Blogs That I Love: #14


Happy Halloween folks! What I like to do on Friday’s is give all of my readers a good list of blogs and their authors, a chance to be recognized. For a lot of the blogs I read, sometimes it’s sudden and then I have a few were I can’t get enough and read their stuff all the time. If you’ve heard me talking about these type of posts before, you know how much I don’t like getting anything in return. I don’t do it for that, I do it for the ones who want new blogs to read and to tell those bloggers recognized that I l o v e their blogs, plus I love knowing that I might’ve brighten their day too!

  1. Bloo ‘n’ Stuff – Sara is a lifestyle blogger, she lives in Ireland. She’s very different from the other bloggers because she’s a disabled blogger like me. She has a disease called Muscular Dystrophy, she writes about things in her life and disability. Something that I like is that at the beginning of every post, she has a very large quote that gives you a feeling that this will be different from other posts you might read that day. Besides talking about life with MD, she also talks about animals and book reviews. Her blog is adorable and simple!
  2. She & Life – Ella is pretty young, but she is already a mother of two small children and has a boyfriend. She lives in the UK. Her blog looks professional. Pictures are utterly amazing and it’s a very different experience. Sometimes in these types of blog themes you feel kind of overwhelmed by how much is on your screen when you first pull it up, but thankfully Ella’s background is just a white layout. So it still has that simple element. She has a bunch of categories, from lifestyle to fur babies. Her posts kind of give me this country feeling. They’re look so simple and elegant that they’re perfect.
  3. Little Bird’s Mama – This next blog is a little different, even for me, but I really like the quality and cuteness of the blog. Neram is the blogger behind Little Bird’s Mama. She lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her son Thiago is the inspiration behind the blog. She talks about her new life as a mother, living in Amsterdam, talks about fashion, and living green. Which was another draw to her blog. I find the whole eco-living is such a “different” take. Since I’ve been basically detoxing my mind from all of the negativity and stuff like that, she’s making some changes to her life and her family’s life early on. I find what she’s talking about on her blog very helpful as a non-mother, but I’m sure any mother who wants a greater change for their child(ren) would love her too!
  4. Dorkface – Miss Jemma. I just love her, she’s the sweetest girl I’ve met in a while. She lives in the UK, she talks about lifestyle, beauty, and craft/DIY’s. She does a lot of cute, quirky little doodles that I immediately get jealous over, because my artistic side of me on my “paint” program is just not for me. I’ve tried to do a few things and it has been a success on my part, but her stuff is a LOT better.


Five Sentence Fiction: Marriage

Lillie McFerrin Writes

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: MARRIAGE

A baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket cuddled and warm, not knowing what kind of struggles she will later on in her life, but there she is living proof of everyday miracles.

As she grows, her eyes widen to the sights and smells, playdates arranged by mothers and she meets a little boy at the tender age of four.

Much later in this girl’s life a photograph makes its way out of the old albums at the house, the baby girl is now in the mid-20’s still trying to find somebody to love her, but she is almost given up for it all, that is until she finds one suitor and makes a blind date with him.

She puts the picture up before she leaves, she is ready to make a good impression to this still somewhat mystery man, but she still wonders about the boy in that old photo and what he could be doing at this very second, she thought he’s probably married and rich.

When she leaves, she has small wonders about the boy, but it’s off to meet this guy; she sits at the bar of the restaurant and he slowly makes his way towards her and he instantly puts a smile on his face, when he said her name, she turned to face him and the outline of the boy in the picture was now in front of her, they were meant to find each other again.


Music Video: One Direction’s “Steal My Girl”

This music review might surprise a few people, but I take it as a good thing. Just remind yourselves, this is just a review. No where am I making fun of anybody. It’s just my opinion on the music video below. Enjoy!

My 1D love has grown a lot since over the summer. Recording their film One Direction: This Is Us was the best idea I’ve had in a while. Sometimes whenever I record movies from different channels I usually delete them right after I’m finished with them, but when my sister and I finished it that first time I never got rid of it and I’m happy I didn’t. In one week alone, I watched it twice. I’m still waiting for my dad to change his mocking song he does whenever he wants to tease me, from me having “Bieber fever” and I’ll say I was NEVER a big Justin Bieber fan. I don’t think my dad even knows who One Direction is because my sister and I have been quiet about them. My mom has already made fun of me, but it’s all good fun because she knows he bad I fall for boy bands…I mean, she remembers my love for the Backstreet Boys when I was younger. Just because I’m in my 20’s it doesn’t mean I hate to hide that I like them.

When I first heard their newest single, “Steal My Girl” I’ll admit I switched the music channels before it got to the first verse. That second time though, I did finally give in and listen to it all the way through. I really like the intro, that fun/quirky piano, to me it sounds like a normal pop song. The ideal pop song sounds like that. This music video is actually the only one I’ve actually watched and they have a lot of music videos on their Vevo channel. So for my first video, I liked it. I mean, there were things about I really did like about it. The guys, obviously is one of the main reasons of course! I liked that Another thing I liked about it was that Danny DeVito was cast to be like the “director” of the video and whenever he tries to get the boys to think of creative stuff, you can kind of look like them and see terror in their faces just a little bit. I’m not going to lie when I say, I would LOVE to see the outtakes on seeing who cracked under pressure and started laughing at the talking sequence. The scenes of Louis and the monkey was just too cute!

The last thing I liked about it was their setting was in a desert like place, so there are many things you can do in these types of settings. I feel like there was too much going on throughout the music video. I’m still confused about the concept and what those names Danny’s character gave them. Even though, three of those names I would agree with but they never played a part in the video in any way shape or form. As much as it looked like a big party and the 1D boys looked like they had a fun time, they look just as confused about what was going on behind them. There was just too much, in my opinion. I started out fine and great, but once Liam’s part came on and all of those marching band members were in that shot, then later with Harry’s and the ballerinas, I got so overwhelmed with all of the distractions of the actual song. I understand music videos are supposed to be bringing a bit of fun and entertainment to the viewer, but this viewer was so lost! I still think it was a good song, but I’m choosing to stick with only watching it twice.

Tune Tuesday: Pop Divas


What is Tune Tuesday: If you like America, new music always comes out on Tuesdays. In the beginning, that’s when I started talking about music the most. Every Tuesday would be different songs from every genre that I was listening to at that time. Now I’m creating new themes for these days, So for this theme it’s obviously women, talking about all kinds of music divas from different time periods. I’d like to stay around the decades that I know about, the first post had The Superemes and Aretha Franklin and sadly I don’t listen to a lot of their music, but I still consider them as femme fatales in their own right. Each week, you will be learning or remembering powerful female singers from the 80’s,90’s, early 00’s to now. I’m also talking about princesses who will be powerful queens in a few years tops. This is a place to have fun and dance and sing to your favorite songs! Enjoy!

Spice Girls

Spice Girls is the ultimate all girl pop group of the 90’s and leave it to me to have only heard of “Wannabe.” I was so difficult to get into any female acts. I was a late bloomer, I never heard of two other divas on future installments until a couple of years after their first record came out. Since I’m from the US, I feel like I was only introduced to “Wannabe” and that was it because hardly anybody liked them here, or at least nobody in my generation. I do have a funny story to tell, since that song is so recognizable, you can hear it anywhere and know it instantly. So one day in my short stories class during my junior year, our teacher assigned us a story to read, and it was quiet in our classroom except for the students waiting across the hall to go to lunch, when the bell rang and they left the classroom, the noise started to fade and it was easily to read you know. Well, all of a sudden we heard the teacher of that classroom walk out of his room whistling the intro to “Wannabe” and our teacher goes, “is he whistling to a Spice Girls’ song?” and everybody just went “yes” and we started laughing of how random it was.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is another singer that took me to getting used to, of course now I feel like total shit because she’s beautiful and powerful singer in her own right. When I was younger, I remember listening to “My Heart Will Go On” while my mom would watch Titanic and after being around her while she listened to other powerful singers, I somehow got this song confused with these other songs. By the time, I was 17 I was so confused about which song was what. Finally I have them all figured out, thank god! Anyways, I have love quite a few of her songs now. One day my mom was apparently on CD spree and she bought like 4 songs. I knew 3 of them. I love hearing her sing in French, but I’ve always loved hearing singers sing in another language. I recently watched Celine Through The Eyes Of The World and even though it took me like three days to get through it. I loved it so much!

Jennifer Lopez

I think I’ve always been interested in JLo, both musically and film careers. This goes with my mom too! She’s the reason why we have her first record, I got her “I’m Real” album from a sale at our nearby library, surprisingly it was uncensored. The only albums of hers though that I truly love and can listen all the way through is her 2007’s album, “Rebirth.” It came out a year before she became pregnant with her children. If it didn’t skip so much I’d listen to it more often. Everything she puts out though, I give it a listen and you can never turn down old school Jennifer Lopez either. If it comes on the radio, it stays there the only thing you are allowed to do is turn up the volume.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ was a Mickey Mouse Club back in the early 90’s with another diva who will be making her way onto this list very soon. I have almost every BS album but her very first record and the last two, Femme Fatale and Britney Jean. Funny story to tell, in 8th grade, we headed to Indianapolis for our choir concert at the big mall there. I had two or three friends riding on the bus with me and one of them brought along her CD player. Back then, a large number of us haven’t even heard of an iPod. I had an MP3 player but it was junk. It worked though so I used it. She brought along a small box set case  with some CDs inside. My album for Oops! I Did It Again was skipping pretty bad. She showed me what she had in her case and I asked her if I could borrow it sometime because of what was becoming of mine. She ended up just giving it to me, because she had two. So later on, I was at home and wanted to put it in my stereo. I originally wanted to throw mine in the trash. Well, just as I got it out of my box set, I realized I had done something really stupid. I had both CDs out and hadn’t a clue which was hers. So the one that has the big “X” on it that was supposed to the one that didn’t work was actually hers because it doesn’t skip at all.

DIY: Crowns and Mice Pumpkins

No, I’m not talking about anything Cinderella….

After visiting with my nana and papaw at their house on Wednesday on mom’s day off from work, we established that we’d do at least one of our big pumpkins over the weekend. So this weekendy, my poor mom had to wake me up bright and early Saturday morning because I hardly got any sleep last night. I was surprised she even got up before noon because of how she was up that night. We two extra baby pumpkins that we’ve decided to separate and do them at each other’s houses. She wants to make hers a fancy pumpkin and decorate it with different things. If she does it the way I think she will, I won’t do a blog post about it but I will share pictures of it though! I also came up with the idea of having the both of us each have one small and large pumpkin in the opposite designs. So like we’ll have two different sizes of the same pumpkin design: melted crayons and glittered pumpkins.

On Saturday, we did a melted crayon pumpkin. The last one of the season unless nana changes her mind and wants to use the extra crayons we didn’t use on the big one on her baby pumpkin. The only different thing we did on this pumpkin was raise the crayons higher on the pumpkin so that area by the stem won’t be so naked. I also thought the crayons weren’t going to be able to cover it with it being so large in size, plus the fact it’s kind of deformed. One side is completely normal but of course the “back” area has a hump. So it has Scoliosis, who knew! This pumpkin will be at my nana’s house. The next one will be a glittered pumpkin and I’ll be finding a way to bring that one home.One day while I was at my nana’s, we had been talking a lot that day and I was trying to talk about the crayons and my nana stopped me mid-sentence and asked me what I was saying, to repeat the word. So I said it again, crayons. Well, apparently I’ve been saying it wrong. I was in speech for years while in school, I am now just remembering what I had trouble pronnoucing back then, my “R’s” because there are a LOT names and things that I can’t say out loud without it sounding weird in some way. I can’t say the name “Jeremy” without it sounding like “Germ-y” my mom called me out on that one. According to my nana, I’ve been saying the word, “crowns” instead of “crayons” so lately I’ve been trying to clean it up, but it hasn’t worked out well for me.

As you can see we pointed the tips (or at least tried to!) to the very top and got it as close to the stem as we could,
As you can see we pointed the tips (or at least tried to!) to the very top and got it as close to the stem as we could,
I told my nana he looks like he has some awesome hair!
I told my nana he looks like he has some awesome hair!
My papaw sat out in the kitchen just before we were to start the "melting" process. He got to see me struggle putting on my newspaper apron on my lap. That was just a disaster!
My papaw sat out in the kitchen just before we were to start the “melting” process. He got to see me struggle putting on my newspaper apron on my lap. That was just a disaster!
The finished project, meet Linus!
The finished project, meet Linus!

That night after I got home from my nana’s, I brought one of our baby pumpkins back home with me. I was supposed to work on the other day, but totally forgot about it, must’ve been a big blogging day for me or something! Well, around 6pm my mom came in to grab the laundry in my basket, and she asked what I wanted to do with the stuff on my table in the plastic bag. So she set up everything on my bed. The bad thing was that I was in the middle of editing pictures and then Midget and Bear-Bear made their ways into my room too, so I was extra distracted. Midget literally laid out right in the middle of me and where my mom sat everything up on my bed. Bear-Bear kept trying to attack me and the Sharpies I had in my foot. I’m still surprised I didn’t get anything on him or myself! When I did start on the design of the pumpkin. I decided that I should doodle it in my notebook first, to get an idea on everything was supposed to go. After I did that, I attempted to work on the pumpkin, but I had to stop because of a slight problem.

When I was in school, my art teacher didn’t quite understand why I couldn’t use an eseal, even though I was fully capable of working in the corner with hardly any light. So one day he decided to figure out how to make one for me. I knew how it was going to go. I just knew it. He had high hopes for it, but I knew it wouldn’t work. So he got everything set up on my already small desk, and told me to try it out, make something. I couldn’t even make a circle. Here is the reason why it didn’t work. My feet are not like others, both of my feet are completely different! I can’t raise my feet up in the air and hold them there for a long periods of time without it shaking violently, trust me I’ve tried this a bunch of times before. So he took everything apart and I began to go back to normal artwork on a flat surface. I’ve never complained about it. It’s the only I can work and that’s fine by me! So when I was working on this pumpkin, I titled on it’s side and tried to right on it. I couldn’t. I did the actual design part, but writing on it was a disaster! So I moved it down to the floor and since I can write while sitting on my bed, I thought this could work too. It was a success!

Last year, if you remember I made a glitter pumpkin that said “5FDP” on the side of it in gold glitter. Well, I kept thinking about doing another one like it, but a different band. So I chose the band Of Mice & Men. I wrote out a part of the song of “Bones Exposed” and surprising it looks very cool! Hardly any writing mistakes, my mom never made a comment of a word being misspelled so we’re good there too! Here is what my second pumpkin looks like!

The lyrics side