55 Fun Writing Prompts

After this past week, our internet has been off for most of the week and on Wednesday I had remember that I saved a file on my laptop of a bunch of different topics to blog about and even though I couldn’t exactly publish it right away, I did work on a couple and saved them to when our internet decided to come back on. So yesterday, I had one of those thoughts about what if it happens and I want to write a story instead. I went on my Pinterest and looked on Google for different websites, Writing Forward helped a lot. to get some more writing prompts for a case of emergency. After I was finished, I put a tweet on my Twitter right before I went to bed and one of my fellow blogger friends, Talicha J. sent me a tweet this morning asking for me to share them. I went for ones with adventure/sci-fi/personal prompts. Those are usually my favorites and I can express myself fully. I actually worked on one this morning and I already have three pages of it saved on my laptop. The prompt I’m using for that one is a man pulls a gun out on you. I’m pretty sure I still have Thor: The Dark World flowing through my head because I’ve got a bit of Loki and Sif running through my mind, plus got a vibe of Selene from the Underworld movies. I couldn’t just made something simple, no, it has to be more complex than that.

  1.  Write a scene that starts with the word “blue” and ends with the word “face.”
  2. Write about the morning after the day she died.
  3. Write a short story where the main character has to face your worst fear and where the character’s nemesis is the hero.
  4. Create your super villain alter-ego.
  5. 22nd Century City.
  6. A woman with an axe.
  7. Write the following death scenes for your protagonist:
  8. 1. A peaceful death as an elderly person.
  9. 2. A violent death.
  10. 3. All alone.
  11. 4. By your character’s worst fear.
  12. Create a character that is a villain to both your antagonist and protagonist.
  13. Margaret Atwood was asked, “What will be the fairy tales of the future?” She answered: “Dark, those fairy tales of the future. But fairy tales have always been dark.”Make up your own fairy tale of the future. Or retell a fairy tale you know, in a future world as you imagine it.
  14. Write about a coffee spill that caused trouble.
  15. Write about the opposite of grief.
  16. Write about Number Four.
  17. Your antagonist  has four children, name them.
  18. Not all haunted places are houses.
  19. She had only seen dead bodies in photographs.
  20. Random First Line: “As the dream faded, she chased it, forlorn…”
  21. Write about the thing you wish you’d never seen.
  22. Write a story that takes place in a parking lot.
  23. Write a scene that involves tomato sauce.
  24. Write a scene that involves bumps.
  25. Write a scene that involves a milkshake.
  26. Write a scene that begins with something falling from the sky.
  27. Write a scene that starts with the line, “Darling, stop.”
  28. Fantasy: You have just stolen a dragon’s egg.
  29. Fantasy: You have discovered the fountain of youth.
  30. Travel: Write several letters between you and your imaginary pen pal.
  31. Travel: You are a passenger on the Titanic.
  32. Crime: Develop your plan for world domination.
  33. Fantasy: Create a terrifying, mythical beast.
  34. Science & Technology: You have been granted immortality and lived to the year 5,000
  35. How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?
  36. Animals: You have been changed into a cat, how do you convince your family who you are and how do you change back?
  37. Personal: You are blind, navigate through your typical day.
  38. Historical: How will this decade be remembered 100 years from now?
  39. Fantasy: You just found the warlock/witch’s spell book.
  40. Events: An apple falls from a tree.
  41. Fantasy: You have angered the Kraken.
  42. Crime: A man pulls a gun on you.
  43. Write a scene that captures a group meeting of Dead Anonymous (DA), a support group for people who’ve died and are having trouble accepting it.
  44. The Earth has been ravaged by war, famine, disease, and devastating storms. In less than a decade, the population has dwindled from 7 billion to less than 42,000. There is no law or order. The grid is gone. Everyone is struggling to survive.
  45. A man who sees ghosts checks himself into a mental institute, not realizing that the facility has been closed for almost 30 years.
  46. Choose a period of history and a place that interests you, and write a multi-generational saga about a family that lived during that era.
  47. A young girl and her mother walk to the edge of a field, kneel down in the grass, and plant a tree.
  48. A woman has three sons, all of whom are soldiers in a military that is at war. Within the last of three days, she learns that two of her sons were killed in combat. Six weeks later, there’s a knock at the door. When she opens it, she finds her third son standing there.
  49. A pair of baby shoes.
  50. A guitar pick.
  51. You have a chance to take an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, but you’ll have to spend three months there.
  52. Where do you go and why?
  53. You’re flying somewhere–anywhere–but when your plane lands, you and the other passengers quickly realize you didn’t reach your intended destination. In fact, you’ve arrived in a strange, wondrous world that you never knew existed.
  54. There’s a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper.
  55. And you thought dragons didn’t exist…