Album Review: Papa Roach’s “The Connection”

Thanks to Papa Roach for telling all of their fans that AOL had their new album up on their music section. I’m going to be very honest. I’ve only heard and liked the band’s singles. I’m never really into them but something about this album, just kind of pulled me in. I was noticing I was getting excited for some new Papa Roach music. When their first single “Still Swingin” came out, it was my new favorite song. I first heard it on Sirius XM Octane and I thought it was awesome. When Spotify put it on their “What’s New” tab I put it in a rock playlist and shared it with my other friends. It was that good. It’s still my go-to song on my iPod. Now I have to hope a iTunes card for my birthday.

I am on song number seven, which titled, “Give Me Back My Life” and I love it already and it just started. So far, I am loving the album.The album is called, The Connection. There are 13 songs. Lucky number 13. To how it starts, it has an introduction before “Still Swingin” actually begins. It’s called, “Engage” and once you hear it, it does engage you into it all, that it’s new and you can get excited! Like, I’m doing right now. I like the upbeat songs, but I am really digging the more mellow ones too. I think this album might be added to my “favorite albums” list.

After “Still Swingin” the next two songs are in your face and really good. The song after those two is called, “Before I Die” and it is really, really good. It is definitely one of my favorites and it was the intro’s fault. When it starts, it sounds like it could be between a mellow song or start off slow and then quickly turn mean and aggressive, but it’s not like that. Jacoby’s voice with the electronic side of it, is pretty cool. The first thing that came to mind was Linkin Park, because it had some of the same elements that Linkin Park are about in their music. By the time you’re in the chorus, the sound gets more upbeat, but Jacoby’s voice doesn’t change and it’s very good. I like the guitar and drums at the bridge. It changes how it sounds and kind of balances everything you’re hearing. It’s very interesting and I just love it.

Both “Wish You Never Met Me” and “Give Me My Life Back” are very upbeat and I think Jacoby wrote these songs from the heart. They’re very rock ‘n roll. So they have all of the familiar things you find in a very hard rock songs. Talking about life and changes. Sometimes about people. Jacoby’s very good at telling a story about how he’s feeling in different songs. You can feel every emotion in every song. Sometimes you even feel sorry after you’ve heard a certain song that might reflect different things in your life. The next song, “Breathe You In” and it’s another hard rock type of song and yet, I don’t like it that much, but I’ve only listened to it twice now, so I could change my mind later on. The next song after that is called, “Leader Of The Broken Hearts” and it doesn’t sound like Jacoby at first. It’s very mellow and slow. Jacoby’s voice is very in your face, but he’s also very soft in a way too. It’s excellent that way.

The last four songs to end out the album. My second favorite is next and it’s called, “Not That Beautiful” and I’ve got to say, it’s very touching and very motivating especially if you hate something about yourself. To me, it’s the perfect song to look into the mirror and listen to and you can instantly inspired in someway. It’s a break-up kind of song, but yet it’s not. I also love the female voice in the background. It adds another touch to it. The bridge where Jacoby is just going for it and letting it out is just bad ass. Now you know why I like it so much. I first listened to “Walking Dead” and was like, this would fit the music video of “Still Swingin” since it had zombies in it. That’s my mind ready for Halloween I think. Anyways, that is a good song, but I’m not that big of a fan of it. It sounds awesome too and I just don’t like it right now. My third favorite song is “Won’t Let Up” and it is VERY inspiring and will get you in the mood that you’ll be okay. It’s a very powerful lyrically and the sound, again, sounds like Linkin Park. It’s very unique though. The last song of the album is called, “As Far As I Can Remember” and I expected it to be kind of slow, it wasn’t, but I like how bands are ending their albums with a bang. It is a very awesome song. It sounds different again in the intro and slowly gets more interesting. It’s one of those, where you wish it never ended.

They’re new album comes out officially tomorrow, October 2nd 2012. Whoohoo! I’ve been looking forward to this album and Three Days Grace’s new album “Transit of Venus.” It is a new month, what other albums are you ready to be released? (: