Autumn Time.

My dad has opened my blinds to one of my windows. He asked me if I wanted my window open, and my first thought was, “open my window? If I thought I was cold before, I’ll definitely be cold now.” He apparently meant my blinds. I am looking out my window a lot right now. Usually when I’m looking at that side I’m looking at the time, because my clock is on that side of my room. I’m also listening to Dr. Phil at the moment too. I’m looking out to the trees. They are turning colors, orange, yellow, and a dark-ish red. There is one tree that is still green, but it has some yellow in it too. It won’t be long until those trees will be leafless and hopefully some snow will be on the ground. It’s a pretty autumn this year!

A couple of days ago, it was Canada’s Thanksgiving. It was trending on Twitter and different radio stations were talking about it. All it did was make me crave Thanksgiving comfort food and it’s not even November yet! I’m not dressing up for Halloween again this year so I’m ready to pass this month, but of course enjoying the autumn weather. I’m again, wanting to rush ahead to my birthday month, but secretly I’m hoping this month slows down. Today is my ex roommate’s from Shriner’s birthday. I remember celebrating our birthdays with eating a cookie cake and chips and salsa. We had a lot of that back then. It’s very traditional to have chips and salsa around October and November. Especially on the days before the days I had my surgeries, except I don’t have a good memory when it comes to that stuff so I forget and it never happens.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which is Vampire Day to me. My favorite show, the only show, if it had a new episode every day of the week, I would give up all the other shows to watch it. That’s how much love I have for this show. The Vampire Diaries start back up tomorrow night. I’m so excited to see how Elena unfolds with becoming a vampire or not. Tyler becoming Klaus. Jeremy might possibly try to kill Rebekah and Elijah for almost killing Elena and Matt, on the infamous bridge. And these new characters coming in to surprise us all. I am truly excited to see how this season goes down. I have missed this show so much. I hate having to wait four or five months for the next season to start. In the morning, Twitter’s going to have tons of trending topics of The Vampire Diaries and it’s going to chaos, but it’s all fun. I’m still sad though that both Alaric (Matt Davis) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will not be in the first episode because they were both, in a sense, killed off the show. So, that’s a bit heartbreaking for some. Before, I can even get to enjoy tomorrow though, I have to get through tonight’s TV show. I was going to watch that new show, Nashville, but found out it’s on the same time as Law & Order: SVU, so won’t be able to watch that now, but that’s okay.