Ketchup With Us: The Spirit Of Helena

I know I missed Ketchup With Us yesterday, but it’s been a weird week, so in my mind I’m beyond three days. So inside my mind still thinks it’s Saturday not Sunday. It’s very gloomy, rainy, and now waiting for the snow to dump on us, if it’s still coming to us at least. We might get lucky and we might get stuck with the freezing rain. I don’t see how that’s a good thing, but it’s better than the snow. Everybody in town is so sick of winter. My mom swears this has been the worst winter we’ve had. I have to agree with her too, because snow usually spreads out. We could get a snowstorm in the last week of November, one or two small storms in December, and then between beginning of January we get a huge snowstorm, another small one in February, and then a surprise snowstorm in mid-March. Once we were on Spring Break, it actually snowed like bad. We were in Florida so we didn’t really care, but we did when we came home in our big winter jackets. That’s karma for you! Anyways, I think I could my KWU now.

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I’ve been on Pinterest for the last two hours looking at ancient things, more history. I was looking at haunting/eerie abandoned buildings. Like, I really need to look and read about that? However, if I wanted to watch Hannibal from Friday, I could probably get through it a lot better. Wishful thinking. One of the reasons why I’m starting to get a little braver with looking and reading about these places in because I’ve got this, I guess you can say spirit or character living inside of me and she wants me to tell her story, but the memories she’s giving me are all over the place. Her name is either Helena or Helene. She has sent me both names before. She was either born with a disability or she was slowly going crazy I don’t know. She had two brothers, a sister-in-law with whom she didn’t get along well with, and she was born in late 1900s or 1920s. She goes back and forth between them. Now the reason why I’m basically saying like she’s a real person is because sometimes people, such as myself don’t get recognized as a person, so for some odd reason she thinks I’ll understand. Which I do, but why did she have to pick me to tell her story. I have always been afraid of old nursing homes that have people with mental problems, I’ve got better while working with a few, but I have seen and heard of some creepy, sad stories of people being treated horribly years ago. That’s why I’ve always tried to stay away from any kind of nursing home or old house in general. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in guardian angels. I don’t know who this lady is, but maybe she’ll get me more of her past memories soon.