Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat.

I’ve had a long day. I actually thought I’d stay at home with dad while my mom took my sister back to school. So I kind of stayed up late and thought I’d just go back to sleep after she’d take me to the bathroom. Well, when she came in to take me to the bathroom, she ruined my plans of going back to bed and said I’d be going to my nana’s instead. There is such a difference between yesterday’s weather to today, it was sunny, breezy with no clouds in sight. This morning when I woke up, it was cloudy, windy as crap, and chilly! We are so over this cold weather that my dad has made serious comments about moving down south, towards Texas or Florida. It would never happen in a million years, but it’s still funny he was saying it! Anyways, I decided to take my Kindle, iPod. and headphones with me just in case we were both too tired to do anything while I was there. I didn’t need any of them, but I did get to show my nana what my headphones and iPod looked like, because she hadn’t seen them yet. My poor Papaw wasn’t feeling too good and if it wasn’t for the work I figured we’d be doing I would have just went in my nana’s chair and let him take the wheelchair. Even though, he wasn’t feeling good, he was still in good spirits with his sense of humor.

It seems like everytime I go over to my nana’s all I do is eat, talk and work. I guess those are all good things, but I think I do them at an excessively and usually regret doing two out of three of them everytime I go home. It’s somewhat difficult to eat both soup and ice cream at home, because I can’t feed myself like I do with everything else. Plus, everybody will eat it too. So I love eating soup and ice cream over there. I like getting that one can of soup a week thing. Chicken Noodles with crackers are becoming my thing again! I just ran out of my cookie dough ice cream too, so when my mom goes to do my nana’s errands she’ll have to get another carton. When my nana got her stuff ready to eat, she got a new carton of cottage cheese, and normally I don’t like cottage cheese but I was still hungry and kind of got a craving for it because she had gotten one yesterday. So I asked for a two spoonful and she let me, it was so good especially a nice dose of salt on top. I am so much like my dad. After that, I finished off with my ice cream and realized an hour later that my mom had told me she was going to make fajitas for supper. I may not have the stomach for it, but I can’t turn down fajitas though!

Once I was finished with eating my way through the house, we did some work and we’re starting to clean out underneath her computer table. I think we had three boxes to organize everything from things she wants to keep and the rest can be thrown away. The good thing about the fact that I can do things with my feet is that reaching for things seems a little bit easier for me than everybody else. Especially, getting things out from underneath something like a table or desk. I hardly have to do any leaning over, wheelchair and on the floor. I’m never on the floor at my nana’s. I’m actually more mobile in the push wheelchair than being on the floor and in my electric wheelchair. I’m at the right height to do work at a desk in the push wheelchair sometimes. One of her selves is almost clean. There a few more books and things that I still need to get out of there. I’m pretty good about organizing things, it’s the grabbing from top to bottom is my issue. You’d think I’d learn after all these years, but nope. I’m surprised I don’t break a toe in the process. We butt wheels while trying to rearrange ourselves from part of the room to the next and with the type of carpeting they have in that house, most of it is pretty good, better than it started off with just me using a push wheelchair the house. There are parts of the house where it is difficult to get around and you need a lot of energy and be awake enough to push yourself from place to place. Thank God I have some patience, because a normal person would just give up. I swear the push wheelchair just brings out that side of me where I have good patience but if I can’t reach something, doesn’t mean I’m just going to let it stay there. I’ll get it one way or another, so if that means falling off the seat so be it!