Album Review: Taylor Swift’s “Red”

After almost a week of hearing the new Target commercial promoting Taylor Swift’s new album release, Red is finally in stores! The first single off of her new album, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” is another #1 hit and of course, it’s a break-up song. Every teenage and young adult girl out there has thought this way once or twice about ending their relationship. She released clips of different tracks on Good Morning America. The four songs that were previewed on GMA were “Begin Again,” “Red,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “State of Grace” was the final song. Out of all of these songs so far, I think the title track is my favorite. It’s so catchy and fun. Even though, it’s about love, it’s one you can dance to and you don’t care that you look like crazy person.

Taylor Swift can do both country and pop songs and make them work so well. Which is the reason why I like her so much. Her lyrics speak to a lot of people. Both my sister and I love her songs very much. So let’s start this off. The first song that starts off the album is “State of Grace” and I actually heard it for the first time last night. I love how it sounds, the drums start it off and she doesn’t actually sing much at the beginning, the background music is very upbeat and keeps you waiting for what’s about to happen. Her voice sounds amazing on this track. I am loving the chorus a lot and her high notes. So gentle and lovable.

The third song is “Treacherous” and it starts off with acoustic sounds from the guitars and drums. Her voice is soft and you can really hear her sing and understand the beauty in her lyrics. By the end of the second verse and into the next chorus, the tempo gets higher and more electric. Then by the bridge, it goes back to soft and calm. The last chorus is upbeat again at the beginning, then it slows calms down again at the end. It’s a very beautiful song. The next song is an upbeat and very dancy song called, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” It starts off kind of acoustic too but by the chorus, it changes into this pop song. In a way, you don’t expect it, but it’s a good balance. I love the little breakdown during the choruses, it’s very different and amazing. I am still surprised I haven’t learned the words to it yet. I will, don’t worry. Fifth song off her album is actually a song I’m listening to it for the first time. It’s called “All Too Well.” So far, you can hear the country influences. It’s a slow and meaningful song, even though it doesn’t change its tempo after the second chorus. I’m really liking the second verse a lot. It’s cute and kind of funny. It’s about remembering a relationship all too well. I think there will be a lot of girls relating to this song a lot. I know I am.

On the sixth song, called “22” it is a crazy, funny, but true song. From the time it starts, you want to dance, laugh, and go crazy. It sounds like a song you would sing around your friends, but by the time the chorus starts, you think, “ok, maybe not.” It is a song about enjoying life and just wanting to go crazy. I think that’s that the best way to explain it. It’s very girly and too bad I can’t record myself while doing this review because I am dancing like crazy. I love it! The next song is called, “I Almost Do,” and it’s break-up song and what happens after it’s over, and wanting to go back to them, but you can’t. It’s very sweet, but sad at the same time. Everybody has felt like this once or twice in their life. I’ve never been in a relationship, but I’ve had a lot of crushes when I was in school, so I can take this song and think about it in that direction instead. It’s another wonderful song to listen to. After that slow song, is a fast tempo song called, “Stay Stay Stay” and at first it kind of sounds like a Christmas song. It just has that sound, but the drums take that element away. It’s a cute song and has fun lyrics. It’s definitely about love and enjoying somebody’s company. Not dancing to this song is not an option.

The next song is called, “The Last Time” and it is featuring Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol. It starts off with a piano and Gary singing first. It is a very slow and you can hear the different instruments throughout the song. The drums, strings, and piano. Then all of a sudden, you can hear an electric guitar and that solo is beautifully blended in the song. It is a gorgeous duet. I’m not sure who I love more on this song Gary or Taylor. His high voice and low voice. It is amazingly good. Okay, this song is just starting the second verse, it’s called “Holy Ground” and I am not liking it at the moment. I’m really trying to like it too, but it’s just not happening. Nothing about it, is jumping at me. There is always one song that you can’t like and this one is mine. It’s about meeting somebody, almost like love at first sight. Probably the reason, why I don’t like it, because I don’t believe in love at first sight. Anyways, moving is another acoustic, slow song. It’s called, “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and with a title like that, you kind of hope it’s a slow song. Her voice is soft and deep. I’m not liking it as much as “The Last Time” but it’s very pretty.

At first, the next song starts with a short introduction, that you almost think it’s going to be another slow song. Instead, it is a “in between” song, meaning it’s not slow nor is it fast either. I’m not liking this song either. However, I would love to know who it’s about though. That’s the only thing this song is doing to me, is making me wonder who she wrote it for. She will probably never tell us either. Finally, a song that I actually like. This song is called, “Everything Has Changed,” and it features Ed Sheeran. Leave it to the two songs that are duets I end up falling in love with, but you can’t believe me though. It’s very cute and sounds acoustic at first, but then grows into this mid-tempo song. I love the drums and Ed’s voice in this song. Now I know why everybody was excited to hear this song. It’s pretty good! The second to last song is called “Starlight,” and it sounds like Rihanna’s song “Diamonds,” but this is about stars and it’s country-pop instead. I don’t think we’ll actually see her doing a country song in the near future, but again, not feeling this song either. Even though it has everything I look for in a song, but this is just the first listening to it, so I might change my mind later on.