From Almost Injuries To Old Memories

This has been a long week, but it’s also been very good too. Spring is definitely here, but it’ll be short-lived as it’s supposed to get down in the 40’s tomorrow. I got to get out of the house three times this week. My papaw is the one that has been having the rough week. He went to the hospital Monday morning. He’s been having issues with his heart, but he’s at home, but he’s got this heart monitor attached to him that he has to wear for two weeks so they can keep track of what is going on. Apparently when it beats, it means something is going on with his heart. I found out today by my nana that he has named it “Albert” and according to her, the last thing he had to wear was named “Clarence.” Some reason I have never given my wheelchairs or any of my old braces for my back ever had names. You would think I would for as much as I love names! My nana has had me cleaning her office. On Monday and yesterday (Thursday) we’ve been cleaning out all of the stuff that is underneath her computer desk. I’ve been really looking to the positive sides of having feet as my hands this week. For a normal person, you have to get on the floor or bend over to reach for something like this, I hardly leaned over. I just let my toes feel their way through that area. Granted, I am not as strong as I could be and I almost pulled out a few toes here and there and I almost broke my ankle in the process. You can’t necessarily tell me to stop, because once I get going and I have a mindset, I can’t go back on it and stop. I don’t care, I just keep going on.

We finally finished cleaning that area yesterday, and she decided to have me start organizing files. Which normally I’m pretty good at, I like to do that sort of thing. We were doing a lot of talking and I mean, a LOT of talking! When we finally got around to organizing that part, we were both hurting and groaning at the same time. I think doing things two days in a row was catching up to us because our bodies weren’t having it today. I tried to do some of it, but as we kept finding things, I kept getting sidetracked. So she ended up doing most of the work. I came in with good intentions, just kept getting distracted once I found two folders with my name on it after that it was downhill from there. What’s funny about it, is the fact I had ice cream there and it took my dad a bit to come get me, I still didn’t have any while I was there. That NEVER happens and I’m betting it’ll never happen again. I found four papers, but two just need to be burned. You know those memories that like to creep behind the shadows in your mind? Yeah, two came out of mine today. I’m pretty sure they were from either 6th or 7th grade. Because one says I was 13 years old. I love how I put the date and the day on EVERYTHING back then and now too! The other two things are pretty interesting to me at least.

One of the things was my freshman year of high school class schedule. It is weird to think all of them were long gone, except for this one. It has all of my classes for both semesters too! After seven years since my first year in high school, I just thought I was losing my mind about what classes were placed where and I have most of them in the same place. For first semester, I had my English and English Lab back-to-back in the morning. English Lab wasn’t as bad as the actual class, that’s where I got most of my reading done especially on Fridays. I think my two favorite classes for both semesters were P.E. (only because my crush was in that class) and Fashion & Textiles from second semester. I actually had to borrow a peer tutor because my aide at the time was sick a lot and at that time the boys were in their important classes, so their aides couldn’t go with me so I got to have this poor senior BOY go with me to my FASHION class with a bunch of girls, even two girls he actually knew. I always felt bad for him but he was always so good and really helped me with my stuff, I even had to use the sewing machine with him in there and he actually helped me a bit too, but was also like everybody else, wowed at the fact I could work a sewing machine with my feet. So we basically surprised each other through that experience. The other paper I found today was this little drawing I did on the computer when I was in 6th grade. We had to make something on paint to be basically ironed on a white T-Shirt. I had some issues with the microphone I was doing and I can remember my teacher telling me to keep working on it, but if I didn’t get it then to think of something else to make. Well, I finally figured it out and it turned out better than I expected it and now every year (we have proof of this, when my sister was in her class three years afterwards) she uses my project as her example. It has a good outcome out of it and I kept working at it, so she can continue with that. I don’t mind it one bit.