Hello November =)

Well, here it is the last day of October. The fun holiday filled with scary costumes, the last of the horror movies, and candy that will rot your teeth. Everybody loves this holiday, it makes them feel like a kid again. There is no stopping age to go trick-or-treating. In 2011, the weekend before Halloween, my sister, cousin, and I went out trick-or-treating mostly because I wanted to, but I had to find somebody else to go too, so my parents kind of made my sister go and Kristi ended up just tagging along too. Emily didn’t like her costume, but I was in love with mine. Kristi and mom just walked behind us. I think I was the only one who had fun doing that get-up. I also had an awesome costume so who can beat that? I wanted to dress up this year, but plans for that never happened. I’m fine with that, I still want candy though.

I actually remember last November very well, it was not very exciting, like it should have been. In mid-November we usually get reports of snow fall and during Thanksgiving, it was fun, but not like it could have been unfortunately. This year, I’m hoping for some miracles. Snow and more family get together’s because I miss those last year, and I need a huge dinner full of laughter. That’s what Thanksgiving is supposed to be like with my family. I got to say though, I’m thinking we need a rematch on Just Dance. That was hilarious. We ate snack foods like fruits and veggies  around 6 or 7pm and then at 8 we all went into the living room and played Just Dance. It was awesome! I want to see mom and Laurie do a rematch. It was also cute to see my papaw dance by his walker too. We also didn’t get any snow until two days before December came around. I’m hoping for some more snow this time around. We only got snow three times last winter. It sucked, to say the least.

I’m hoping for a good month. Everybody hopes for the new month to be better than the last month. I’m just glad that all of the horror movie previews will be over. Even though I got to say, usually there’s like a bunch of horror movies being released during the month of October, and I only saw two previews. and only watched three sci-fi/action movies this month. Now I’m watching my only vampire/werewolves movie for today, Underworld: Awakening. I plan on watching Charlie Brown, and The Great Pumpkin today, if I remember that it’s on. I think Law & Order: SVU has a new episode tonight too. It’s going to be a LONG night of shows, but that’s good. Start of tomorrow is a new month, and new things. So goodbye October, and hello November.

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