Your Celebrity Dinner Party. Who Would Invite?

I am secretly a party person, it just differs of what kind of parties that I would want to go to, if I was ever asked. I’m also the type of person who secretly wants to plan out dinner parties, surprise parties, and maybe a few dozen themed parties. I don’t really know who that side is from, but I’m taking a guess here and going with my nana. She used to host parties in the early years of when my grandparents got married and had kids. We still have all of the major holidays, including birthdays at our grandparents. She doesn’t necessarily do the same things she used to, as invite people over by sending invitations. No, now she just creates an event on Facebook instead. I know last year, I really wanted to do something special for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, since we’d have all our family down for both holidays, I wanted to in a sense carry on the tradition and make the house seem special and homey at the same time. I actually wanted to host a Christmas cookie exchange. Maybe this year I can get everybody on board with it and we can make it happen. We’ll have to see about that.

Something I was just thinking about, we watch these big award shows on TV and I often wonder what these people eat there and how do they eat from going to one awards to a party? I saw on Olivia Wilde’s Twitter she posted a picture that her fiancée had stopped at a drive-thru of a fast food restaurant to feed her and ever-growing pregnant belly. When I think of dinner parties, I see formal almost dressed in your Sunday’s best wear. However, I’m thinking a little bit classier here. Almost like little black dress and trousers and button-up shirt. Something that looks elegant and simple at the same time. If you ever wanted to host a dinner party, who would you invite? You would invite your closest friends and maybe certain family members of whom you wouldn’t regret inviting later. Now, if you were inviting celebrities, who would you invite? And what in the world would you serve to these people? I’ve watched WAY too many cooking shows to not serve anything fast food wise. There are a lot of simple cuisine’s that you can make easy and ready to serve to your guests. You want something inviting; almost to the point it leaves them breathless, but not choking them! You definitely can serve them anything heavy either; I mean it’s not Thanksgiving here. You don’t want them running out of your house, ready for a nap.

If it was up to me. I would serve a nice soup. My dad made this chicken and corn chowder once. Oh man, it was so good! It had onions, corn, slices of chicken, and small bites of bacon floating around in the broth. It was pure heaven! I can remember eating it and not feeling afterwards. Honestly, I don’t normally feel that way after I’ve had soup, unless it’s my mom’s broccoli and cheese soup or my dad’s take on chili. I would also serve a nice simple salad along side of it. For dessert I would make marble (chocolate and vanilla) cupcakes. Because everybody loves a cupcake! Now if I could invite any celebrity over for dinner, and I’m changing this up a bit, living or dead. Well, the first I’d have to invite is Jennifer Lawrence, I’d allow if she brought your boyfriend Nicholas Hoult also. I would also like to invite: Phoebe Tonkin, Anette Olzon and her husband Johan, Grace Kelly, Tom Hiddleston, Elsa Pataky, and Dick Van Dyke. I don’t know why I would invite these exact people, but I just seem like good people to invite over and have dinner with, they’re all different and the fact I only have one couple that are musicians is a little weird, but I love Anette and I literally would love to have dinner or lunch with her one day, but then again I’d love it if I had dinner or lunch with any of these people though!