Short Fan Fiction

I’ve been thinking for the past few months of doing a bi of fan fiction. It would be short and simple, so that hopefully I wouldn’t butcher the characters and the personality of what the writers have already developed for them. Two characters I have wanted to write about are from the CW’s new hit show, The Originals. I love the show! In the beginning, I liked it more than The Vampire Diaries (shh…) two characters in the show have been having some issues in their personal lives lately. I’m writing both of these parts as they’d write it in their diaries. So here I go and I hope you enjoy them!


“Life is like a masterpiece that an artist envisions for himself. He looks at it, at such a beauty and wonder, always seeing the upside of a disgrace. That is what I have tried to envision for myself and for Elijah and Rebekah. I thought that after I had taken back my home that I had lost after so long, I would finally be free and see the rest of the masterpiece that this place had to offer. After hearing the truth fall off of Rebekah’s lips of the crime she committed and stabbing her, while missing her heart; I still let her go to “enjoy” her immortal life alone. After being compared to Mikael by Cami and Elijah, I had truly felt the agony that I had hidden inside the deep hole of black paint that blocked the vein to my heart. I am not like him. I, at least, hope to see them make the right choice for themselves. If they don’t, I make it for them. I guess that’s what Rebekah thought in her mind when she and Genevieve called Mikael into our home. He ruined my masterpiece back then, but now since he is dead, nobody is ruining it again.”


“The last full moon reversed the curse of my family in the Bayou. We all watched the cloud surround the moon and nobody fell back into their wolf form. Rebekah left me alone with her brothers and the other vampires in the French Quarter, but sadly I don’t want to go back there where I’d have all of the vampires watching every single move. Even with Elijah in charge, taking commands and making the rules between the aligns between the humans, vampires, witches, and wolves. It still feels like something is coming. I just hope it’s not my maternal instincts and I go into labor soon. I can see myself being a good mom, but I’m worried that once I have her, Klaus will get rid of me for good along with the rest of my family clan. He would compel a nurse or maybe Cami into raising my daughter while I’m dead. I would never allow him to hurt me or my clan, but once the baby is here everything wouldn’t be about me, it would be about the safety of my daughter. And even though I know Elijah means well, I don’t believe a word Klaus says. I’m never leaving this child to him. Never.”