Stuffed Inside A Bookshelf In The Corner

From L to R: It’s Party Time Snoopy by Charles M. Schulz, Hoosier Hysteria by Bob Williams, For The Love of Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, Best Jokes Of All Occasions, and Shotgun Law by Max Brand

After having a very eventful week at home. I finally got to go to my nana’s as my mom took my sister back up to her dorm before all this snow and crap was to come back to us tomorrow. We really don’t know how much we’re supposed to get nor do we know when it’ll show up either. My nana told me that one person said we could get 12 inches of snow while the other said we’d get probably two or three inches. One poor bastard just literally estimated about six inches since he couldn’t tell exactly how much was headed to us. My sister only got to scare the crap out of our parents, even though she scared my dad more than my mom. I knew it all, she needed help with it. I’m glad mom took her back a day early because her friends will probably be stuck in town until like Tuesday. Anyways, while mom took Blondie back up there, I got to go to my grandparents for the afternoon. I had basically slept the whole morning and had my lunch there, then worked it off and yes, I took some pictures of our findings. This time, they’re real books in a bookshelf. I had to go by the end of the stairs and grab a bunch of magazines that were up against the wall. There are times were having the use of my toes are handy-dandy, but my anxiety wasn’t loving the vibe of going right up the stairs without a light on. I got through it, but barely.

Most of the work was done by my nana as we didn’t think I could get a box over in that little bitty corner and get those books out in one piece. Luckily, she did it, because there were a lot of books that the spines of the book covers were breaking and had tears, I don’t like handling those kinds of books because I always feel like I could make them look a lot worse than they already were. We found some very interesting, but since this is my third post about doing a mini spring cleaning and finding these things, everything is basically interesting to me. The timeline for most of these books went from the 30’s to the 60’s. It was pretty neat! My grandparents have decided that I get to have all of the Charlie Brown books. I already have un-used coloring book (that I’m tempted to fill as we speak!) and a full box of mini books. The books were a mixture of both my nana’s and papaw’s books. Lots of Max Brand and basketball books. Plus, the “classics” two Shakespeare books, I think if I remember right a Tarzan book, and Treasure Island. There were a couple of Science books as well, which were clearly my papaw’s books. He is very interested in science. He had a couple of Albert Einstein¬†books, and my nana found two books, one was barely holding on to its cover while the other one was kind of hilarious. I’m still trying to decide if it was a book given to him as a kid or an adult.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Steveson, Things A Boy Can Do With Electricity by Alfred Morgan, and Experiments In Science by Nelson F. Beeler & Franklyn M. Branley
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Steveson, Things A Boy Can Do With Electricity by Alfred Morgan, and Experiments In Science by Nelson F. Beeler & Franklyn M. Branley

I think my favorite findings were the big navy blue book. It was in great condition, a little dusty. My nana was kind of confused to what it was at first, the front of had the date “1926” on it along with the word, “Mixtura” which my papaw said the word is Latin and it means “mixture.” I don’t really know what is exactly in the book, but there were a few things in that belonged to my nana, but it was originally was my great-grandpa “PawPaw Lewis” book. I’m betting it’s another science book. The second finding was this little white, possibly handmade, to keep track of gas in the car and when their cars got fixed. My nana knew it was her handwriting inside, but didn’t have a clue at first. The dates inside were from the late 80’s. The last but actually turned out to be one of our first findings was this little book that was called, “Best Jokes For All Occasions” and what I thought was cool about it was that it was a small hardback book that said on the top that it cost only 35 cents, and it was published in 1974. When my papaw got up from his nap, he ended up reading some of the jokes inside and told a couple of them at the end of the visit and gave us a warning that he was hot from reading the book. He is so adorable when he wants to be! We also found old magazines, they went as far as 2005. My nana even kept a car magazine that had model of the “new” Buick inside. My grandparents are kind of obsessed with Buick and Cadillac cars, mostly because they had owned both cars sometime in their lives.¬†