Money Doesn’t Last, But Memories Do

win the lottery and share it with my loved ones!!

How many of you have always wished to have a million dollars and then started listing off different things you would do with that amount of money you’d receive after the government takes out the taxes of it. Some would say give it to charity, others say move into a bigger house and have cooler cars. Everybody’s got their own wishes. My Papaw is always playing the lottery every week. He never misses it. Every Wednesday and Saturday, we know that sometime he’ll be calling in the mornings wanting for somebody to get his tickets and figure out if it’s the lucky ticket or not. In my family, we all have different things we want. I asked a two-part question on both my Facebook and Twitter and I got some responses, I know my Papaw wants to go back to Hawaii. My nana wants to go to San Diego and see the beach. My mom also wants to go to Hawaii too. Out of all of the responses I got from my Facebook and Twitter, nobody could have topped my Uncle David’s reply. He said he wanted to go anywhere that has a Pizza Hut. Technically I shouldn’t had wanted anything better than this kind of response because it defines my Uncle as he nicknamed the “Pizzaman” in our family. My blogger friends Aftab and Ella said they wanted to go to Bora Bora and New Zealand.

My nana and I were actually discussing about this, about what we would do if it ever happened. Honestly, I don’t want to win the lottery, because to me, it doesn’t matter how many things you get or go with the money, I don’t think you’ll ever be happy. Money doesn’t last forever, one way or another you’ll run out whether if you’re greedy and spending it all or being generous and giving it away. We were discussing about the one thing that we’d go to do it with the money and I indulged in the wish for a moment. Where would I go? I know I’ve done a bunch of posts about the travels on my bucket list, but if I could just go to one place, where would I go? It’s honestly a tough choice to make when everybody wants to travel the whole world, but when you think about distance and a place were you’d truly love and be able to enjoy yourself. I kind of had to separate this out a bit from being in the US and internationally. So to start off, I’d always wanted to be  food tourist. I’ve watched too many shows and read too many blog posts to ignore myself from wanting to go to a place and just tour the different restaurants and bakeries. The first place I’d go to in the US is Portland, OR. I’ve just heard so many things about how the chefs there being really unique with their dishes but being able to stand out amongst the rest is difficult, that I’d like to just enjoy the different eats and then of course blog about it afterwards. Now internationally, my heart wants to go to Poland. Mostly to see my friend Ania but I want to learn all I can about her country too. If I couldn’t go there, I’d go to Ireland as my second best.

As I’ve mentioned, there was a second part we discussed. My nana and I are in wheelchairs. She has told me about this fan of Adam Lambert, basically paying out the wazoo for him to play a small concert for her and family and friends. So she’s always told me that if they ever won the lottery that she’d want somebody to do that for her and get Adam Lambert to play for her, but without all of the people in front of her and the screams of the crowd. So that leads into my next part. If you had a million dollars, and you could have a concert all to yourself or a normal gig with a big crowd, who would you chose? It can be alive or dead too. My friends Ania chose Queen but with only Freddie Mercury. Mandy had said she wants Stone Temple Pilots but only with Scott Weiland back as lead vocalist. I really liked my mom’s response as I figured she’d choose Prince, but she wants old Prince. Whether that means Prince & The Revolution? I have no idea. Honestly, if she ever got that I’d probably go with her. When my nana asked for my answer I actually took some time to think about it, because I love a lot of international bands. A lot of them never come close to me. So of course, I was thinking of distance. It wasn’t about which group was the furthest, but which one I love the most and who would put on a breath-taking show. My answer was clear, it would be Within Temptation. I’ve seen their live shows on YouTube and I get so memorized by the whole performance. The flames of pyro and the love you feel between the audience and members of the band. It just seems like a great choice!

So now it’s your turn, if you could choice any place and if you had the money to pay for it – where would you go? Plus, if you could see anybody live (alive or dead) who would you chose?