Blogs That I Love #11



It’s another week and I think everybody liked the fact that I bought this series back for another round. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it going this time around. Like, I said last week I only do this for you as readers and other bloggers to find new blogs to read and give you a little bit about the writer and blog too. I don’t do it for anything in return or anything. I just like the making people smile and feel better about themselves and their blogs!

  1. Footnotes and Finds – This blog is run by two sisters from Canada. There names are Tript and Prabt and they are very, very sweet! They’ve had their blog since 2012 and it’s about lifestyle. They talk about travel, food, and fashion. Recently they do some posts about Bollywood, which I really loved because I love that culture very much. They even had a post recently about a fashion show with different Bollywood dresses, they were so beautiful! The girls are vegetarian so the recipes that they share on their blog are without meat.
  2. A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe – I found Miss Rosie Rockets (that’s her Twitter name!) a few weeks ago, while one of her posts from trip to the US was being RT’d around on Twitter. I liked her posts so much that I literally “followed” her blog after two reads. She’s from Australia, so she’s on a totally different time zone than me in general. The other day I decided to devote my time to read her other posts and she does a lot of fashion posts, apparently it’s Fashion Week in Melbourne. She talks about fashion, beauty, travel and food! I love a good food and travel blogger and she rocks both!
  3. Scarphelia – In the blogging world, we have several bigger bloggers that are even verified on both Facebook and Twitter. They’ve been nominated and won these different blog awards and some have even been given some great opportunities that you wouldn’t necessarily see a blogger do, ever! Well, Katie who owns Scarphelia has done a couple of these with her blog. I think of her as one of these bigger bloggers that I never thought I’d aspire to become one day! Sounds so weird but it’s true! Katie is pretty young and she’s not exactly like the others you see today either. She writes to inspire others and she likes adventures and voicing different thoughts. Recently she started blogging everyday this month but instead of doing the regular 30 Day challenges you can find on Google or Pinterest. She asked her followers to give her different fiction prompts and on the fifth day, she’s doing pretty amazing! Sadly, she doesn’t have one of those blue check marks that means she’s verified yet but I’m hoping she will soon.
  4. The Pyreflies – Jessica is a very different blogger, but then again this entire post is about “different” bloggers, not really fitting into the normal niches like the others.¬†She’s a geek. Not a geek like me were I’ve played a few games here and there, only watch Superhero movies, and not as obsessed with characters. She’s the totally opposite of me, let’s just say that! However, she does love both Harry Potter and Disney! As she likes to talk about her geeky side, she does quite a few fashion posts! She does some other entertainment and lifestyle posts too!