Blogs That I Love #25


Hi 🙂

I’ve been noticing that I am following a lot of different artists and art blogs lately. I do have a weakness for it, because I still know a good amount of knowledge about art. I took as many classes for it as my sister did for weightlifting in high school! For this post, I only wanted to highlight the ones who draw or paint by hand. I don’t have anything against the ones who use the computer softwares, I just wanted to take it back old school, to what I used to be good at back in the day.

coolpeppermint – I’ve been following Lu for a year or so now. I don’t really comment on her posts, but I do read and browse around on her blog at her lovely drawings and photography every other day! I love the “Daily Art” series she has, most of the posts only have a few sentences but the real attraction is whatever she’s finished and releases to us. I often forget that photography is part of the “art” mediums, so it’s nice to be reminded that even I don’t draw or paint as much anymore, I still have a knack for getting the right and unique look to my subjects–which would be my cats! Trust me, when my nephew arrives, he’ll probably become my next guinea pig!

Favorite posts: Jar Of Hearts, City Dreaming, Rose All Day, Walkway, Let It Snow, and Rainy Daze.

Art We Wonderful – Marion has become one of my favorites! I found her or she found me, I still get confused! Somebody found the other first let’s just go with that! I want to say she’s the one who really inspired me to start painting. I’ve never liked painting! You needed a lot of patience to be able to do and enjoy it, and I didn’t have any of that while I was in school. Now as an adult, I’ve matured and gained a lot of patience in the last five or six years. I’m more into painting small things compared to what she does! Marion has a lot of cityscapes and buildings. I love all of the details she puts in them, they look so lifelike that I kind of get jealous of them!

Favorite posts: Lunchtime In The South Of France, Going Door-Crazy For The First Time, A Complete Mini Vacation To Italy’s Cinque Terre, and Where Art Thou, Internet Guy?

Holly Hearts Art – So I didn’t want to only talk about bloggers, even though this is what the series is all about, but it’s mine and I want to add Holly onto the post! Holly is very unique as I actually found her Booktuber channel first. She has a really great quality bookshelf tour she did last year that I think everyone should check out! I think I watched three book hauls before I found she had an art channel too! And every once in a while when I need a little push to doodle or like the other day attempt a perspective drawing–I haven’t done one those in probably seven years–she has all kinds of videos, like subscription boxes, drawing prompts, and testing out other art products! I just love her to pieces!

Favorite videos: Favorite Places To Draw, Quick and Easy Drawings To Do When You’re Bored, and 500 Drawing Prompts #11

With all of the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and mommy bloggers out there, what is your definition of a “unique” blogger? Do you follow many artists or art blogs? If not, why don’t you?


Blogs That I Love #24


Hi 🙂

It’s crazy to think that I started doing this series in 2014, it feels such a long time ago! This was strictly a Friday special that I would do for some of my favorite blogs to help promote them. Everybody has a favorite blogging niche and mine seem to be more in the advice-lifestyle, food and travel blogs. I really enjoyed doing these posts because I don’t talk to these bloggers a lot, but I enjoy reading their posts every once in a while though. I feel like this is what I can do to as a fellow blogger!

Today all three of the blogs I’ve selected for this post are travel bloggers! I’ve been enjoying their posts for the past couple of months and I thought I’d share some of the reasons why I like them so much and maybe you’ll go over and visit their pages too!

  • Julia Elizabeth Blog – I actually found Julia in early December, so I haven’t been able to follow her a long time, but when I first saw her blog I knew I was going to be hooked! One of the things I love about travel bloggers is that if they already have half of their travel plans mapped out, they’ll list several locations over by their mini bio on the side. I really love the fact that her blog in general is easy to read, I’ve noticed over the years that some people are more focused on the quality of the photographs and they’ll chose to make the font italic and it looks so small. Everything on her blog is easy to follow and she takes amazing pictures! I will say some of my favorites are from the Scandinavia region!
  • HilaryStyle – I found this blog while scrolling through the search browser on WordPress and this rarely happens! The first post I actually read where the ones about graffiti or street art. I think if nobody is writing vulgar things on walls or disrespecting somebody else’s work, I think people should leave it alone and enjoy the expressions. What is interesting is that she has a whole tab dedicated to street art from all over the world! So if you’re into that kind of thing, you should definitely look into those posts!
  • Traveling The World Solo – I think women who do the whole solo backpacking through very rough parts of the world are amazing! Ellen is no different, even though I feel like she’s done more compared to both Hilary and Julia, but I think all three have their own special qualities to make their posts unique. I found Ellen while she was posting about her travels to Egypt, Petra and Jordan. I thought the posts were very informative – she even answered a question about if the area of the pyramids are sort of handicapped accessible. Let’s just say, Egypt will be like Pomepii and stay on my bucket list forever.

Hope everybody enjoyed this post and looked into all three of the bloggers I’ve listed above! Maybe they’ll inspire you to take a trip somewhere!



Blogs That I Love #19


I suck at keeping at routines, especially if they are blog related! At least you get these posts once a month. My other series that is similar to this one is officially on hiatus because apparently I only watch four YouTube channels daily. I’ve been trying to find more new blogs and get myself to read them daily, but it’s not that simple. Luckily, recently I’ve done just that! Hell, I even updated my blogroll again of blogs I actually read, maybe not daily but weekly! Hopefully you like these next selection of blogs. If you haven’t read or follow these blogs, of course I highly suggest you do so!

  1. Nevena Krstic – Nevena is a lifestyle blogger from the UK. She talks about general life topics, does outfit of the day, DIY, and food posts as well. I found her blog while on Twitter, ever once in a while I go through other bloggers “following” tab and she was one of the bloggers I found and kept over time! In the short time we’ve known each other, we’ve talked quite a bit. She’s very sweet! Super gorgeous too!
  2. Our Wolf Song – Kathryn runs a mental health blog, very different from the normal blogs that I think everybody follows on a daily basis! When I found her blog and Twitter, we instantly became friends. She even started doing Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction word wring prompts during our first day we started talking! We’ve established this quite a few times already that we basically have the same music tastes and we can go from composer Hans Zimmer to Hollywood Undead after one finishes. Glad I’m not the only one who can do that! She’s also very sweet and friendly to anyone!
  3. Faye Olivia – Faye is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. I mostly read her lifestyle posts and her travel posts. Her pictures are beautiful! I found her on Facebook, while I was searching for more blogs to “like” on Facebook which I’ll say was a terrible disaster! I think I added over 45+ blog pages that day and since you only get to see about 10 of them, including the ones you’ve already liked in the past, you don’t get to see them all on your dashboard. For some odd reason, Faye’s blog was one of the ones that I couldn’t stop thinking about, it might have something to do with the fact I was a little obsessed with her name. Well, one day after months of only seeing her posts every once in a while I finally had a few and attempted to find them on Twitter, she was one of like two I found and she’s never came off it since! So now that I follow her blog on Bloglovin I never miss a post so that’s even better!
  4. SilverSpoon London – Angie is one of my newer bloggers I’ve been following lately! I’m usually okay with being a broke person/blogger, there’s nothing really wrong with that! Every once in a while, I like to see explore my expensive tastes in a safe way! SilverSpoon London is a luxury lifestyle, food and travel blog from of course London! I am really in love with this blog! It has been a real joy reading and looking at her pictures of everything! Don’t be surprised if you spend an hour on her blog because you will be dreaming of the food and all the places she’s been to. Just a warning!


Blogs That I Love #17


I’ve finally made myself a damn Bloglovin account. It has been a frustrating time to keep with my ever-growing amount of blog links on both my blog roll and on my Twitter. I like to go on following sprees on Twitter for new blogs. My normal way was getting me by, but as I kept “favoriting” different posts and links on Twitter to make sure to visit their sites, I would always be late with RTing the link! I’ve heard a lot of different things about Bloglovin, mostly good. Everybody said that it was easier to deal with as you can follow as many blogs as you want as long as they’re on the site itself. I’ve had it for two weeks. It is a lot easier to work, once you figure things out. I’ve found a lot more blogs and busy reading my favorite blogs too. This is a list of blogs I’ve been able to read with some ease now. If you’re not following these blogs I suggest you do so! A little bit of a warning, when you make a Bloglovin account, that “saving” button becomes your best friend.

  • Zoe London – I put Zoe first because I think she is an awesome woman! I’ve been following her on Twitter for a while, but only been reading her blog posts and watching her vlogs for like two months. She’s a London-based blogger, that talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. I consider this pretty blue/lime haired lady one of the bigger bloggers. I try not to rate bloggers but if content is out of this world than sometimes it kind of happens on accident. I love how she’s very honest with her posts and she has an amazing fashion sense too!
  • Hello Miss Jordan – I found Miss Jordan during a blog chat, I had posted a Disney tag and she was one of two Disney addicts I found that day. She is another  UK and likes to talk about beauty, lifestyle, food, travel and anything Disney on her blog. I think the first post of hers I read was food related, her pictures were insane! My stomach didn’t want to stop growling even after I stopped reading! She also hosts a blogger chat on Twitter. It’s called #crazybloggers and it starts at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) and it’s blog chat that I love to be apart of because we’re allowed to be as free with our thoughts as we want, just no drama!
  • Jasmine Catches Butterflies – Jadirah is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger all the way from Pakistan. I just absolutely adore her! She is so sweet and a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan. We literally spent a whole blog chat talking about BSB, is that bad? I am happy that I made a Bloglovin account, so I can keep up with her posts more than I’ve been! She recently nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, but I’ve already been nominated for it. I felt very blessed that she had done that and it starts out my new year on a high note! To repay her I thought I’d include her in this post!
  • See Me No CP – Michelle is a new blogger to the scene, but she’s rising high and fast! In school you kind of have different cliques that you always hung out in from day in to day out. Well, luckily for me I was never in just one group. I was in so many that I lost count after I finished my last year. I had so many because I could mesh with different types of people, but it was so difficult to get me to be more involved in the disabled community. Out of the three boys, I was the only girl. So I learned early on to be my own person but still think of the four of us as a whole. Anyways, I never had a girlfriend that was in a wheelchair like me. In recent years, I’ve been trying to create friendships with women and girls with disabilities. That’s why I absolutely LOVE talking to both Michelle and Sara from Bloo ‘n’ Stuff. However, back to the blogging part of this whole post. Michelle is a lifestyle blogger. She wants to create a more aware environment to her readers. She’s another blogger that has nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award and like above, I’m not doing it but I thought I’d return the favor like this.


Blogs That I Love #12


 It’s that time again. Another week in the books, it’s finally Friday! I’ve been thinking about this week’s choices for Blogs That I Love and it’s getting harder to choose three to five bloggers for each week. For one thing, since I’ve been hooked up to the different RT accounts on Twitter finding new people and their blogs isn’t that difficult anymore. However, finding ones that I continue to read is still difficult. I am reading a lot more blogs though so that’s improvement. I don’t promote blogs to get something in return. I just want them to know that I love their blogs and want to brighten their day a bit. Everybody likes it when somebody does that, even if they’re already having a good day! If you’re not already following or reading these blog, I highly suggest that you do.

  1. This Northern Gal – Kelly is a lifestyle blogger, which means she blogs about anything that she sees worthy enough on her blog. She has posts about college, getting prepared to go and while you’re there. Since I didn’t go to college, or what they like to call it “uni” I think it’s still very helpful for newcomers too. She does a few food/drink and book reviews here and there as well. I like reading her quirky posts!
  2. Cloud In A Teacup – Shivani is to me a lifestyle blogger, but she does a lot of different others types of posts too, like beauty, food, and travel posts. She recently did three posts about her friend’s wedding and it was beautiful! She takes really good pictures that it makes you feel like you’re there too.
  3. Amy Valentine – Amy is a fashion blogger, but I wouldn’t categorize her as any other fashion blogger though, I mean the girl does have pink hair! For a person (I’m talking about myself) that doesn’t like the color pink at all, why is it I love it on everybody else? She has posts about different outfits, hauls, and nails. She has some lifestyle posts here and there too! I really like the setups of her pictures. They look like it’s just one big collage but they’re individuals and it makes the posts look more professional.