Tune Tuesday: Spain


Hey, it’s another week of music travels and we head into Spain! I think Spain is a beautiful country! I love whenever bloggers go on vacations/holidays there, because then they talk about it and what they’ve done. My blogger friend Beth recently went there and blogged about her experience. There were two posts that I liked the most and I’ll include them in this post. The first was Malaga, Southern Spain and the second one is The Blossom Fairy. Make sure you go check out those posts after you finish this post! If you didn’t know this by now, I do have a favorite Spanish actress. Her name is Elsa Pataky. Yes, the same one that is married to Chris Hemsworth! I tend to talk about her a lot on here and my Twitter. I love her! I’m also a vivid reader of her blog that’s featured on Spanish’s Glamour site. I’ve posted that link a few times and I’m deciding not to link it onto this one. Sorry! Now we’re back to the real reason why I do these posts, the music! Last week we were in Russia talking about the symphonic metal band Revontulet. Well, I’ve got another symphonic metal band coming out of Spain, they’re called Diabulus in Musica. I’ve only listened to them a couple of times but I’ve got to say they’re pretty good! They just recently released their new album, Argia in April.

Sceneries Of Hope by Diabulus In Musica

Nocturnal Flowers by Diabulus In Musica

Come To Paradise by Diabulus In Musica