Leap Of Faith

This weekend has been a calming, dull, and boring all piled up into two days. Honestly, Saturday wasn’t so bad but Sunday was so boring that I could have just skipped the entire day. This weekend was supposed to be nice and interesting a few weeks ago. I was supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday with my mom for my work friend. I had this planned out for almost a year. I knew I was going to be invited and I was even invited to her bachelorette party back in June, but I couldn’t do anything about that because of the weather. Because of past experience, I don’t like doing things at last minute and rushing to get everything done. Somebody’s usually in a bad mood and it’s usually me. So in the beginning of the week, I asked God to help guide me in the right direction and help me be positive in looking at things in a brighter way. This worked on the weekend of the party too. Thankfully, since Blondie was already going to come down for the weekend, it wasn’t too bad. Sunday was a totally different story. You can tell I was only praying for Saturday and not both days because I felt like I was a diva the WHOLE day and I hate feeling like that. It all started when my sister said that night before that we’d go on a walk. I had mom charge up my wheelchair and I was all excited that morning and even thought Blondie got probably nine hours of sleep, she didn’t want to go on the walk anymore. It wasn’t a total blow out though because I did go outside and spent my day with the cats, but I was really looking forward to that walk and all the pictures I could have taken too. Today starts a new week though and I honestly don’t know how it will go, but I’ll be praying my way through it. I’ll leave you with some pictures I did get this past weekend! I hope you’ve been enjoying your day/night/morning.


My grandparent's burning bush
My grandparent’s burning bush
Kitty selfite with Stormy
Kitty selfite with Stormy. This was extremely difficult to get, it took about three or four times to get it. Please excuse the side of my foot on the right side.
Stormy doesn't like my bed. I have to get on the floor whenever he's in my room, well apparently didn't think my floor or lap was very comfortable.
Stormy doesn’t like my bed. I have to get on the floor whenever he’s in my room, well apparently didn’t think my floor or lap was very comfortable.
So he ended up falling asleep on my bed while I was stuck on the floor.
So he ended up falling asleep on my bed while I was stuck on the floor.
Our neighbor's dog Lexi.
Our neighbor’s dog Lexi.