Blogs That I Love #12


 It’s that time again. Another week in the books, it’s finally Friday! I’ve been thinking about this week’s choices for Blogs That I Love and it’s getting harder to choose three to five bloggers for each week. For one thing, since I’ve been hooked up to the different RT accounts on Twitter finding new people and their blogs isn’t that difficult anymore. However, finding ones that I continue to read is still difficult. I am reading a lot more blogs though so that’s improvement. I don’t promote blogs to get something in return. I just want them to know that I love their blogs and want to brighten their day a bit. Everybody likes it when somebody does that, even if they’re already having a good day! If you’re not already following or reading these blog, I highly suggest that you do.

  1. This Northern Gal – Kelly is a lifestyle blogger, which means she blogs about anything that she sees worthy enough on her blog. She has posts about college, getting prepared to go and while you’re there. Since I didn’t go to college, or what they like to call it “uni” I think it’s still very helpful for newcomers too. She does a few food/drink and book reviews here and there as well. I like reading her quirky posts!
  2. Cloud In A Teacup – Shivani is to me a lifestyle blogger, but she does a lot of different others types of posts too, like beauty, food, and travel posts. She recently did three posts about her friend’s wedding and it was beautiful! She takes really good pictures that it makes you feel like you’re there too.
  3. Amy Valentine – Amy is a fashion blogger, but I wouldn’t categorize her as any other fashion blogger though, I mean the girl does have pink hair! For a person (I’m talking about myself) that doesn’t like the color pink at all, why is it I love it on everybody else? She has posts about different outfits, hauls, and nails. She has some lifestyle posts here and there too! I really like the setups of her pictures. They look like it’s just one big collage but they’re individuals and it makes the posts look more professional.