Afternoon Out + Day In

866212080It was Monday. It’s a day that everybody just dreads after a good weekend, or just a weekend ends period. After not completing last week’s episode of Witches Of East End I kind of wasn’t into watching the new episode last night or this morning. So I kind of forgot about it being a Sunday altogether. I did though, taped Total Divas and watched that morning. I already had plans to go outside today before I even went to bed, so when I woke up at 9am, and my room was partly dark because the clouds had shielded the sun away. When I rolled over onto my back my mood and had intentions of going outside again was still intact. I ended up just started asking everyone if it was going to rain or not. Thankfully, the rain kept away long enough that I got to enjoy a good three hours outside. Not many times were I’m outside when it could potently rain or storm. The weather was breezy and cool, as the sun wasn’t out all but twice, I wasn’t too bothered by it though. It just felt good to be out of the house and around the cats.

I think they like the attention they get when one of us goes outside to spend some time with them. They’re getting used to my wheelchair, especially the unexpected turns I tend to make while on the porch and backyard. I could literally be there on the front porch for more than five minutes and all five cats will be on the porch, either lying on the ground or looking into the screen door, hoping somebody will either let them inside or feed them. Midget is starting to turn into her mommy, as she’s starting to climb on the screen door and window now. Which is very interesting because Midget doesn’t really do well indoors. Grumpy is more a indoors cat then his sister, if my door is closed to keep them in my room to visit, she tries everything to possibly to get out of there. She doesn’t like being locked in at all. Grumpy has his moments. He likes cuddling more than anything. He’ll reach up to you with his front paws and meow and purr to get you to pet him. He’s kind of taken over the role of our old cat Tubby, we don’t see him anymore and if he does come around he’s very scared of people and freaks out. It’s kind of sad honestly because he was one of the sweetest cats and loved getting cuddles too. Anyways, when Midget and her sister Stef wee little, they liked to follow me from one part of the yard to the other, like seriously! You’d swear they were racing me! It was so cute! I love doing it with Midget still, I literally caught myself looking over my shoulder and seeing her far back behind me, if I think she’s not going to try to race me she proves me wrong by scaring the shit out of me and running as fast as she can next up to the house. One of these days, we’re going to run into each other because my wheels will probably get caught on the tree roots. That would be an awkward scene to explain to my parents. “How the hell did you run over the cat’s paws?” “Oh, I got caught on the damn tree roots.” Lame.

Our two littlest babies, Kells and Stormy are getting used to my wheelchairs. Kells loves laying directly underneath my wheelchair and of course I hate it because I am literally stuck there until somebody opens the door and brings out food. Stormy is my go-to kitty whenever I can’t go outside. Mom likes to bring him inside because he kind of likes being inside. He actually likes his cuddles too. Everytime we have him inside, it’s almost like he wants me to go onto the floor because he gets very lonely and meows like crazy. He doesn’t like the bed very much. The times I go on the floor he gets in a lovey dovey mood, he still wants to play but he’s less curious and wants to cuddle up to my legs and take a nap. Which is fine with me because then I can either watch TV or do a crossword puzzle/read my book while he snoozes. On Sunday, Blondie was cleaning the inside of her car, it wasn’t so lonely to be out there by myself. I mean, the cats can’t give you a genuine conversation like a human being can, so I texted my friend and neighbor if she was at home. When she said she was. I asked my mom if I could go over there, after some persuasion she finally let me go, I went over there and had a good conversation with Sammy and her mom. Another one of our friends Kim came over just before Chey got off the bus. Which just blew my mind! I totally forgot there was school and it’s been in session for several weeks now. She didn’t come home very happy, so it was kind of difficult but she was okay. While I was sitting out there, the damn mosquitos were eating me up bad, Theresa went into the house and brought out these black sticks and for some odd reason I thought they were sparklers from July. Nope, they were incense sticks. Theresa put a few out around the floorboards of the porch and then Sammy brought some and stuck them in the ground around my chair. I told it looked like she was doing a witch ritual because she basically put them around the front end of my wheelchair. I’m not going to lie, they really did help a lot. They smelled pretty good, I think she said they had passion fruit, coconut, and mango. I was definitely the coconut the most. I honestly didn’t want to leave but I really had to go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, it’s been pretty boring. I’ve mainly been watching TV and listening to music all day long. Which isn’t a bad way to spend a day but it was boring. I got to watch Dr. Phil and totally regretted it. I’ve been drowning myself in Motionless In White and Flyleaf new albums too. I think after two days of being outside and around the kitties, I think I had my fill of them. I didn’t have any feelings of going outside when I got up. I’m very happy to see Dancing With The Stars back on again! I’m also very glad that Lolo went home (sorry spoiler!) I’m still trying to figure out which teams I’m on as it is the very first week, but I’m being pulled to Tavis Smiley, Tommy Chong, Sadie Robertson, and Lea Thompson right now. I don’t know who my mom is pulling for at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll be finding out soon because we’ll probably be at each other’s throats in a few more weeks, so beware!