Tune Tuesday: Russia


There are some countries were I wish I had more music suggestions from their countries. Sadly, this was one of them. I love Russia, it’s definitely on my list to visit one day. The band that I have selected to talk about is a “new” band. I found this band I think last year or the year before that, I get random follows on Twitter every once in a while and I think this band gave me a follow. Or they probably sent me a tweet to follow them on Facebook, because I don’t have them on there anymore which is okay! The band I am talking about is called Revontulet. The band consists of Alexandra Revontulet who is the lead vocalist and ¬†Sergey Zorg on drums. The main reason of how I came about them is the fact that they’re a symphonic metal band. I am always looking for more symphonic metal bands! When I found these guys I was very intrigued to hear them, but for some reason I didn’t hear any of their stuff until earlier this year. I know I’m a bad fan, but when you constantly look and find different artists and bands, you’re liable to lose track of others as it all piles up. Ah, the life of a music addict! It never gets old but it does get frustrating though! The band just recently released their debut album, which is called “Hear Me” this year. I have listened through the whole album a few times and I actually love it! Alexandra’s vocals are amazing! It’s so amazing of how somebody who sounds they belong on stage singing traditional opera can turn a hard banging metal sound into something so strange but good at the same time.

Hear Me by Revontulet