked.