Life Lately | Hello Spring!


Since this is the last full week of April, I thought it was only right to blog about life.

Last week I mentioned that it’s been a whole month since I had blogged at all, and I don’t really know why I decided to do take such a long break but it happened. This year I manged to come up with three separate series, two of them are on here and the other on my blog’s Facebook page. I did a lot of work to get everything organized that I think I started to expect a lot of myself that the pressure mounted so much that I began to feel overwhelmed by everything, but once I stopped blogging for a couple of days, I just all of a sudden felt better about things and I didn’t look back.

I’d like to say I got a lot of other things done while I was on my hiatus, but I didn’t. I think the only real thing I worked on the whole time was my “name pairings” Pinterest board! I didn’t take advantage of the time off to read or anything so that’s one thing that makes me angry, because that would have been a perfect hobby to do! I didn’t even watch that very many movies or TV shows either. I was pretty much consumed by Pinterest! It’s so sad to say out loud and of course read it on here too!

One thing that I’ve been really enjoying lately is our weather. Well, technically we had a few strange days where it was producing late spring weather, where the temperatures were like in the 60-70’s and unfortunately, our new house does not have an air conditioner yet. So, for a large number of days we had to rely on opening our windows and leaving our fans on all day long just to cool down. For 4 days alone, my room’s temperature was around 78-80 degrees! At night, it was miserable because when I have my fan pointed one way, but if I wanted to lay on the other side I was hot as hell! I actually spent one day completely in a short sleeve shirt with a pair of very tight shorts. On the day I wrote this post, the temperature had calmed down so much that it was 39 degrees outside! It was also very comfortable in my room too!

A feature about our house that I am starting to really enjoy is I get to see the morning sun. I’m such a nature girl at heart, so the morning sun makes me extremely happy! Now there is one bad thing about my room. Since it’s placed so far back, I am around a lot of trees so whenever it storms, I am in a constant state of paranoia because we have some very tall trees in our backyard and we have had some limbs crash down in various places in the past. One large branch was responsible for tearing a hole in our trampoline! So, being surrounded by trees has its bad notes too.

I have been spending a lot of my time hanging out with my nephew Nolan. He’s grown so much since my last update. I have thought about creating another one, but it’ll be his birthday in about two months so I have decided to hold off until then, but I doesn’t mean I can’t share anything with you though.

Do you remember when he was like three or four months old and he was obsessed with my hands? Well, now he’s starting to fall in love with my feet! When he was around two months and he used to sit in this seat, and he would watch me get a drink and put on my blanket – I literally told him once that I would treat him how I do that. At seven months old, the little goofball learned how to put on his own blanket with his feet! He’s such a smart cookie. He loves grabbing things with his feet, and I’m surprised with myself because I figured I would be offended by the fact he was using his feet to do stuff, but I’m not. I’m just proud to see him paying that much attention to what I do because I think it’s just part of my daily life, I don’t like to think of it as a special thing, but he’s made me think about it differently now.

Whenever he was really little though, I was often upset that I wasn’t able to hold my cutie pie (my nickname for him!) the only way I was allowed to be up close with him was when mom or Blondie would bring him into my room, to take a nap on my bed. We would wrap up in fleece blankets and while he got to sleep next to me, I was making mental images of my little buddy. Now he’s somewhat mobile, since he can army crawl around I haven’t had that one-on-one time with him. Well, he recently exchanged that with giving Auntie Meggie many, many hugs! Yes, he is a big hugger! I love it. In a way, I think that makes up for the fact that I couldn’t physically hold him as a itty-bitty baby too.

Well I think I’m done for now. What is your favorite thing about spring? What is your favorite activity out of your normal routine that you like to do?

A Photo Of Cats | Part 2



So I know I promised I’d have the part two of the photo diary from last week in a couple of days, well I did not think you would have to wait a whole week for the actual post! Unlike the first day of sitting outside, where it was really sunny and actually warm. The next day, which I didn’t go out until like 4:30 so for one the sun was starting to make its way down and in the shade, it was very, very cold! I was an idiot for not bringing my socks with me! I was only out there for maybe thirty minutes because I could not take the temperature and I was literally used by the cats as they decided to snuggle up to me after they finished their meals.

I don’t usually like being around them while they eat. I hate the smell of cat food, both dry and in a can. It’s just disgusting! Our cats are usually very mean to one another when food is presented. My mom gives them three different plates for all 9 cats on the porch. They actually have “cute” little ways on getting more food for themselves. Stormy, is apparently a little badass as he’s found a way to put his paw and scoot the bowl closer to him so the others can’t get anymore! Bootsie and the others go for the lay-on-top-of-a-food move! They are a bunch of weirdos I swear! After they were finished, it was cleaning, snuggle, and chew on Meggie’s purse time!

I have a wristlet and it has the side strap plus a little chain and zipper that hang down over the sides. The first day I went out, Nelly tried eating the corner but I guess he lost interest in it. My man, Oscar decided to go for it and he kept trying to drag it away from me. I had to keep my eyes peeled at Oscar and Felix who decided to join in on the game too! Underneath our porch we have a bunch of old sand that we used to stable our pool years ago, the sands still there and the cats actually–I kick you not–use it as a litter box! We have some smart kitties! They’re all potty trained and even cover up after themselves, which is something we’re really not used to as our old cat Oliver NEVER did that!

The majority of these pictures are from both day two and three! They tried to eat my purse again on the third time I was outside! Anyways, here are the next batch of pictures! Enjoy!



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OOTD: Bloody Nails


So much for only four posts this week. Every time I feel like I don’t have enough I tend to find something to add later on in the week. You get this one today and two others tomorrow! As for the month of November, I’m still trying to figure out posts to add.. hopefully you’ll like them!

Forgive me, I don’t like taking my pictures while inside houses but since the weather outside continues to get colder if I want to keep doing these types of posts, majority of them will have to be taken indoors. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at my nana’s house, this is what I wore. The pants you’ve probably seen before. I got these at Charlotte Russe for Christmas last year. The top is from Wal-Mart, it was actually purchased by my sister for herself but unfortunately it doesn’t fit her as she thought it would. My mom hates it because of the wide neckline, so it falls right off my shoulders. I like it though, its comfortable and tight around my arms which is perfect for this weather. Technically this is my first time wearing a sweater for the season! Another feature I like about it is the buttons on the sides of my hands. I like little details whether it’s on my hands or feet, I don’t care.

I also got my toe nails painted too! My nana didn’t want to paint her nails so it was just me this time. I recently purchased a few autumnal nail polishes at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago. I think I should have went with the orange since it’ll be Halloween tomorrow. I’ve had that “Unbreakable Heart” screaming for me so decided to go with the red. The color looks like deeper in the bottle, but they look pretty for only having one coat on them. I’ve been calling them my bloody nails. If I don’t get to dress up for tomorrow, at least my nails will be done!

What do you think of my outfit and nails?


Life Lately | Three!



Happy Father’s Day! This past week hasn’t brought anything new and so this post will probably be short too. When I schedule posts, I try to separate them out so I can have room for ones such as these, OOTD, and flash fiction posts! Whenever I do this, you usually get four posts in a week. I just checked and if I don’t decide to switch anything out, there will be five posts going out this week. This one being your starter! I haven’t had a WHOLE week of posts in months and I actually love only having three go out because it gives me a chance to have a break and I’ve been seriously addicted to scheduling posts ahead too. I just hope I don’t annoy the living crap out of you guys!

This past week, we’ve been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Bill I guess, I kept hearing the name “Bill” everytime I was on the local stations whenever they were discussing the weather. We’ve had nothing but rain and storms. I do have to say, I’m happy we don’t live around the ocean because you know they got a little more than just tiny thunderstorms, they got the hurricane itself! No tornadoes or power outages either! Since it’s done nothing but rain, I’ve been really stuck indoors, I haven’t gotten to see the babies much. I got my hair washed last Sunday and my mom puts me in the push wheelchair so I have somewhere to go after she’s finished. Even before she got started, I spent a few seconds trying to relax and not freak out about going on the kitchen counter and being at the edge of it. I’m deathly afraid of heights and this always freaks me out! Sometimes I do better than others, but anyways the cats were at our back door and the babies are still nursing off of Bootsie, Midget, and Wren. Ozzy (who is our gray/white kitty!) was nursing off of Midget and she decided he was dirty, so she began licking his neck and top of his head. Well, he was returning the favor a bit and was cleaning her too. It was so cute! And then I guess it felt pretty good that Ozzy put back his head and completely fell over backwards. My mom and I just burst out laughing! He seemed pretty unphased by it afterwards.

Our first baby, Tubby has been coming back around the house lately. For the whole winter we thought somebody had him inside because he was bulky and really nervous being around us, which made us really sad! He’s our lovable kitty, he’s the one who use to give Blondie hugs! He’s like a dog I swear! Well, since he’s been spending majority of his time around our front porch because everybody else is in the back. Yesterday I went over to my nana’s and when we came back to the house my mom put me on the porch and I spent a few minutes petting Mr. Tubster. He’s so sweet still and loves rubbing up against my feet! Late that night, I was about to head to bed and I guess my mom went into the kitchen to check on the babies one last time and found Felix (who is apparently a girl!) and Otis cuddling each other on the porch and my mom just scooped them up and brought them into my room for a bit. Felix is from Wren’s litter and she’s a little bit afraid of humans still, but she was really calm this time around. She’s definitely a lot bigger than Otis and I love her big eyes! Otis was getting his mommy lovings! My mom just loves him so much, but he’s been getting more curious of his surroundings and everytime we let him down on my floor or bed, he wants to roam! And he is a fast cat I will say that!

Late last week, it was Miss Chevy’s birthday. She turned three and it makes me feel so old! She’s still this itty bitty little baby in my head. She got a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party! My mom and dad went out to Wal-Mart and got her a few outfits and tutus. Apparently the tutus were my dad’s idea! The other day she came over and she wore this bright green tutu and she looked so cute in it! So now she’s got more! Now I’ll be honest, I love Frozen and my mom knows it but she keeps forgets which character I like the most, which is Olaf! She came home from shopping with two new pairs of shorts for me and she also got me an Elsa shirt. So now Chevy and I both have Frozen shirts. I’m twinning with a 3 year old, how sad am I? Teresa made her cake for her. It was REALLY adorable! While we sat outside, the sun decided to make its first appearance in a while and the clouds faded. The temperature was hot/humid but it wasn’t as bad! The bugs weren’t even that bad either. However, there was mud everywhere and a normal person would want to go through it as hard as they can, but Chevy and I weren’t in the mood! She got a new pair of shoes and she didn’t want them to get dirty and took them off after five seconds of putting them on!

The kittens pictures below are of Penelope aka “Nelly,” Felix, Oscar, and Ozzy! All three are of Wren’s babies and figured out all of them are girls! We’re trying to switch Oscar’s name, but we liked “Felix” so much that we’re keeping it. Poor things! Well I hope everybody enjoys their week! ♥

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OOTD: Shades Of Gray and Pink


This time I swear it’s a OOTD post! The other one should have been too since I had three “Life Lately” posts going up for three weeks. I think the reason why I did it like that was because those type of posts are the only way I’m going to get things out at once. Usually when I release my frustrations on here in a post I tend to feel a LOT better. People can say “write them out in a notebook” but it never works out well. It’s like my thoughts freeze up on travel down to my foot. Thanks for the help though!

June is full of birthdays! My Aunt Laurie’s was Tuesday and my papaw’s was on Friday. According to my nana, he got a nice package in the mail full of music. To me, that’s like the perfect birthday gift! One year I got a total of six CDs. Nothing has been able to top it. Over the weekend, we went out to our hometown camping park, where we helped celebrate little Maci’s second birthday! I cannot believe she’s two! She was walking all over the place in her cute little sandals and she was talking a lot more. The cutest word she said was “puppy” and I’m not even kidding you! She was so cute! My mom, Blondie and I went out there and ate a little bit, visit with our friends, and watched Maci rip into the presents. We left just before she was about to rip into the cake!

When we left, we realized how much my legs didn’t agree with the sun. I kept getting little red marks along my knees, but Blondie thinks they were razor burns since my mom did shave me earlier. It was 93 degrees, I was going to get a little toasty! Trust me everytime my mom went to put me on the seat of my wheelchair it felt like I was sitting hot coal. If I felt sleepy at all before then I definitely wasn’t after that! When we got home, we met dad as he was about to take pork over to our neighbors for our Sunday suppers! The three of us girls went around the house to find the kittens! Wren’s kittens are slowly coming up to Blondie now so that’s a good sign. In each litter of kittens, we get a few that have little infections in their eyes. We had three of them do it this time and all three were from Midget’s litter! My mom got them some eye medicine the other day and I’m happy to say their eyes are doing so much better! Little Otis has hazel eyes which match his ginger coat very well! We didn’t stay out there too long before heading inside were it was cooler. Dad has its perks, when its blistering hot outside, you can rely on him to make sure the house is in the low 60’s.

We went over to the neighbors around 6:30 and dad fed me like always, he made shredded pork and Ju-Ju made the pea salad and mac & cheese! Apparently both of them had the same idea because dad said he almost made a batch too! After we were done, we watched everybody play pool and the twins came and ate, because Batman had to work the whole day and he was starving! Blondie ended up leaving early to go home to take a nap, and Batman and Rusty spent the end of the visit talking about sneakers and baseball. They even threw the ball a bit out back. Teresa, Sammy, Chey, and Chevy in her little truck came over too! We didn’t get to visit with them long because my mom has a scheduled bedtime on the days before she has to work. I got my hug from Chevy and a nice little kiss! Just before going inside, I went around the back porch to see the babies one last time because mom said they tend to get a little wild in the evenings. They kept running away from me but two: Penelope and Otis. Now that this cat can see, he’s very curious! As soon as I got to my place I was told to come inside because of the damn mosquitoes flying around. Only one bit me so that’s good. It was a fun time though!

My outfit is actually pretty old! Both items are that I’ve had for years! They each still fit well so that’s good. I wore the same shade of gray on both and didn’t realize until afterwards! My shirt has a pretty white design on it with little rhinestones everywhere in the front. My shorts, yes I wore shorts! Probably one of the smartest decisions too! They weren’t like short-short so they weren’t that bad but they’re a bit baggy on me as anything would on my tiny legs! Since it was a birthday party, my mom got Maci a glow pet and a nice little headband that has red, white and blue ribbons hanging down on the sides. I think the adults liked it more than she did! She kept throwing it off her head. Poor thing!



Life Lately | Painted Daisies



I wasn’t going to do a “Life Lately” post for this month but I decided on it last minute after my sister went out last week and got some pictures with our new babies!! I find it weird that you’re getting this post concerning my life right now and next week I have my “Seen & Heard” of May. You get two reviews of what I’ve been up to in two weeks! How lucky can you get?

Well, I don’t know about you but I had a good Mother’s Day weekend. My mom had Saturday off but was on call all day Sunday and it rained/storm off and on for four days straight! My mom let me go outside Saturday afternoon. It had stopped raining and I kept hearing my sister say that Otis has been adventuring out from under the porch lately. I went out and nobody wanted to come out, but Stormy (who never wants anything to do with me unless he’s locked in my room) was very lovable to me! He came up to me twice and Midget licked my toe so I thought it was a good trip out. A little bit after that, my mom came out asking if I wanted to go our neighbors for a bit and I said “yes” and I went back inside but not without fighting the lazy bums blocking the door in front of me. We went over there and I got to see little Lily-Mae and she wasn’t in a playful mood but she did enjoy my newly painted toes! She and her mommy left after we got there and I got to see Chevy’s new toy truck. All of the adults are still trying to figure out if I could actually sit it in! She was in a semi happy/cranky mood. She perked up after they brought over the no-bake cookies. She and Sammy kept feeding them to me. I really enjoy my one-on-one time with both Chevy and her mommy Sammy. It’s kind of my normal “get out” thing. I don’t party like most my age but I’ll sit and chat about guys and their stupid decisions and tease a two-year old any day!

On Sunday, I didn’t write a big statement on any of my social media profiles like everybody usually does. My sister wrote hers on her instagram account, even though our mom doesn’t have one!! I didn’t say anything on Facebook for anybody because it’s became too much of a trend to post that kind of stuff on there. My mom knows I love her. It was weird though because on Thursday afternoon, my sister was in a big cleaning mood and that only meant one thing: Batman was heading down! She’s going to make the perfect housewife one day! He was coming down because he had a job interview down here and I’m happy to say he got the job! He stayed until Sunday afternoon, but he did something really sweet for my mom on Saturday. They went into town and when they came back he bought her a bouquet of different colored daisies!! It was the sweetest thing ever and totally surprised her!!

Last year, I remember texting my sister like the day before wondering what in the world we were going to do. This year, when my mom went to tuck me in (shut up!) for bed she’s the one that told me that Blondie and I had something planned. I was in the dark the whole time. I still don’t know what she got besides the card she had me write in! However, around 7am I was wide awake and my dad came in fully dressed like he’d been out and about for a while. He came in with a balloon and he said “here you can give this to your mom when she wakes up.” He was asleep before mom tucked me into bed so he couldn’t have known about everything unless my mom had something about it to him beforehand and she was asleep when we were awake so there. I felt so much better because knowing I didn’t have anything to give her besides a hug really bothered me. I gave her a hug anyways and didn’t drive her as crazy as I usually do on a daily basis so that was my gift to her! It stormed off and on again and so we didn’t go out that evening. We stayed inside watching Duggar specials that my sister apparently found on TLC. I cried like a baby from the middle to end of the “Decade Of Duggar Births” special.

This past week was pretty boring, I went to my nana’s house on Thursday and talked my head off. There are some days where I really do feel bad for my nana whenever I need time to vent. She recently got a new phone so she’s been attempting to learn how to use it and it was really weird trying to figure it out myself. I didn’t have anybody take a picture of my outfit of the day, but I wore my Of Mice & Men shirt that says “You’re Not Alone” on it. I think it’s becoming a favorite of my nana’s for some odd reason. I also had on my skull leggings I got from Body Central many moons ago. I’ve been slowly getting my TT posts done! I’m pretty proud of myself on how fast I’m getting them finished and scheduled. I’ve had to take some countries off my original list like Finland, because I don’t know any other acts from there. I have added a couple of different countries that I didn’t include last year so that’s a big plus!

So here are some pictures of our little kittens and a familiar face that decided to come around again! Hope everybody is enjoying their week! Oh, and the babies are all a month old now!

The pretty flowers that Batman got my mom!
The pretty flowers that Batman got my mom!
Little Otis
Little Otis
This one has no name at the moment, but I like
This one has no name at the moment, but I like “Felix” for it if it turns out to be a boy!
Miss Penelope!
Miss Penelope!
Bootsie and our oldest kitten of her litters. My mom said Wren has had babies too, but since we hardly ever see her anymore it'll be likely we'll be seeing them anytime soon!
Bootsie and our oldest kitten of her litters. My mom said Wren has had babies too, but since we hardly ever see her anymore it’ll be likely we won’t be seeing them anytime soon!


Spot the kitten!
Spot the kitten!

OOTD: Dropping Cameras + Family Time

I love to hate these colder months I swear! Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure they hate me right back. If the temperature goes up or drops, its like my body has radar and my body aches in different places. I’ll be a happy camper when spring is here, but all that will bring are thunderstorms and my least favorite: tornadoes. That’s the downside, but I’m getting anxious about going outside and taking pictures with my camera. I’m pretty sure you all are tired of me talking about it!

I’m not very handy with cameras though. I should be grateful that I’ve been able to use my phone camera for as long as I have, because ever since 2009, digital camera have been like an enemy for me. I went to my friend’s graduation and I was out taking pictures after the ceremony was over and as I was about to give my camera to a guy to take the picture for a friend and I, it literally drops onto the concrete and basically shatters. I came home in a sad mood and my mom and dad were no help. So everytime I hold one, my mom goes “don’t drop it Meghan.” On Saturday, I took my camera over to my nana’s house. She hasn’t really used a camera like this before and I kept telling myself that I need to play around with it and figure out how to hold it with my feet. I knew my grandparents would have the right type of batteries I needed for it, my nana and I had ourselves a little try out with it. Although we couldn’t figure out how to exactly take the picture. Two days later when my sister came home, she showed me and now I know how to do it. Yay!

I’ve literally looked up the instructions on Google like five times so I’m really committed to learning more about it as a whole. I am terrified to change anything on it. I actually got the “menu” and “delete” buttons mixed up and I almost had a freak out moment at my nana’s Monday afternoon. Oh yeah, Uncle David and Aunt Katt came over to my nana’s for a visit. It was very strange, because it was a Monday but it felt like a Saturday to us. My mom worked all weekend long so she definitely thought it was Saturday. Blondie came home this weekend and it was nice to have everybody in the house, eating French beard pizza. I tried to get pictures but I kept dropping my camera. I dropped it like three times on the kitchen floor. I felt bad because of the two carpets in that house to drop it on, it’s the hard carpet. Trust me, my butt still hurts from falling out of my chair. It can’t be considered carpet in my opinion. Anyways, I thought I broke it because the batteries fell out while it was on and it shut off with the lens out.

In my family, our topics of conversation can get pretty interesting at a really fast pace. We managed to talk about domestic abuse, religions, wars, meat, animal cruelty, high school reunions and lastly talked about animals again but it was a more happier discussion than before. I like it when we have these types of talks because everybody has their own opinions on the matters and I’m usually the one sitting there, listening to each person. This is what I do but I was so happy that I’ve mastered the will to hold my tongue sometimes. Because at least two topics above could’ve ended badly if I had voiced my opinions on it. By the end of it all though, my mom brought out this big stack of pictures from my nana’s office and she began to look through them. David, Katt, and even my papaw got on the action. It is hilarious that with all these pictures we were looking at, I was seeing a LOT of pet pictures. So if you thought I posted a lot of pictures of our cats, I got it from my mom’s side of the family!

We got home like two hours before The Originals came on. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so towards two in the afternoon, I started to get extremely tired! I was enjoying family time way too much to go home early though. I took a few random pictures I’ll share in a few weeks. My mom and I have decided that we’ll only upload a big stack of them at a time, because of the way the SD card goes into my laptop. I don’t think I can do it by myself. However, you will be very proud of me. I reminded my mom to take a picture of my outfit of the day! It was too cold to take the picture outside and about the left side of my face, it was bright in that side of the room. There’s no way of fixing it sorry! My shirt is from Hot Topic (of course!) and I got it for Christmas. It says “without music life would be a mistake” and its true! I’m wearing my mom’s old North Face jacket she gave me at the beginning of fall. I’m also wearing my favorite pants, I don’t remember what brand it’s from but they came from Wal-Mart a few years ago! They’re my favorite because of the buttons on the side of the length. It makes my legs look cute! I don’t own any beanies, but we do have like hundreds of bandanas (because of my dad) but this is one of two girly colors he gave us! We couldn’t find my skull bandana.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Don't mind the mud on the floor! Lol
Don’t mind the mud on the floor! Lol