Ending One Month, Getting More Music Next Month

UntitledIt’s the last two days of August. Man! This year has been traveling back so fast. Some months it seems like it’s fading away so slow but like this month is totally the opposite. One of the things that I like to do is think of the upcoming months is a good light, letting all of the good shine first before anything else. The first thing that makes me excited is the fact that after August ends, that means the air becomes cooler and the temperature drops from the high 80’s to a nice mid-70’s. The colors of the leaves start to change from their deep green to a yellow or an light orange. For some people, the fading of summer is bittersweet. To me, it just means that Halloween is getting closer and my birthday!

Besides the temperatures, leaves, and fun holidays coming up. We have to get through the month of September first. Those things take time to get started after a couple of weeks, but once the new month starts so does looking forward to your favorite shows coming back on. New movies being released on Friday nights, speaking on Friday nights. Football is in full swing too! You go to your old high school or college football games and sit in the bleachers and drink hot chocolate to not only warm up your hands but also the rest of your body. As for shows that are coming back for the fall schedule, I’ve got Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Dancing With The Stars. that comes back on next month! Plus, a show that I have been slowly getting into (I’m only on season three!) and that’s Sons Of Anarchy, their final season starts in September too. I’ve been trying my best to keep away from all of the spoilers but I’ve got bigger issues and that’s figuring how the hell I can get the other seasons that I still need to watch before I can even get started on the final season. So should I just start unfollowing actors on my Twitter now?

One that starts as soon as possible is music. New music comes out every Tuesday and I love it! For you Europeans, you guys are lucky and they get new music on Monday. I wish our music came out on Monday’s too, because that would make the week seem less stressful and you’d have something to start your week off on the right track. Or am I wrong? I would LOVE it honestly, but I can live with getting my music on Tuesdays though, because if my Monday sucked that just means I have something to look forward to that next day. This entire year I’ve been introduced to so many artists and bands that it’s probably one of the best years (musically) for me because I’ve been learning a lot about myself as a person who likes a certain genre for so long, I’m always looking for something else. I am a lover of rock/metal but I’ve been getting into celtic and indie music as well. I’ve also learned that majority of everything that I’ve ever said “ew” or “oh god no!” to has come back to bite me in the ass in someway. Bands like Korn, Asking Alexandria, and Bring Me The Horizon have gotten off my shitty list and are now on my iPod and I play them proudly. However, now I’m at a crosswords with another. Slipknot is not one of my favorites, but I’m not going to lie anymore. I am a fan of their songs, “Wait and Bleed” and “Before I Forget.” They just recently released a new song called, “The Devil In I” and I do like it. I don’t love it, but it’s not bad either.

In August, we saw a LOT of things come forth with different artists and music acts. Two things that were big this month was the fact that both The Civil Wars and Danity Kane disbanded. It took me a while to get into The Civil Wars and I do love their first two albums. I still have their songs, “Poison & Wine” and “The One That Got Away” on repeat on my iPod. I also have a new love for “Dust To Dust” and “Tell Mama” off their second album. After announcing the two had broken up, they released a new single called, “Sunshine” and I have yet to listen to it because I feel like I might cry. Late 2013, we got word that Diddy’s former all-girl group Danity Kane was coming back, even though with only four of their original members, they were working on a new album and going on tour. Aundrea had to leave the group as she is pregnant with her first child and then an incident happened and rumors buzzed about someone getting punched in the head. A day later, remaining members Aubrey and Shannon went on their Facebook and said that the group had also disbanded and apologized to their fans. They also had released a new track over the summer before any of this happened called “Lemonade Stand” and there hasn’t been anything new about if their new album will be released at all.

Despite that heartbreaking news, new music will be released from other acts. I’m pretty excited about it, because two groups that I just love to pieces. Train an Flyleaf have their new albums coming out. Train is releasing their album “Bulletproof Picasso” on September 16th. I love hearing their first single “Angel In Blue Jeans” on the radio. It’s definitely a good late summer track to listen to. The Christian rock band Flyleaf is releasing their first album with new vocalist Kristen May, called “Between The Stars,” a lot of different musicians and bands are not doing the traditional way of going to the studio and recording their music by pulling money out of their pockets. They’re having their fans fund them in the process, bands like Thousand Foot Krutch and Fireflight have done it for their new albums, and TFK just released that album this past week. Flyleaf released an EP last year with their new singer, she’s definitely not like their last singer but she’s still VERY good though! They released their first single off the new album, “Set Me On Fire” last month. I love it! It took me two weeks to learn it and now I sing it all the time.

I’m looking forward to the debut album of the R&B beauty, Banks. She’s been growing one heck of a fan base with taking a dark sound to R&B and making a whole new genre. I found her on Spotify in one of the many indie play lists I follow. I’ve talked about her a lot in the last couple of months. So I’m pumped about finally getting her first album, “Goddess” and hearing the other tracks that haven’t been released yet. I heard a former competitor on the show The X-Factor, Ella Henderson. She came in ninth place but she still releasing her first album called, “Chapter One” and she just released her first single co-written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. This dude is a genius. The song is called, “Ghost” and I literally heard it for the first time this week on The Pulse. It was really good! Does anybody remember in 2010 I think it was, when boy bands New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys went on tour together and released an album together? Well, if you were or are a fan of both Nick Carter and Jordan Knight, they’re in a mini group together and their debut album comes out next month and it’s called, of course “Nick & Knight.”

Maybe you miss Tony Bennett or Lenny Kravitz? Both are releasing albums in September. Although, Tony Bennett isn’t by himself in this album. I’ve heard so much about how he was working with Lady Gaga. Lots of people, including myself thought that was a weird combination, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, it sounds pretty cool! Tony Bennett is such a big singer and to have a big singer in this generation like Gaga sounds like a very interesting mix. Lenny Kravitz is coming out with a new album! Praise the lord! I’ve got to say as much as I’ve loved seeing him on my TV screen in the The Hunger Games and Lee Daniel’s The Butler I am ready for some new music by him. The new singles are just…yummy. How about some new Bryan Adams music too? Yeah, I’ve only heard a few songs of his and I am obsessed with the movie Spirit soundtrack because he did all of the songs on there. I don’t hide from the love I have for that soundtrack honestly. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I always will! Lastly, Boyz II Men, hello? Everybody needs some new Boyz II Men music, it’s just good stuff!

There are a lot of great music out there. Lots can come out in one week, I always try to go through everything that comes out on Tuesday’s on my Spotify. It’s becoming a ritual now and I love it, because I find new good stuff that way. Never turn down music whether it’s old or new, because then when you do discover it, you’ll look like a total ass around everybody else. Or worse, they’ll call you out on it and that’s never fun either! I know in life, we might have a lot going on but it’s always a good thing to take a music break and dance around like nobody’s watching and sing out as loud as you want! So I hope this new month treats you right and I hope you let yourself have some fun too!

Have A Look At Me Now


Last night was just weird on every level.

I was contacted by a guy two days ago. It was innocent and fun. I had remembered him from school. He added me on Facebook and after I added him, like two seconds later he was on chat talking to me. At this time, I knew his name, it sounded familiar and when I finally looked at his pictures I started to remember more and more about him. We had probably talked about 15 times throughout Elementary to middle school. After that, I hardly ever saw him and I didn’t understand why because I remember a LOT of people now. Anyways, we started talking and it was nice, but it was a bit weird for me because I haven’t talked to a guy like I was with him in basically forever. I still felt like I was in high school, just on the subjects we were talking about and then I kept getting more and more uncomfortable that I ended up just saying things like, “let’s change the subject” and then whenever that didn’t work and he would test me out some more, I just let loose and told him off. He seemed to understand and after I left, we were fine.

Well, I went on Facebook yesterday evening and I still had my chat box turned off. He sent me a message that just kind of blew my mind in a way that I wasn’t expecting by any means. I’m still trying to figure out how he could have seen it. I “bought” a free book last night and I guess the promotion I saw the box on and “liked” went on his and everybody else’s timeline. So when he sent me a message on chat, basically calling me out on the book because it had a very sexy cover on it. I was very embarrassed, which hasn’t happened in years. I was furious on how I was feeling, because nobody has EVER called me out on what I read. So while I was fuming with mixed emotions and I told him on a message to not make a big deal out of it and he apologized but that’s all he wanted to talk about again. So then I got fed up and I think he was starting to figure out that wasn’t the smartest thing to do and the conversation ended. Thankfully, I spent the rest of my night listening to Nickelback, Hinder, and talking to my friend Georgina. She’s becoming like my Twitter bestie and we’re like twins from two different continents. It was nice to have a good girl chat with a friend and I tried to help her out with her boy problems as well, but I don’t think I really helped. I usually feel that way as I have never been around guys enough to really “study” them. I hope things get a little bit easier for her though.

Afterwards, my mom came in to spend the last part of her night with me and I told her everything and she agreed with me about how I shouldn’t feel embarrassed about what I liked. It is what I’m interested in and nobody has the right to make me feel guilty about it, mostly guys. I told Georgina that I definitely wasn’t going to be sending him my blog link because that’s the last thing that I needed to do honestly. The only thing that REALLY irritated me was the thought of do people who I went to school with at any point of time still think of me as a little girl? I mean, certain members of my family still think that way and I’ve gotten to the point were I just don’t care anymore. As far as old friends though, how do they see as? I know it shouldn’t matter to me what they think, but I think there’s a lot of things about me that has changed. I think I’m far more independent than I used to be. I’m not as shy anymore. I’m even to the point were I’m very bold with my statements and I really don’t take anybody’s shit. I’m not looking for guys as a boyfriend like I used to in high school, I’m looking for a real and deep connection. I think about marriage and kids. I am very aware of my own skin now, I think of myself as a beautiful creature and even have accepted my wheelchair too. That’s a big thing for me as when I was in school, I didn’t think that would actually happen. I’m not a little girl anymore. So why can’t people start treating me like one?

25 Book Facts About Me!


I have found something kind of cool! I am a vivid bookworm, even though this year hasn’t been like the last couple of years were I’ve been reading and getting different books every other month. Sometimes I read very quick and then there are days were it literally takes me FOREVER to get through just one book. We’ve all been like this at some point in our lives with something. A fellow blogger Hello January! posted this “tag” on her blog today and I just loved the idea of expressing facts about me that are also about books too. So let’s start, shall we? 

  1. I love my Kindle!
  2. I love reading a physical book though!
  3. In 2011, I went looking around for cheap books to read, I found Slash’s autobiography and read it, got into both Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. I ended up going back and forth between both bands in a sense as I read Slash’s, Nikki Sixx fist book (The Heroin Diaries), Duff McKagan’s book (It’s So Easy and Other Lies), Nikki Sixx second book (This Is Gonna Hurt), and then finished with Steven Adler’s book (My Appetite For Destruction). 
  4. I read A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck twice in high school, once as a freshman but never finished it. The second was while I was in summer school and I was actually happy that we read it because I was surprised that we never completed it two years prior.
  5. While I was a freshman in high school, we had our first final-like project at the end of the year. Our teacher had us pick out one book and we basically had to devote ourselves to that book and he gave us this hefty list of things we could do that went with the book. Our limit was 5 things and one of the things on the list was make up a soundtrack for the book. I used this software called Jam Trax over the summer and was obsessed with it that I talked about it all year-long in that class, so I found a way to make a soundtrack by making different tracks that I thought would represent the book. The book was Alias: Sister Spy by Laura Peyton Roberts.
  6. We had to give ourselves a grade for the project, I was honest with myself in that class, I didn’t think ANY of my stuff deserved an “A” that I did, including the soundtrack (that ended up being played in class – yes, I was embarrassed!) so I gave myself a “B+” and I remember getting that grade sheet back at the end of the day and it said “B+” and then at the bottom said, “you deserved a higher grade and awesome soundtrack.”
  7. When I was in Elementary, the library room had this corner, that I can now call a “nook” where it was a big space with two-step and everybody could sit and lay down to read instead of sitting at the tables. We used to sit down there while we were read to in class, that’s when I discovered the classics, The Boxcar Children books.
  8. Our first day of high school in our English class, my teacher was going to the rules and he told us that if we didn’t read a book in his class and/or fell asleep that he’d make us read a book that he had on his shelf. That scared the living shit out of me at that time, so I got started reading from there and the series Dear America and The Royal Diaries became my obsession for the next two years. I basically read all of the ones I thought I’d enjoy and I’m sure I went over 20+ books.
  9.  I’m a biography/memoirs, YA, erotica, historical fiction reader.
  10. I actually have a favorite author, I never thought I’d ever get to that point where I could say that, and it is Olivia Cunning!
  11. I don’t normally reread books, but I have reread the book Finding Home by Lauren Baker & Bonnie Dee.
  12. The first book I remember that I wanted to get after I graduated from high school was True Confessions Of A Heartless Girl by Martha Brooks. It took me three years to find!
  13. I have read three of Stefan’s Diaries books by the creators of the TV show  The Vampire Diaries, I read the second book, Bloodlust while in Wal-Mart one day when my mom and sister were getting their nails done. I read 45 pages in that small aisle and remembered my place when I got from the library a month later.
  14. I am obsessed with these rock n roll romances, thanks to Olivia Cunning! I am almost finished with the Sinners On Tour series. If I can finish it then it will be my first series completed ever.
  15. I read Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James and hated it, but I want to see the movie.
  16. The first book I read on my Kindle was Dancing Lessons by Cheryl Burke and it was also my first book review on here too!
  17. I took a Novels class during my Junior year, it was basically like a book club but it was everyday.
  18. We read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Night by Elie Wiesel, Silas Manor by George Eliot, and Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. These were the only books I could remember.
  19. I don’t use GoodReads, but I do use Shelfari and it works very well for me.
  20. I find more books on Pinterest and then I look them up on Shelfari and add them to my TBR list.
  21. Almost every year we go to Barnes & Noble for my birthday and I get a few books to keep me busy for the next few months. This has become a tradition for my family and I and I look forward to it too.
  22. I have 93 books on my TBR list as of right now.
  23. The last book I read was called The Seduction by Roxy Sloane.
  24. I have been followed by Michelle A. Valentine and Cherrie Lynn on Twitter, also been replied back by Michelle, Olivia, Roxy, Sophie Monroe, and Katie Ashley.
  25. I’ve only cried to two books, Battlescars by Sophie Monroe and The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

Blogs That I Love #10


I’ve decided to break back my second series of my little blog. I’ve been getting a lot of new blogger friends on Twitter and I’m returning the favor by looking at their blogs and that if this sticks with me this upcoming month, I definitely won’t be running out of different bloggers to choose from that’s for sure! My new post of “Blogs That I Love” was June 27th, so you know I’ve discovered some great blogs over the past two months or so. Now I have to remind everybody of the reason why I do these posts. I don’t promote blogs to get something in return. I just want them to know that I love their blogs and want to brighten their day a bit. Everybody likes it when somebody does that, even if they’re already having a good day! If you’re not already following or reading these blog, I highly suggest that you do. Okay, let’s begin!

  1. The Weekender Trender – Georgina is one of my bestest Twitter friends. She’s a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. I love her to pieces, but I haven’t exactly “seen” her on my Twitter in the past few days. I don’t know if she’s gone on holiday or I’ve been following WAY too many people lately and all of my favorites are getting lost within my timeline, who knows? Anyway, I love her blog. It’s very simple and she over the summer she uploaded her first ever YouTube video of a haul. I’ve got to say for her first one ever, I thought it was impressive! I’m even watching it play out in my head as we speak!
  2. Elesaurus – Eleanor Rose is the owner of this cute little blog. I met her during the last bit of one of the many blogs we join during the week. We bonded talking about each other’s names and what our mother’s were thinking about before giving us our real names. We both agree that our names before were really bad! She’s a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger as well! She does a lot of beauty product reviews, she’s also started posting videos on YouTube too.
  3. Hayley-Eszti – Hayley is another “new” blogger to me. I’ve just recently found her while doing a blog chat on Twitter too. Something that I love about both Twitter and blogging is that finding other disabled lifestyle bloggers, or any kind of disabled bloggers in general are so rare. I’ve only followed probably seven of them. Hayley has ME. She found blogging during the rougher part of her diagnosis and she blogs about her life and the illness. She also talks about positivity, advice, and tips. She even does some beauty posts here and there too. If you want to know more about her disease: click here!
  4. Life With Rossye – One thing I gotta say before going any further, people who RT and follow different blogs constantly are the sweetest people ever. Rossye is one of them. She is a fairly new blogger to the game and got started by reading another blogs. She promotes on her blog lifestyle changes and a new way of thinking of everyday life. She talks a lot of healthy eating, travel, and even devoted a whole month to speaking in Spanish. Thank god for Google translate! The first day I discovered her blog, I think I was there for like two seconds and found my notifications just kind of blew up because she was liking a lot of my posts. Freaked me out because that hasn’t happened in a few months but it was still good that she liked my stuff.

Tune Tuesday: New Zealand


It’s another Tuesday full of heavy metal, this time we head to New Zealand. Honestly, I had two other acts for our trip to NZ but I’ve been recently introduced to this new band I found on Twitter a couple of months ago. If you talk about music on your Twitter account, you might get a lot of different bands and singers following you back randomly and/or asking you to check out their music on YouTube. Majority of the time you ignore or sometimes you actually do listen to it on the first time they say something to you. There hasn’t been very many bands that I’ve actually been interested in at the first time they’ve sent me a tweet or anything. I have been followed by random bands before, both famous and unsigned bands. It can get pretty interesting at times. When I get into a band, I want to good quality stuff, meaning I want to be able to hear everything that goes on. I mostly listen to any new music on my Spotify account. In other words, if you don’t have a Spotify file then it’s very unlikely I’ll be listening back to your stuff. Sorry!

Back to our travels though, the band that I’ve selected is called Saving Grace and they are definitely a heavy metal band. As I’ve said they come from New Zealand and they are pretty awesome! Their newest album “The Urgency” came out in January of this year. The band consists of Nicholas Tautuhi on vocals, Vasely Sapunov is on guitars, Ross McDougall is also on guitars, George White is on bass, and Shaun Anderson plays the drums. Not only are they a good band to listen to – the guys are incredibly sweet to their fans! Which is always a good thing to know when you get into a new band that you’ve never heard of before. Maybe one day I’ll get to see these guys live and meet them face to face. If you have NOT listened to Saving Grace I leave you these videos as my gift to you all. Enjoy! See you next week!

Ablaze by Saving Grace

Unbreakable by Saving Grace

Free Write Friday: Love Nest

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Free Write Friday prompt. I’ve been looking forward to it all day long and when today’s prompt I actually squealed! This is a time and scenario prompt so I hope you enjoy it!

Source: We Heart It
We Heart It

“Late summer, You’re wondering, lost in the woods. You come across a gypsy wagon, and you call out, “hello?”

Alex was loving her time out with her best friends Chloe and Sophia. It was so nice of her dad to have kept their old camping gear in the garage as she didn’t want to buy all new stuff for only three nights out, especially when she knew that it would be the only outdoor experience that her friends would want to do. Chloe and Sophia were NOT the type of girls to do anything that has to deal with camping in general. They were too high-maintenance for all that, which meant that Alex would be the one to put the tent, make the fire, and find hiking a pleasure instead of a pain in the ass like they would. Alex was surprised to hear that Chloe was willing to learn though, as long as she break her nails. Alex’s reaction to Sophia’s text message if she should pack her black high heels instead of her new red flats made her worry about what the hell she was doing. It might end up being the biggest regret she’s ever made in her life.

When Alex and her father packed everything up into her small car, she headed out to Chloe and Sophia’s apartment. Alex walked up the stairs and knocked on the door, when Chloe opened the door, she was dressed all in white and said, “I’m all ready!” Alex couldn’t help but giggle. “Um, Chloe. You may not want to wear all white.” Alex said, trying to contain herself. “Why? You don’t think it’s cute?” Chloe said in her high-pitched voice that she always pulls out when she’s worried. “Well, no, it’s adorable, but you are going out in the woods. There’s mud, grass, and well, animal poop.” Alex said as she broke the news to her friend, who was now in disgust and looked like she was on the edge of tears. “I’ll go change…” Chloe said as she sprinted out of the room. “Help yourself to anything you want in the kitchen, I’ll be back. Sophia should be out of the shower soon. Should I tell her not to wear white too?” Again, Alex tried to hold on as best as she could, she hollered out to her friend, “yes, that might be a good idea.” “Okay, I’ll do that.” Chloe said, within two minutes later all you could hear next was Sophia saying out loud, “WHAT?! Don‘t people clean that shit up?” Alex was basically at this point dying of laughter. Sophia walked in, wrapped into her towel, hair going crazy, “well, it’s not the zoo.” Alex said as she wiped away her tears. “Oh my god, I’m going to die.” Sophia said as she stomped out of the room.

After an hour of explaining and coaxing Chloe and Sophia to go with her even though they had the wrong idea about everything. Poor Alex had the job of going through their bags beforehand and checking out their clothes, between both bags they had about 40% of what they really needed. An additional thirty minutes later, she finally got their things figured out and all three girls were on their way out into the outdoors. While riding in Alex’s car that was literally packed with all of their stuff and needed camping gear too. The girls spent the whole two hours of driving soaking up as much internet as possible before pulling into the dirt road to the deep woods. The car tumbled all around on the road and as they went deeper and deeper in the woods, the sisters noticed that their signals in their phones was getting lower to the point were nothing worked on them. “Oh my god! My signal’s gone! What the hell? I just charged you up!” Sophia screamed out from the backseat. “Alex, you didn’t say our signals would go out.” Sophia said as she leaned up to Alex’s seat. Alex kept her eyes on the narrow road, while Sophia’s younger sister had her face pressed up against the window in awe of the trees, bright green leaves, and dead little critters along the side of the road. What little happy moment she was having, it was quickly ruined and she started bawling! “Aw, a little squished possum! Poor baby!” Chloe said as she leaned back on her seat.

“We’re here!” Alex said as they pulled into the end of the road and turned off the car. She was all smiles, but when she looked over at her friends they were both in tears. Scared shitless. Alex was already rethinking everything she wanted for the next three days. “Come on!” Alex waved to the girls to come outside of the car. As soon as she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door, she took a deep breath of the fresh air. This was pure heaven. Something you just can’t get in a Glade freshener. After a few seconds walking away from her car and closing her eyes to hear all of the sounds of the trees, animal noises and birds singing. She turned around to see both Chloe and Sophia were still inside the car, probably locked themselves in there. She put her hands at her waist. “Get your asses out of there!” Alex voiced to the windshield. Apparently the girls read her request because all she got back were four middle fingers. She was less than pleased, but then again she didn’t except anything better than that. Alex started walking back to the car and unlocked the car with her keys, and grabbed everything out of the car. “If you don’t get out of this car right now, I’ll roll down all the windows and have you suffer your first night fending for yourselves.” Five seconds later Chloe and Sophia bravely climb out of the car.

Chloe and Sophia were more scared of Alex then they were the whole camping thing. Because they knew Alex was a hard ass. She meant well though. Once the girls were out of the car, they started looking around, looking for a soft and even ground to set up their tent. They watched Alex feel the ground with her feet to see if it was all the same level or not. She grabbed the bag that had their tent supplies. “I’ll set up the tent and you guys find sticks and medium size logs for the fire. Think you can manage that?” Alex said in a harsh voice, both girls nodded swiftly before heading out onto the walking trail. They looked around and were both in awe of nature. They spent too much time on their phones, to realize the Earth’s true beauty. Chloe was generally welcoming to the whole camping thing, she started collecting random sticks in her hands while Sophia watched her closely, she followed what she saw her sister do, picking up the smaller sticks. Before you knew it, Chloe had probably 25-30 good sizes of sticks and Sophia had about five tiny sticks. When they arrived back to camp, Alex had managed to get the whole tent up and was unloading the air mattress from the car, she saw that they actually brought something back. She was impressed with Chloe, but seeing Sophia’s offering was reassuring that should could be taught as long as her sister was around.

That night, they got the fire going and all three girls sat on the ground next to their bright and warm fire. Chloe and Sophia had their arms around their legs as the sun faded the temperature dropped, even though Alex swore she packed a couple of sweatpants for them in their bags they were too in love with looking at the dimly lit sky above them. Alex sat by herself in silence and had her mind on other things like childhood memories of she and her family sitting by the fire eating dad’s fresh catch out of the lake. Alex and her older sister and younger brothers all cheered and laughed at the random jokes and stories their father told on their trips. She started to get kind of sad until they heard a faint sound of a guitar. All three girls wondered what the noise was, they looked at each other in horror before screaming and heading into their nice tent, but not before Alex grabbed a water bottle and poured it on their fire. “ALEX! Why did you do that for?” Sophia said, as she sat in the very back of the tent. “Do you really think it would be the best idea for somebody to find us if they saw our fire’s smoke?” Alex said before tossing the water bottle and hightailing it into the tent, zipping it up and locking her car. A little bit after hearing the strange noise, it was gone but the girls were exhausted. If they were going to go hiking tomorrow, they’d need all the energy they could get so they headed for bed.

The next day, Chloe woke up to the heat rising underneath her covers, she knew the temperature would be high for the day, so she tossed the covers off and looked over at Sophia still passed out with a blindfold over her eyes and Alex still snoozing over on the far end of the tent. She wanted to go for an early morning run before anybody decided to get up. So she tossed off her blankets gently to not wake anybody up, grabbed her iPod and digital camera from her purse and unzipped the tent and changed into her workout clothes while letting in some of the cool breeze from outside. She sat up and walked out of the tent and found the same walkway she and Sophia took yesterday to find the sticks and went on a run. Chloe stood in the middle of the woods, trying to grasp the beauty of everything she was seeing around her. She was glad that she brought her camera with her and began to take dozen of pictures. She stood in the middle of eight trees that were lined in a perfect circle. She had her earplugs in her ears so she couldn’t hear much of the animal noises as she knew if she did she’d just start freaking out like she did last night.

While she was walking through the deeper part of the woods, she came across a very strange camping ground full of different festive decorations. She started making assumptions that maybe what they heard last night was from a party, but this wasn’t no ordinary party when she continued walking through the grounds, there is a beautiful decorated wagon, that she could only think this is what the professor in The Wizard Of Oz, could’ve looked like in color. She wondered if anybody was still around, so she said, “hello?” Once she said it, a little cat came walking out to her. “Aw, how cute!” Chloe said and bent down to pet it, it leaned in to her hand and purred. “Who is it?” a man’s voice came from inside the wagon. Chloe had the urge to run the hell out of there, but her feet stood in their spot, unmoved. “Um, my name is Chloe. My friends and I heard some noises last night and considering the mess out here, I’m taking it came from here.” Chloe said trying to figure out what to do next. “There was no…” a tall shirtless individual came walking out of the wagon with some navy blue shorts on. “party last night.” They looked up at each other, completely gazed by one another’s beauty. Chloe was glad of the fact she talked Alex into letting her bring her workout clothes but regretted the fact of how sweaty she was too. “Oh, well then where was the music coming from?” She said, casually looking around for some kind of instruments. “Oh, it was me you heard.” The strange man said, “Who is it Nate?” a woman’s voice echoed from inside the wagon. This Nate turned around and then pointed at Chloe with the one second gesture.

As Nate left, Chloe could feel the sweat drip off her body, even though she was no longer running. Which only meant that she was getting hot because of him. When he finally came back, he came back with a woman who was hardly wearing anything but a thin summer dress. “Oh, you were right, she is beautiful. Hi, my name is Orlena.” This strange women looked to be in her mid-20’s and had brown hair, green eyes. She looked very athletic and could probably outrun Chloe in a heartbeat. “Hi, my name is Chloe.” She said, now even more nervous then she was just talking to Nate. “Are you two a couple?” Chloe said, just blasting through the awkwardness. “Well, actually…” Nate began to say, “We’re in an open relationship.” Orlena said to Chloe, which really made her uncomfortable. “We also like to share partners too.” That was a bit more than what Chloe wanted to know, but that’s what she gets after going for it. “Not all the time though.” Nate said lovingly. “Well, isn’t that nice.” Chloe said as the random cat was still rubbing up against her. Apparently the cat didn’t have a preference either. “Oh, that’s Jack. He seems to have fallen in love with you Chloe.” Orlena said as she walked over to the two of them. “We were about to eat some breakfast, would you like to join us?” Orlena said lovingly, and started gently touching Chloe red cheek, slowly drifting down to her neck and then to her left shoulder. Chloe could feel the heat within her heighten but she still couldn’t move. “We have plenty of room. We have strawberries, oranges, and Nate made these amazing pancakes.” Hmmm..pancakes! She didn’t even know what Alex had packed for breakfast, so in a way she wanted to stay but she knew that breakfast could be code for something else for all she knew.

“Oh come on, Ori, you’re making her blush!” Nate said as walked away for a second as his girlfriend was starting to get a little too friendly with her, and had a plate full of strawberries in his hands. He walked towards them and Jack began to beg for droppings. Orlena grabbed one of the strawberries and put it just above Nate’s lushest lips and as she began to hold it up higher, he stood up on his tippy toes and bit into the strawberries, juices dripped down his mouth and Orlena couldn’t help herself and began to give him kisses. Chloe was in a little bit of shock, but she couldn’t say anything. She was speechless. Nate and Orlena gave each other a look before Nate grabbed one of the strawberries and put it over Chloe’s mouth, he didn’t tease her unlike Orlena would have done. The juice dropped down from her lips, she tried to catch it all with her fingers but Nate’s mouth beat it to her. She groaned from the sensation. “Chloe! Chloe! CHLOE NICOLE THOMPSON, ANSWER ME NOW!” Alex and Sophia shouted into the woods. Their hollers took her out of the fantasy of her dreams, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” Thanks for ruining a perfect moment ladies! “I’m sorry I can’t stay I have to get back but thank you for the strawberry though.” That’s all Chloe uttered out, and she was lucky that’s all she could say! “Have a great day Chloe!” Orlena said as she came over to her and gave her a hug and gently kissed her on the lips. Chloe was feeling all sorts of emotions, but once Orlena let go, Nate came over and also kissed on the lips, his kiss was more aggressive. Once he left go of her, he lifted Orlena up in the air and carried her back into the wagon. Chloe stood there in a trance until she heard noises of passion and began to walk back along the trail. She was greeted to both Alex and Sophia. who were more than pissed off at her for leaving. “Where did you go?” Sophia said as she hugged her sister. “I’ve been out of the city too long.” Chloe said as she released Sophia and hugged Alex, they all walked back to camp together and Chloe grew to love being out of the woods a little more.

I Am A Brand. We All Are.

Last night I was invited to two different blog chats on Twitter set to be at the same time. I was worried about the fact if I have too much traffic on my account, I’d either go into Twitter jail or my laptop would crap out entirely. Thankfully, neither one of these happened and I ended up enjoying my time between both chats. One was about ladies uplifting each other about beauty and it was hosted by @FallonJai and @PecanMomma. The second chat I was apart of was about networking and branding of your blog and it was hosted by @LaceandZippers. Both chats were comforting and fun to join and hopefully I’ll join for the next round of chats soon.

While I was answering different questions and tweeting different people. There was a question that got me thinking about my blog as a whole and apparently I let my thoughts out in full swing because I felt content with my answer and the aftermath after the chat ended. My blog might’ve started out only as a hobby, but it has grown to be like a brand to me. To answer the question you might have as of how it could be a brand, I was asked and I answered with this.

I thought about it all last night to see if I’d regret any of my answers but I never did. I actually thought about the fact that my blog is like a brand at a store at the mall or somewhere. The only differences is I’m not selling any clothes or jewelry, which apparently you can do that actually. It’s called a “blog sale” I recently just learned about it too. Everything I say is free and you can come and go to find something’s always new whether it’s the subjects I talk about or the different banner/backgrounds I use on the themes.

I took a Fashion & Textiles class during my freshman year of high school but I don’t remember how different stores get their brands to sale in their stores, but I feel like blogging would have some similarities between the two of them. When I was younger, I never really tried to keep a diary or journal because of two reasons.  1.) I could never get anything truthful and meaningful out of the words I had written. 2.) I was always afraid that somebody would criticize me for what I was feeling and what kind of thoughts I had going through my head. When I hit middle school, I got into songwriting. I was making up little stories of the emotions I was going through and I was getting to the point were I was showing people them from time to time. It wasn’t until my senior year were my muse for these songs was gone, I didn’t have the same feelings I had earlier to generate ideas for songs anymore. After that, I discovered blogging and that became my little hobby and I caught up with it longer than anyone ever did in my Grammar class.

I feel like I’ve grown from that time. Blogging was something I did when I was bored. Now it’s something I do that I love to do. I talk about my blog everywhere I go. I know the thoughts and see the weird and concerned looks from others whenever I tell them that I own a blog whenever they ask what I’ve been up to lately. My blog is my life, it’s my baby. It’s a lot different from writing on a piece of paper. I mean, I still have trouble going at it old school. It took a while to write a post on my Word Processor too. Writing a blog post generates ideas for me (sometimes!) and I’m free to talk about what I want and how I feel and surprisingly I don’t care about others might think about it. I am building, I’ve been building this brand my whole life. I’ve just done it in different ways. I talk about music, family, friends, school, movies, books, cats, and etc that I’ve made myself this online store of different things. Everything that I do on this blog is for me and nobody else. To everybody who thinks I spend too much time blogging, go fuck yourself! This is me having the freedom to be exactly who and  how I want to be. This is no longer a hobby for me and honestly it hasn’t been for a couple of years now. It is my brand, my memoir because you can read all of my posts and look how far I’ve come on my writing and seen how much this blog and my audience – thank you very much by the way – have changed my life. Maybe those dreams of having a professional quality type of blog will come sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading!