What Does The Month Of April Mean To You?


I know Easter isn’t until next month but after my lazy weekend of lying around listening to music and watching TV, you get those early annoying commercials of different Easter related candies. I heard on a radio station once that we eat the most candy on Easter than on every other holidays. So Halloween and Valentine’s Day have been kicked to the curb on that part. I mean, I can see that since people and even some kids are more interested in getting the perfect costume and even a valentine or a rose sent to them than candy. Only the single and less interesting, such as myself cares about the candy more than anything else. Everybody has their favorites, but I must be the most boring person on this planet when I say, I have never really liked the Easter inspired candies and chocolates. When I was a kid, seeing my dad take a big bite off of a chocolate bunny practically horrified me to the core! You don’t just do that, whether or not, it’s made of chocolate or not. I liked the normal candies and chocolates, regular Reese’s cups, Kit-Kat’s, etc. I think I liked the baskets that the Easter bunny would send us a little more than I probably should have too! I always got the purple basket! What’s not to like about that?

Easter has always been a special holiday in our family, because my nana’s birthday is around that same time period. Once growing up, she got to celebrate her birthday on Easter. I thought that was pretty cool, but every year after that I thought her birthday was always on Easter and it wasn’t. I don’t know why but everytime around Easter, I feel like the colors of each month changes. February is a deep red, mostly because of Valentine’s Day. March is the month of spring, so it’s a green, almost mossy green. April goes back and forth between light yellow or pink. April is also another one of those months where just because you get a couple of warm days, it could get down about 20 degrees outside and you might get a chance for some flurries. Trust me, it has happened before! April also has one holiday that every true prankster loves with a passion. April 1st is next week by the way, it’s April’s Fools Day. I’m already reminding myself to not take my parents seriously that day. Especially my dad, but everybody in my family is bad about playing jokes on us on that day. I learn from the best. I remember once my mom was getting my sister and I ready for school. We were in the living room waiting for the buses and my dad goes, “did you see the snow outside?” Mom didn’t believe him at first but he sounded serious because my bus was actually running late that morning and she opened the door and no snow. He started laughing hysterically. I hated him for it because I wanted to go back to bed.

Besides the holidays and candies, I have some new music coming out next month that I am freaking excited about because I feel like hardly anything good came out this month. I’ve got both Lacuna Coil, Christina Perri, and Delain’s albums coming out on April Fools Day. I swear if that’s a trick I’m going to be pissed! Quite frankly a LOT of things are coming out on that day. I find that as bad as anything releasing on a Friday the 13th to be honest. Anyways, on the 18th I have Anette Olzon’s debut album coming out that day! Most of my shows have went off for a guess a mini spring break, and all come back in April. Thank god! My family is supposed to be coming down that first week of April and I’m pretty excited about that, plus my sister is going to prom this year with one of her old friends, so maybe another grand march! Yay to pretty dresses! Also, Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out that first week too! Sadly, I’m not going to see it in theaters. I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

What do you have planned for next month? Any new music, movies, fashion on your radar for the new month? What were your favorite candies to get inside your Easter basket as a kid? Share with me :0)