Five Sentence Fiction: Misunderstanding


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.


Nothing was a mistake or a misunderstanding to her.

She knew the truth, it was obvious since nobody bothered to really check the lies that they spoke of.

The rain poured down on their kingdom as she smiled onward as the gods were agreeing with her; they should be punished for their wrong doings.

As they faced judgement day, pleaded with the gods to show them mercy, they were forgetting the most important person they should be apologizing to, but all they saw of her was a witch, the more they ignored her and threatened exile, the gods showed their real powers.

Their castle was slowly crumbling, the plaque had killed most of the people in the surrounding villages, once they realized the gods were on her side, they begged for their mercy, but all she could say was, “you had your chance” and in came the war and destruction.

A Decade In A Box

840732866What do you remember about the 90’s? For some of us, that was the decade that we were born in. A lot of times I’ve heard of anybody being born in 98 or 99, they are not considered 90’s kids even though they clearly are, but I know the people who tend to think that way think that because they didn’t get enjoy the stuff that we did. What I remember the most about the 90’s are The Powerpuff Girls, Arthur, MTV playing music videos practically all day long, but what was something we used to record our favorite shows or sports events, because we sure didn’t have DVR’s back in the day, did we? We might’ve needed them but sadly we knew the words “fast forward” and “rewind ” like the back of our hands. VCR tapes were our best friends when we were kids and the only circle discs we ever had were CDs for music and CD-Rom for the ancient computers. A lot of people could easily forget about these things or if you are like me, you miss them a lot.

I’ve been in love with finding old things, from letters, photographs, to I guess VCR tapes. Growing up, everytime we would go over to my grandparents’ house they had different bookshelves full of different VCR tapes. They were mostly all of my papaw’s tapes of different things he thought were interesting, whether that was old classic movies, movies or specials about trains, and then you got the majority of the tapes were sporting events, mainly basketball games. Well, my nana has been wanting to empty out the bookshelves of these tapes and have them used for books and such, so that is what we’ve been doing for the past couple of weekends. The first time we did this, the tapes were mainly about trains, planes, basketball games, and etc. Well, we had found the lone movie in the bunch and it was Apollo 13 and I had talked about that the last time. This time, we went and cleaned out a small bookshelf with one shelf full of tapes. According to my nana, the reason why they kept these were important. Now I understand why they were important, because most of them were home videos of all of the grandkids, meaning my sister, cousins, and myself. So those videos you see in that top picture, that is basically all family videos.

840732714The rest of the tapes were “less important” if you were to see them, but for my grandparents, they have a meaning just as much as the home videos do. The other tapes are not sporting events, they’re more like last episodes, specials that you probably haven’t seen in years, and a few of them actually their original cases they came in. These were the ones I’m talking about, they actually have the 90’s or (maybe a little older) cases. We found a few of them but I thought these were the most interesting to me as I’ve heard of four out of five. I know it’s a little hard to read of what they are, I’ll just give you what each of them has in them. From the top left going to the bottom right we have, Judy Garland, Elvis, The Three Stodges, Johnny Benny comedy hour, and Bill Cosby. We found three different Elvis tapes and I thought my nana was a like a kid in a candy store, so happy but a little sad that she couldn’t watch them on her TV.

One of the most weirdest and craziest things that happened was when we first went into the living room. My nana went in there first to make a path as she had been working on rearranging in there but I was a little distracted with the CD cases on the bottom shelf of my Papaw’s old stereo system, I’ve seen the old VCR tapes, vinyls, and even cassettes. I’m taking a big step back in time I think. Anyways, he did have a couple of CDs and the one that caught my eye, was of a guy that I had never heard of before. Victor Borge was his name and the album was called, “Caught In The Act.” When I found it, I was very curious about it and I thought it was an old CD of Bill Cosby and I thought it said “Vincent” instead. It was dark! I couldn’t see very well until my nana finally opened the door and I grabbed it and found out I was wrong on all counts. My nana did tell me some interesting facts about him though, he is Danish and apparently he was very funny! Well, while we were in the middle of finding those tapes. We ended up finding about three Victor Borge tapes in the process too. It was weird! If I hadn’t seen that CD case before we started, I don’t think I would have been seeing Victor Borge for the rest of the afternoon.

Spring’s Paradise

Cirque Ziva (photo taken by my sister)
Cirque Ziva (photo taken by my sister)

Yesterday was a little boring day for me, but it obviously wasn’t boring for my sister. She’s been at school for probably four weeks without coming home, mainly because of the weather and my mom for working on the weekends. So she’s been there during the weekends, spending time with her friends, and hanging out with her fish. While I sat in my room on a beautiful sunny and almost spring like day, she was out and about with her friends. It was like going with them as many pictures she posted on her Facebook to share with the rest of us, but I am going to start this from Friday night, because what she and her friends got to do that night was pretty cool too! Sometimes the college have different speakers and acts come and the tickets are usually free for the students on campus. Blondie went to one on her first weekend being at college, it was a sex comedian. She texted me that night saying it was funny but also made her feel uncomfortable as well. I don’t understand how it would, considering neither one of our parents were there with her. I know when we watched both American Reunion and Due Date with our parents, it was one of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable things in the entire world.

Wabash River

Anywho, Friday night she and the girls went to see Cirque Ziva: The Golden Dragon Acrobats. I’m thinking this was less embarrassing, but a little uncomfortable to watch as they had balance on themselves and tables without any wires keeping them there. One of the things that I found interesting was she had time in the middle of this outing to post a status on Facebook about the tricks these people do. She said, “I just really wonder what possesses these Cirque Ziva people to try all the crazy acrobatic things they do..” As she got tons of likes of people wondering the same thing. I immediately wanted to chime in about her days in cheer. My comment to her was, “Kind of sounds like what mom and dad thought about everytime you went up in a build. Lol” It’s completely true even though she wrote back saying the stuff they did in cheer wasn’t the same as what these people were doing. True, but I’m betting their folks are having the exact same thoughts that our parents thought everytime their child goes up and does one of these tricks. Especially if they get hurt and go right back at it after they’ve been cleared by their doctors, which is another thing that she did in cheer too! Anyways, they went to see that for the start of the weekend. The next day, both here and there were amazing. Temperature wise. It was a definite peek of the next season, spring.

Wabash River
Wabash River

Sun, blue skies, and fresh air makes for a perfect day to go outside for everybody but me. I stayed inside. However, I did enjoy the smell of fresh air whenever the kittens or my mother opened my door. Because in my house, when my dad is hot (even if nobody is too) the house has to get cool. So the front door was open for most of the day. ChiChi wasn’t a fan of the random noises she heard the entire time it was open and we didn’t like her barking either, but the smell of early spring air was intoxicating. Blondie got to enjoy the outdoors when she and her friends went around and see different buildings. They went swinging on the swings at the park at Wabash River. They sat by the river, watching the ducks in the water (I don’t know if that’s what they did or not, it’s what I would do if I went by anything with water!) Blondie got some very pretty pictures of the river where they were sitting. Later on in their day, they went walking around and found some old buildings. I’ve been the one in our family that has a slight history problem, I like old and abandoned places and I always have. I like caves and such, but apparently Blondie’s inner historic side has come alive after seeing these old buildings around the river.

Chauncey Rose Memorial Plaza
Chauncey Rose Memorial Plaza

Two places she apparently thought were interesting were a memorial and white four-legged thingy. These are what she described them as to me. To make this post more about travel I have went out of my way and found what each of these places were about and they are quite neat. The first round of pictures she shared were I guess the left and right sides of the Chauncey Rose Memorial Plaza. She also got a picture of a huge entrance way lined with bricks instead of just a big block of concrete. The Chauncey Rose Memorial. It was the first building designed to be a post office and a federal office in 1887, but then it was moved in 1936 to Fairbanks Park. Sadly, that’s all of the information I could find about it. The other one, the “white four-legged thingy” I kind of just want to continue to call it that. Apparently this four-legged arch was part of an amazing swimming pool in 1924, it was surrounded by a sandy beach and was 198 feet long and 128 feet wide. The arch was fountain that was designed by a graphic design student at Blondie’s very own school after he won a contest with 42 other designs entered in, it was made in 1983. It is now flower garden. After my sister had posted the picture of the arch, someone had posted a comment saying that if you stood in the middle of it and spoke, it sounds gnarly! The girls never noticed that.

The Sunken Garden
The Sunken Garden

That night, they went to hang out with some more of their friends and had fun. I, again, sat in my room alone and pushed through trying not to fall asleep on myself. Something else that happened while she was out, was my dad and his friends got out their bikes for their first ride of the new year! My dad almost broke his head trying to ride out of his little building and yes, my mom got to ride the bike too, which just made her day that much brighter! She got to wear her bike boots that she just had to get in the fall. My dad even let her wear his leather jacket as he was wearing another jacket. They just went around town, as dad and his buddies went a little further. I spend my time with the monsters and watched BuzzFeed’s interview with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. That was probably one of the cutest and hilarious interviews I have ever watched. I am so pumped to see the new X-Men movie, but wish I could see these two on Broadway. I think all around for everybody yesterday was a good day. When I woke up today, it looked gloomy, but I did remember hearing it was supposed to be cold again and we might get some snow. Well, around 1pm, it did in fact start snowing here. Now the sun is out shining bright and making my afternoon that much better. I wonder if my mom has to work tomorrow as I would like to get out of this house if the weather isn’t too bad. I hope everybody had a pretty good weekend and has a good week as well!

Writing Prompt: Alexina Meets Evander

I’ve been thinking about different things and I keep having little “fairy tale” visions in my mind. So I’m going with this for today. This might have a few sections later on if I continue to develop thoughts and story lines about these two characters and era. I hope you think this interesting and hope you enjoy it!

fairytalemadness | Tumblr
fairytalemadness | Tumblr

Night and day are united as one, the sun no longer shines outside the clouds as the plague continues to spread throughout the kingdom.
The village outside the palace is dreadfully infected with the disease and all of the staff are not allowed to leave the palace for any reason in case someone were to pass it along to any of us trapped inside.
We are slowly running out of food and since the sickness still affects everybody outside of the castle, we may be resulting in asking for help from other kingdoms.
Father hasn’t written any letters so far asking for more help with the care of our people and we need more food to feed them and ourselves, but my mother has and father wasn’t too thrilled about the fact that a woman wrote to the other kingdoms for their help.
Within a month, the plague still lingers on and we have officially run out of food here in the castle and three different kingdoms deliver their best men, doctors, priests, and food by the dozen for everybody in the kingdom as they said they can’t turn down a lady’s letter.
Father wasn’t pleased that they had brought it up, but inside he did feel grateful.
Since all of these extra people were coming into the palace, my sister and I helped the servants with dressing each room with blankets, towels, and fresh clothes for them.
“How many people do you think will be here with us?” Sloane said, as she was helping me fix one of the beds.
“Mother said probably close to forty people. That is, if the plague doesn’t affect them on their journey here.” I said back to her.
“Alexina, Sloane. They’re here.” Mother came in with three of her ladies in waiting, and two other servants who took over making the rest of the beds.
We grab the sides of our big skirts and follow them down the long hallway to the stairs, we looked down to find close to thirty people in the great room.
All of them kneeling down in front of father, and they stayed there to show their respect for mother, Sloane, and I.
We walked down the stairs and I looked at all of these people, I was expecting more than this, but I felt sad too as that meant the weather took some of their lives.
“Welcome to our home. I know you’ve come a long way and I thank you and my people will also thank you as well. We are in need of your help and we will greatly help you if you need it. Meet my queen, Freya and our daughters Alexina and Sloane.” My father said to all of our visitors, one of the male knights that still kneeled in front of us, had olive skin and dark hair with brown eyes.
He looked distanced but more alive than the rest that kneeled before me.
He didn’t look away from my father’s glaze and I actually wished he would so I could see his whole face and make him feel welcomed here.
“My trustee Nils will show you all to your rooms and then if you will go out to the village and began seeing my people. There will be a safe house for those who leave to do so, as I’m afraid I will not have my wife, daughters, staff and myself infected by the disease outside. Now, good day.” Father said as he concluded his speech.
The young man turned his face down towards the red and gold rug on the floor.
He seemed like a quiet soul, but he seemed kind of adventurous as well.
As father and the leaders of each kingdom walked away to catch up on old times, mother and her ladies in waiting walked towards the servants that came with all of the knights, to help them with whatever they needed, my mother wasn’t like any ordinary queen; she believed in helping any way she saw fit.
Sloane followed suit as I stood along up against the stairs looking straight at the mystery man that got my attention before my father started talking, he finally saw me and gave me a slight smile.
No teeth, but that was enough for now.
The commander got his knights attention by stomping his cane on the floor three times and they all stood up from the ground and turned away to walk up the stairs.
I got out of their way, but just enough that each of them nodded at me and kissed my hand.
When the man grabbed my hand, sparks glowed in his eyes, still looked distant but he was definitely interested now.
“What is your name?” I said in a firm voice but my voice cracked mid-sentence and I felt embarrassed of myself.
“My name is Evander, your majesty. Please to meet you.” He said as he leaned down to kiss my hand and then he gave me another small smile before walking away to the next man came walking behind him.
I kept quiet with him and the rest, they didn’t seem interesting enough for me.