The Baby Name Tag – Extended



If you’re a frequent visitor to YouTube, there’s a big chance you’ve seen a lot of videos talking about baby names! It’s a tag open for anyone that either have their future children’s names picked out like me! I have decided to include two separate tags into one post, the first batch of questions comes from SJ Strum as she’s the one who created the tag in the first place. While, the second part comes from browsing my WordPress Reader and finding another large collection on Lucy Niblock’s blog. 

Since finding both of these tags, I’ve changed some of the questions below because for repeats and other little things, but for the most part, everything is still the same from the original layouts. When some of the questions ask for both genders, I’ve also decided to share what I’d use for the middle name(s) as well. I am a big fan of adding more than one name after the first, but don’t worry I don’t get too carried away with my choices though!

If you had a baby tomorrow, what would you call them? Boy & Girl

When I first read this question, the girl name popped out at me immediately! Sophie Rivers. I really love the name Sophie a lot, but I thought it was strange for me to choose “Rivers” as a middle name. Now for a boy, it was more difficult, but I did think of Luxor and the only reason why I’d pick it is because I love everything about Egypt!

What would you rename yourself keeping your same first initial?

When I was in middle school, I tried to make everyone call me “Monique” because nobody ever spelled it right and I just got tired of it all, and for some odd reason I thought this was a perfect fit! I actually remembering signing my name that way on a friend’s end-of-the-year-tye-dye-t-shirt. I really hope she no longer has that top because that’s just embarrassing!

What would you have been/wish you had been called if you were the opposite gender?

I’ve actually never known what my parents would have named me if I was a boy, so I had to ask her about this one. She told me, I would have been “Derek” and honestly, that’s not too bad compared to “Salem Rachelle” (my original name) and it is one of my favorite, casual boy name too!

Favorite Vintage baby name for boy and girl?

This is like the second worst question, because I love vintage baby names! For a girl, I have: Cecily Anne Victoria and the boy would be: Arthur Hugo Michael.

Favorite Nature baby name for boy and girl?

Apparently I like nature names a lot more than I thought I did! We had a cat named Wren years ago, and I still love that name so I’d probably go with Daisy Wren. I think thought be a really cute, girly name! For boys, I really enjoy the name Forest, but I feel it’s becoming popular again so my second favorite is Leif.

Favorite YouTuber’s name and/or baby name?

I love Jonathan and Anna SacconeJoly’s oldest daughter’s name: Emilia. It’s like the Italian version of my sister’s name! I also think Emilia Jane sounds so feminine too!

Recently I found Tania Licciardo-Toivola also known as the “mom of 10” the other day and I’ve been learning her children’s names and I’m actually loving them. I’m still missing at least two of them, but so far the names are Leonardo, Jerusalem, Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Nefertiti, Aphrodite, King James, and Omega. So, they’re really out there, but I actually really like them! I’ve always wanted to use Nefertiti in some way because she’s one of my favorite Queens ever, so I tend to put it as a middle name, but I really love that it’s front and center for her daughter.

Favorite Literary name?

I grew up in the early 90’s so the name “Jessica” was very popular in school, and even though I had to mesmerize about 8 different ones, I never lost my love of the name itself.

Favorite “O” name that isn’t Oliver or Olivia?

This is really difficult because I really love both Oliver and Olivia a lot, but the first boy name that popped into my head was Otto, and apparently it was pretty popular with several other people who took this tag too! It doesn’t hurt that it reminds you of Rocket Power, right? The girl “O” name I really like is Oona, which is Irish. I am really obsessed with Irish names! If that didn’t work, I’d exchange it with Olympia, which is Greek. I fall in love with this one long ago, so I see myself using it more than Oona unfortunately!

What did you wish you were called when you were younger?

I really like my name “Meghan” but I have never enjoyed having the letter “h” right in the smack dab in the middle. So, honestly, I would have kept it but maybe have it spelled just “Megan” to make things easier on everybody!

What name would you immediately VETO?

When I originally began working on this post, I bravely put that I didn’t have too many names I would veto, but after a few days and I searched for other names, my veto list actually grew so I managed to really surprise myself! The names I had mentioned for this question were: Nova and Sailor, but after thinking about it, I felt that I needed to add both Fergus and Tillie. It just reminds of an old lady in her 90’s! I don’t like Fergus because I just want to automatically change it to Ferguson!


What is your favorite boy and girl name from the Top UK names list?

I think for a boy my favorite is Jack and for a girl, I really love Nora.

What is your least favorite boy and girl names from the Top US names list?

I’ve never liked Asher or Grayson for boys, maybe because they are so common nowadays. As for girls, this was a lot harder because generally I love girl names, so to find one or two girl names that I hate isn’t very ideal, but I don’t like Addison, which is strange because at one point I loved it!

If you had twins, what would you call them?

If they were both boys, they would be Mason David and Michael Brandon. Now if it was a girl and a boy, I would do Saint Isabella and Amerik Morgan. If I had two girls, then it would Emily Catherine and Leah Reverie.

You have four children, any gender, their names have to start with the same letter. What names would you choose?

Madeleine, Mason, Micah, and Magnus.

What’s your favorite celebrity’s baby name?

Since I love Celtic Woman a lot, and we’ve already established my love of Irish/Gaelic names. I really love both Mairead and Eabha a lot! Mairead means “pearl” and it’s pronounced as “MYarade” while Eabha means “life” now the pronunciation is different as it’s “AY-va” like the name Ava.

What’s your favorite animals inspired name?

Besides Wren for a girl, I don’t like too many girly animal names, except for one other name. Sparrow! I’ve never cared for it as a boy name, but for girls it always makes me smile! However, I really love both Hawk and Robin for a boy. I am obsessed with hawks and robins and cardinals we see and use to remember my papaw. So, apparently I love birds!

What’s your favorite color inspired name?

Honestly I love the name Lavender, whether or not I’d actually use it for my future children or characters one day is still a mystery, but it’s really cute! I love Scarlett as well, but it has been used a lot lately. And then for a boy (or a girl) there’s Navy! I like that Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany, are naming their second child, a girl Navy Rome. I think it’s a beautiful, unisex combination!

What are your top 3 favorite boy names?

This has always been a VERY difficult answer, but my favorite three names are: Milo, Hudson, and Sebastian.

What are your top 3 favorite girl names?

I thought I’d have a better idea for my three favorite girl names but unfortunately I don’t, so I wouldn’t surprise me if I change my mind later on! Anyways, the names I love right now are: Harlow, Francesca, and Siobhan.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure name?

Ooh! My ultimate guilty pleasure name! Honestly, I think it’s Charlotte or Elizabeth. I really enjoy old-timey names for babies, but when it comes to boys I like the outlandish ones like Aspen or Ever.

Choose a baby based on a food/drink

This was REALLY difficult, but I actually don’t like using food or drink inspired names but I do have an exception to one and that is Clementine and what’s interesting, is that when it comes to herbs and some spices I have a lot. I really love: Ginger, Anise, Basil, Caraway, Lavender, Saffron, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme.

Choose a baby name based on a month

I’ve always wanted to use August in some way. I’ve had Levi August picked out since I was in middle school. I do love May but I would have to use it like Mae because of the way it’s used in my family, but those are the only two that I really liked.

Choose a baby name from a movie

Here we go again, another hard one to answer because I like to watch a lot of movies! For a girl it would be Mavis from Hotel Transylvania and then my boy name would probably be Benjamin after The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button!

Choose a name that’s already in your family

Oh boy! Since I know more about my mom’s side, I’ve realized that we tend to like the letters: E, L, and M a lot! I’d love to have as many family names as I can in some shape or form, but I’m not allowed to use the name Mary because my mom (who is one of the inspirations for using it in the first place) thinks it’s too old fashion for this generation. So I’ve had to find other names that were similar to it, like “Margaret” and as much as I love it, I’d still like to have “Mary” instead.

My three times great-aunts all had very unique names. The oldest was Regina and she didn’t pronounce it like everybody else would of course. It was “Ra-kee-na” and I have a combination that I’ve created recently that I really like, it’s Ava Regina Elizabeth. We have had a few Marys’ and so she’s the second reason for my inspiration there. I’d like to use it for Mary Louise. Third was Elsaleah, and her name is probably my favorite of the bunch. I’ve picked out to use it in Maud Elsaleah. And then finally we have Lula. She was given the middle name Thomas, and this was before unisex names were a thing! The only way I’d have it as Lula Rose.

Hope you have enjoyed this tag! If you decide to do it too, please send me a link of it after it’s published, okay? 


73 Questions.



If anybody goes on YouTube on a regular basis and most of us do; you’re probably familiar with seeing Vogue Magazine’s 73 Questions videos. If not, the magazine asks different celebrities a total of seventy-three questions to answer and they’ll film the answers on the spot and put it on their YT channel. I’ve seen the many videos, but I will admit that I have not watched a single one!

I’m actually surprised that I’ve only seen one blogger post anything about the dreaded questions. I figured that there would be more since we have a lot of both beauty and fashion bloggers out there, I thought they’d kind of jump on that bandwagon kind of quickly! Anyways, the one person who was brave enough to do is BlogAlongWithMe. She might’ve inspired a few other people to take up the challenge and publish their answers as well!

Let’s get started with the questions!

1. What country in the world would you love to visit?

Apparently, I can’t list just one even though everybody would think otherwise. England, Poland, Netherlands, Ireland and France. All in that order too!

2. Name one thing you can’t live without?


3. What’s one thing you like to have with you everyday?

Camera and a notepad with a pen.

4. What’s one cause that is dear to you heart?

Ohh, I’d say anything that has anything to do with children and teens with physical disabilities.

5. What’s your favourite colour?


6. Who’s the funniest person you know?

I’ve got a lot of funny people in my family, but I’d probably say my Uncle David and cousin Chris. God! It’s a bad idea to get stuck in a room with them together because there’s no filter between them! They’re fun though.

7. Who would make you most starstruck?

I don’t know, I think meeting any celebrity that you really like would make you starstruck. However, if I’d ever met one of the royals (British or Swedish) I’d probably faint right in front of them.

8. What’s your favorite movie?

You know, out of all of the movie posts I’ve done lately, I have yet to actually answer that question. It’s so difficult to pin point a favorite film.

9. Favorite movie in the past five years?

And this one doesn’t help either! It’s like a three way tie with Brooklyn, The Red Violin (even though it came out in 96, I just watched it last year!) and The Theory Of Everything.

10. A book you plan on reading?

If I don’t decide to dive back into the Dan Brown books, I might get City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

11. Favorite TV show that’s currently on?

Supergirl and Victoria.

12. On a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now?


13. Twitter or Instagram?


14. What’s your favorite food?

I couldn’t decide between broccoli with ranch dip and Steak n Shake’s cheese fries. ♥

15. Least favorite food?

Mashed Potatoes. 😦

16. What do you love on your pizza?

Sausage and Pepperoni with extra cheese!

17. Favorite drink?

Chocolate milk.

18. Favorite dessert?

Ice cream and cupcakes.

19. Coffee or tea?


20. What’s your favorite band?

Oh boy, that’s another hard question. Within Temptation or Celtic Woman. Can they be included?

21. Favorite solo artist?

Christina Aguilera.

22. Favorite song?

I am loving both Love So Soft by Kelly Clarkson, Him & I by G-Eazy featuring Halsey, and Havana by Camila Cabello at the moment!

22. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

Celtic Woman, no joke!

23. If you could master one instrument, what would it be?


24. If you had a tattoo, where would it be?

I’ve always loved sleeves, but since my arms are so tiny that I’m so worried that whatever design I’d chose wouldn’t look as good as it does in my head.

25. Dogs or cats?

I like both, but cats.

26. Best gift you’ve ever received?


27. Best gift you’ve ever given?

I like making gifts, but I did purchase Christmas gifts this year for my family so that worked too!

28. Last gift you gave a friend?

I think it was a fuzzy poster that I had done, but that was years ago so!

29. What’s your favorite board game?

Scattergories is a fun game to play with people who can’t understand the rules! UNO is also fun too, even though it’s clearly not a “board” game.

30. What’s your favorite country to visit?

I’ve never been out of the states.

31. What’s the last country you visited?

I can’t answer this one either..

32. Heels or flats?

Heels, even though I don’t wear them. I do love the crap out of them though!

33. Pilates or yoga?

Never tried either one.

34. Best way to de-stress?

Surprisingly cleaning! I love to clean and organize. I feel like I’m in need of a spring cleaning on my bookshelf.

35. If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Be invisible.

36. What is your most favorite thing about yourself?

I love my patience.

37. Who do you miss most?

My papaw.

38. What are you listening to right now?

The Unforgiving by Within Temptation.

39. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

I don’t really get phone calls anymore, but probably my nana!

40. Who was the last person you sent a text to?

I don’t remember, I don’t get very many of those either.

41. A sport you wish you could play?

Ohh, the only reason why I always wish to be back in high school around the fall is because of powder puff football.

42. Scary film or happy endings?

Happy endings, actually I like happy mixed in with a surprise at the very end.

43. Favorite season?

I’ve always been a fan of fall, it symbolizes a lot of things for me.

44. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?

King Richard III only to ask him about how he managed to get through life as a soldier and king while having Scoliosis. I feel we’d have fun comparing stories throughout the many centuries between us!

I’d also like to have an interview with King Henry VIII. I’d definitely yell at him for beheading Anne Boleyn and for not putting his oldest sister Princess Margaret’s line in succession after the deaths of his children, because then Mary, Queen of Scots wouldn’t have to be killed by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth. She definitely didn’t want to do that, she was forced into it by her councilors.

And lastly, I’d like to have dinner with my papaw again. We’d get pizza from Fish Hut and watch Butler basketball on TV. 🙂

45. Where were you born?

In a hospital 🙂

46. What is the farthest you have been from home?

I’ve been to Florida and that’s definitely far away, since when we went to Disney World in the middle of March, it was sunny and warm with the one day full of rain on Wednesday, but by Thursday it had snowed and ice and everybody was so jealous at us; school was actually cancelled those last two days before Spring Break!

47. Lipstick or lip gloss?

Matte lipstick, even though I don’t wear it. I think it’s beautiful on other ladies!

48. What would be the title of your autobiography?

I’ve never had a good title for this. I don’t even have a solid title for my project I’m writing myself!

49. Favorite sound?

Irish music and babies laughing!

50. Favorite animal?


51. Who is your girl crush?

Oh god, how about I just add my blog post to answer this correctly? Top 5 Girl Crushes

52. What is your favourite Ice-cream?

I love vanilla, cookie dough, mint, and cookies n cream!

53. Do you think you’re strong?

After everything that’s been happening in the last two years I feel like I have to be to at this point!

54. What was the last book you read because everyone was reading it?

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. Yeah, I managed to freak out a few people with it too! It was fun!

55. What film made you cry the most?

Ugh, I don’t watch very many movies that have I actually made me cry. I kind of try to dodge those to the best of my ability.

56. What was the last thing you ate?


57. Mountain hideaway or beach house?

Mountain hideaway, more chances to go on walks and take pictures!

58. Favourite sport to watch?

Basketball, but I like figure skating, which is one of the reasons why I’m kind of excited for the Winter Olympics. I don’t like the fact that the paralympics are on the same week as March Madness though, because you know ESPN and the local channels will be talking about college basketball. 😦 As much as I love my Butler Bulldogs, I’m not totally thrilled about it.

59. Hair colour?

Dark brown.

60. Eye colour?


61. Last film you watched?

Claire In Motion. It was okay.

62. What Book are you reading now?

Still reading The Girl On The Train.

63. Where are you living now?

Can’t say.

64. Blow Dry or Air Dry?

I prefer air dry.

65. What was the best thing to happen you this month?

I got over the flu.

66. What is something that recently moved you?

Ohh, Zoella’s chat in her first vlog about plans for the year! She discussed how much hard it takes to be a full time blogger and I think nobody will truly understand the lifestyle of being a blogger especially one that can’t travel and do a lot of things that other people can do in the same niche. We disabled bloggers are a total different group, but we’re strong and know we can be just as powerful as everybody else in the blog industry.

67. If you could teach one subject in school what would it be

Oh, I don’t know I loved art, novels (we read four books in a semester, but it should been a whole year course!), and creative writing!

68. Top 3 style icons?

Zoe London, Niomi Smart, and Jenna Coleman.

69. What is something you can’t do?

Walk on my own, but I don’t want to learn anymore. 🙂

70. What makes you laugh no matter what?

Zoella and Mark Ferris together!

71. What did you want to do with your life when you were 12 years old?

Be a singer.

72. What is an important life lesson for someone to learn?

Pick your battles. Not everything deserves a reaction, bite your tongue if you have to and move on from the situation.

73. What do you do on rainy days?

Blog my life away or lay in bed all day long.

And that’s it!

Somehow I managed to complete this in two days and it was really, really fun to answer all of these questions! I’m really sorry that I didn’t remove the “u” in some of the words, but between adding the bold and answering each question, I didn’t even want to be bothered with that!



Top 5 Crushes | MEN



Now we’re back with the second round of celebrity crushes and this time it’s all about the men! If you didn’t last week’s post, that’s all right because I will explain it again. Choosing only five guys is very difficult compared to the ladies; at least with there, I have a good top 5 and top 10 list whereas on the male side it just depends on my mood and whatever I have watched or listened to throughout the day.

There were a few times where I kept thinking of putting the Skarsgard, Hemsworth and Leto brothers on the list and have them be counted as one, but the more I thought about it, it just seemed too weird so I didn’t add any of them! So figuring out a definite list was even harder to do, but I did promise more singers on this one because I seem to be more attractive to male singers than female. I don’t know why though because I can relate to their lyrics and feelings more.


Tom Hardy – British

As I’ve said above, this was a difficult thing to put together but I do have to say that even if I couldn’t put down five guys, I could have just done a whole post about Tom Hardy. I know a lot of people who probably wouldn’t had mind that at all honestly!

My dad and I have seen a lot of his movies. For at least four months straight, we were even on exactly how many films we’d seen with him in it: 11, but now that my dad has seen Legend he is now beating me at the moment! However I feel like it shouldn’t count because he said that the movie itself was “good” but he didn’t like all of the British accents. I disagree with that statement, I think British accents are sexy as hell, however I do believe Irish accents are better, sorry not sorry! If Tom Hardy has a film where he’s speaking in a full on Irish accent send it my way please! Thank you!


Johnny Depp – American

Yeah, I’m saying it! Johnny Depp is hot. However, I got on the “Depp train” later in life. Apparently watching had a triple duty and I didn’t realize it until later. Don’t worry even I’m disappointed in myself I didn’t cave in before!

In my defense though, the movie trailers I was seeing him in at the time were the Pirates Of The Caribbean and I don’t like him in those types of films where his face is covered up. It took me about four years just get myself to feel comfortable to watch Alice In Wonderland because I literally had to keep telling myself “Johnny Depp is underneath all of that make up” over and over again! I can’t watch his films from the late 90’s and early 00’s unfortunately, because I find him more gorgeous as he ages. I’m saying that in a good way, don’t get ahold of me Stephanie! 😀


Luke Evans – Welsh

I know, I know, Luke is gay but that does not mean that I am comfortable with giving him up so quickly! Funnily enough as I was going through my Pinterest board full of amazingly hot men it was another gay man that reminded me about Luke! So I knew I have to add him onto this list and doesn’t he count for a singer too? I mean, he did play Gaston?

I found Luke later on in life too. You can actually than my Uncle David as he took Kristi, Chris, Blondie and I to see Fast Five when it was still in theaters and this was how Kristi and I were first introduced to him. We literally left drooling over him and Paul Walker! I have to add Michelle Rodeguiez, Elsa Pataky, and Gal Gadot onto that statement as well. Anyways, ever since I’ve been trying to watch as many films as I can with him in it, except for The Raven I did try to watch it, but I have never been able to finish it.


Oliver “Oli” Skyes – British

Oli Sykes! I made up a rule when I started my rock/heavy metal phase in 2009, I would not look up any of the bands I listened to until I had fallen in love with at least five songs or more, which seems like a good idea considering I was familiar with the gothic scene of that time so I just wanted to give myself some space and learn to love what I was hearing, not what I was seeing on my screen!

Bring Me The Horizon was one of those five original bands that took me a good three years to finally get into fully and then I realized how freaking hot rockers covered in tattoos from head to toe were and then also thanks to Oli I began to enjoy neck tattoos and I know if I ever brought a guy home with a giant neck tat my dad would kill me or him!


Alexander Ludwig – Canadian

I remember watching the first Hunger Games film and absolutely hating the character Cato, he was a cocky son of a bitch and I was kind of happy in a way that he died at the end! Again, sorry not sorry! I also thought Alexander looked really, really young in that film. He looked like a teenager, which for any actor in their early twenties can be a plus in a way, but then thanks to my father and I began to back track to my original thoughts of the fact he was that cute.

When Alexander is on Vikings, he has a growing beard and he looks so much older and like he’s like two years younger than me! When he appears on the later part of season one he still looks pretty young but then as I’ve seen on YouTube, he looks more grown up and really good looking! I just hope he isn’t as cocky because that would be a big turn off honestly!

On my other post I included a few more people and I figured I’d continue on with that tradition and say Henry Cavill, Theo James, Christian Bale, Brantley Gilbert, Charlie Hunnam, Ian Somerhalder, David Boreanaz, G-Eazy, Will Smith, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I really hope you’ve enjoyed these posts!

What are some of your male celebrity crushes? Do you have a certain type you go for? Let me know!


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I Am A (Controlled) Fangirl.

I have been wanting to create another series for my blog for about a month or so. I am having way too much fun doing these Tune Tuesday and Blogs That I Love that it’s been creating more ideas for the blog. I’ve been using a couple of my Pinterest boards to help me out, mostly my “I Am” and “Shit I Love” boards. For the ones for SIL those will be anytime I have to create and publish them. The I Am posts I’d like to do those for a similar series as Throwback Thursday. I explain on my Facebook that I am so into perspective and finding negatives and turning them into something positive. So that will be a good and big thing on here! I hope you like them!


What would you think if I said I’ve never been a rock/metal concert before? I know, I’m this big rocker and talk about my favorite bands left and right, but still never have seen one live. I’m going to be very honest about this though, in a way I kind of don’t want to. I mean, I love a lot of different bands, both from the US and international, who will probably never come over close enough to where I am to see them. It’s not my fault that they can’t though. I’ve got some different thoughts and beliefs when we get on this topic. I don’t think I’d really enjoy a concert like everybody else would honestly, because I have two sides of me. I have my happy hardcore fan girl side that wants to go and see a show, but yet I have my worry side that is absolutely terrified of being around the people at these shows, having them stare at me being I’ve just ran over their feet trying to get a closer look at the stage. I feel like I would feel too trapped inside my own mind to enjoy anything and the worst part of all is that nobody would understand this or even care that this actually does scare me. There are a few people who would understand this, but not in my point of view.

I have always thought I wasn’t the every fan girl you hear about online. I mean, yes I do go insane for when I get followed, retweeted, replied by a celebrity or band. That high of excitement usually lasts about two or three days, depending on whether or not I go to my nana’s the very next day. I don’t like posting on my social media accounts that I’ve been followed or replied back to someone either. I don’t like hurting anybody’s feeling but my family get the short end of the stick because I have to release it somewhere and they are usually the ones I tell, so feel bad for them. I’m also one of those fans who don’t really include the celebrities in their actual usernames in a tweet either. If I do and get anything back, I stop tweeting them altogether for like four months. I don’t like to spam people. I feel like I do that enough for the ones who follow me on Twitter, because of how many times I post about my new blog posts. I feel like I’m annoying them when they have somewhere else to be.

Now I bet you’re wondering how I got to be the way I am, and here’s the reason. I have a lot bands that are from overseas, like a LOT! I’m honestly over the 80+ mark on all of the bands I actually listen to, tolerate, and love. Over the years, when I started to find all these bands I realized how many of them were even coming over to the states, and close to were my mom was comfortable into taking me to. I am that kind of fan that every time you hear or read the words, “NEW CONCERT DATES!” and instantly go insane and click that link and pray that there’s a show near you. I have a motto that I go by, “no expections, no disappoints.” Well, I got into using that motto whenever a band would release tour dates not in my area. I still look every single time but I have it in my head going in, don’t get too excited just in case you’re wrong. Honest to God, this has actually helped me at times. Whenever my friends say that they’re going to see this band or that band, I’m not jealous. I’m more happy for them instead. I can’t be bitter when things you can’t control happen anyways, I love to hear the stories of when they come online the next day. They post videos, pictures, and if they’re bloggers then you get to read their posts and it makes you feel you’re right there with them in spirit.

I’m a VERY controlled fan. I kind of take pride in myself for the person I am as a fan. I mean, I am already different from other people, why should this be any different? My nana has watched live videos on YouTube and she gets so angry for the girls in the audience who just scream and holler whenever that person on stage is singing or just talking in general. Since she’s not really used to the whole screaming and standing up for a concert, she’s very opinionated about this. I’ve been trying to tell her that if times were switched and she was about my age or younger, she would be doing the exact same thing. She doesn’t usually it when I say that either. For a person like my nana, with age she’s been in her little wheelchair more often and doesn’t have the strength to do a lot of things like stand up for a long period of time. Whereas I have always been confined to my chair, so I know what I’m getting myself into if and when I go to any kind of concert, people are going to be as close to you as possible, taller than you, and they’re going to be drunk or full of rage, or a mixture of both! I’ve seen these videos of rock concerts and I’ve recently figured out what the hell a “wall of death” is and they scare me more than the crowd surfers and drunken idiots combined.

One year my sister went to an outdoor concert in another state with her church group. She and one of her friends were walking from one side to the other side, they said that there were two parts that were only separate by a simple line of police tag and that’s it. Well, somebody in the crowd obviously did not like this and decided to cut it and everybody in that part went forward and ended up crashing into anybody that was walking in front of them. They were in this part and she said that when it was cut, everybody ran as fast as they could to move up and didn’t care if the person next to them fell over and was getting walked over. Blondie swore she had to have a whole shoe imprint on my back and the side of her face because of the pressure of the crowd when she fell over. I’ve mostly heard and worried about the circle pits, where the fans get into a decent size circle and just jump around and run right into each other, but walls of death can be a little bit more violent. They’re honestly both violent, but this one seems a little bit worse. Before a song’s breakdown the singer usually has the crowd separate between two sides and then when the breakdown begins they race towards each other and push each other around. I’d be perfectly fine with just doing the head banging and hopefully not trying to fall out of my wheelchair.

Lastly, I don’t like using my disability as leverage either. It sickens me when people think it would be fun to use the wheelchair or any part of the fact that I’m handicapped, to their advantage. I have fought hard about this subject because I hate it so much, but if my sister was with me and her favorite artist or band was there, I’d basically do anything to let her meet them because that’s my job as a sister to reward her whenever she’s done something for me. She deserves something after all these years. Now parent wise, it just depends. I’ve had nightmares of meeting a band that my parents used to make fun of and then later got into after some coaxing, I dreamt that we got to meet the band and somebody called them by our inside joke and the entire thing was ruined. I was glad to wake up after that ending. My mom was even thinking that would not be a smart move because they can barely call their band name right on the first try anymore. So I’ve just decided that I never want to meet a band or celebrity while being around them after that. I remember a time where I didn’t like to share, once I actually had a balloon. I got the last one. This poor little boy behind me wanted mine and everybody else was releasing theirs into the air, I didn’t want to do that. So I kept it and he cried to his mom or grandmother I don’t remember who had ahold of him. Well, I’ve been haunted by that memory too and I’ve just learned to give up my place or whatever I had to somebody else. In other words, if it was between me or a little kid that was allowed to meet my favorite band I would give it to the kid. I mean, just because I’m in a wheelchair and can do things with my feet does not mean I like being privileged. Besides I’m an adult, and if it’s a kid you’re going to swallow your pride and give it to the kid who will appreciate the joy a lot more than you think you would.

How Different A Lifestyle Can Be

writingOver the weekend my mom was washing my hair and I started talking to her about my blog and something cool the probably shouldn’t matter so much, but when somebody thinks, it makes you really happy inside and honestly my mom liked it too! I don’t feel like sharing it at the moment. Sorry! She asked me if I had read Gwyneth Pathrow’s blog before. I told her no, I didn’t know she had one. According to my mom she blogs about how you can get these really expensive pillows and etc, and I brought up Elsa Pataky’s blog that she does for Spain’s magazine version of Glamour and I told her that she does the basically same thing, but I love Elsa so I can’t talk bad about her stuff! Both of these ladies make a lot of movies and CAN afford to live these lifestyles, whereas most of us can’t. I like being cheap and I’m being honest here. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think you are smarter with how you spend your money when you’re on a budget. If an unlimited credit card, you’re a goner with self-control. I’ve learned to save up my money for something that’s going to last me longer than some pillow that a dog can simply pee on. That’s just my opinion though.

Growing up in the way I did I think made me comfortable in the lifestyle I live today. Even though, it’s not the best and I sometimes it was better, but I can’t say I don’t love it. I consider my life an alternative lifestyle because it’s not as mainstream as everybody’s lives. It’s never been a normal one. I’ve always had something that could be considered “old” or “outdated” and I’ve pretty content with that, which is probably why I’ve grown to appreciate those times of things a lot more than others do. As a person with disabilities, you have to accept your body and the fact that you can’t change it as much as you’d like to. I think one of the biggest factors why I was so against embracing myself was the fact I had to have a lot of expensive things to help me out, like my custom electric wheelchair. Basically anything that I’ve gotten to help make things easier for my parents and I has brought a lot of uneasy thoughts to float around in my mind. Most have went away because they have done exactly that, make things easier. My lifestyle is a lot different from my sister’s, she is more carefree and has friends to do stuff with and just be a normal young adult. I think I’ve turned into a wiser and thoughtful person in the last few years. I know how far I’ve come in my life and I want to help others like me, but there is one little problem. I’d rather they read my blog than come to me for advice because I feel like out in the open, I’m not the best inspiration ever. I know I’m wrong all over the place, but that’s me for you!

The whole reason of why I gave you these two examples is the fact that they have money and can buy healthy things like organic food and bedding, doesn’t mean you should go out of your way and get it, just because they do! Something similar to this happened a couple of months ago, I found Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin’s blog Your Zen Life and I’ve got to say, for a person like me who tries really hard to see the positive in the negative and always looking at things in another perspective, it’s a really good getaway for you! I read how healthy they have become to enjoy their lifestyles of feeling comfortable in not only their bodies, but also their souls! I was really thinking of changing my lifestyle on how I eat. I mean, it’s not the best. I have a can of pop from the time I get up in the morning from the time I go to bed. Sometimes I do drink cold water, milk, and apple juice but it’s kind of rare anymore. Even though in the past few days I have had chocolate milk and it’s been so amazing! I’ve found those flavored-waters online and I miss smoothies so much! I might have to talk my mom into getting out the blender again! I hardly ever have snacks, and if I do have a snack I try to get my mom to get some granola bars for me at the store. If I just want chocolate, I usually have my mom get me a big dark chocolate bar. If nobody takes a bite of it, that can last me a week at least! Meals in general; I eat microwave meals and if my dad makes something I like, I eat that, but it’s usually sandwiches and the meals.

Everytime I would like to eat healthy, something’s always there keeping me from doing it. It would be different if I was the one getting what I wanted but sadly I can’t. My mom says the meals are basically my “healthy diet” but I wish I could make myself feel a little bit better, but would I be able to give up my caffeine? Oh, god no! Maybe I can go with one a day, but I’m thinking I’ll only last probably two days and want my pop again. I try to eat healthy, but I’ve been on the wrong path for years that I guess I should be happy for the healthy appetite I do have for the foods I eat now. I’m not trying to lose weight because I think that would be unhealthy on my tiny body. I would look really sick if I tried to do that. I think if you can do it, if you have the resources in reach, you should take advantage of it. I’m not saying for the ones like myself should give up what we want, but I think we should do somethings a little out of the box.

Your Celebrity Dinner Party. Who Would Invite?

I am secretly a party person, it just differs of what kind of parties that I would want to go to, if I was ever asked. I’m also the type of person who secretly wants to plan out dinner parties, surprise parties, and maybe a few dozen themed parties. I don’t really know who that side is from, but I’m taking a guess here and going with my nana. She used to host parties in the early years of when my grandparents got married and had kids. We still have all of the major holidays, including birthdays at our grandparents. She doesn’t necessarily do the same things she used to, as invite people over by sending invitations. No, now she just creates an event on Facebook instead. I know last year, I really wanted to do something special for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, since we’d have all our family down for both holidays, I wanted to in a sense carry on the tradition and make the house seem special and homey at the same time. I actually wanted to host a Christmas cookie exchange. Maybe this year I can get everybody on board with it and we can make it happen. We’ll have to see about that.

Something I was just thinking about, we watch these big award shows on TV and I often wonder what these people eat there and how do they eat from going to one awards to a party? I saw on Olivia Wilde’s Twitter she posted a picture that her fiancée had stopped at a drive-thru of a fast food restaurant to feed her and ever-growing pregnant belly. When I think of dinner parties, I see formal almost dressed in your Sunday’s best wear. However, I’m thinking a little bit classier here. Almost like little black dress and trousers and button-up shirt. Something that looks elegant and simple at the same time. If you ever wanted to host a dinner party, who would you invite? You would invite your closest friends and maybe certain family members of whom you wouldn’t regret inviting later. Now, if you were inviting celebrities, who would you invite? And what in the world would you serve to these people? I’ve watched WAY too many cooking shows to not serve anything fast food wise. There are a lot of simple cuisine’s that you can make easy and ready to serve to your guests. You want something inviting; almost to the point it leaves them breathless, but not choking them! You definitely can serve them anything heavy either; I mean it’s not Thanksgiving here. You don’t want them running out of your house, ready for a nap.

If it was up to me. I would serve a nice soup. My dad made this chicken and corn chowder once. Oh man, it was so good! It had onions, corn, slices of chicken, and small bites of bacon floating around in the broth. It was pure heaven! I can remember eating it and not feeling afterwards. Honestly, I don’t normally feel that way after I’ve had soup, unless it’s my mom’s broccoli and cheese soup or my dad’s take on chili. I would also serve a nice simple salad along side of it. For dessert I would make marble (chocolate and vanilla) cupcakes. Because everybody loves a cupcake! Now if I could invite any celebrity over for dinner, and I’m changing this up a bit, living or dead. Well, the first I’d have to invite is Jennifer Lawrence, I’d allow if she brought your boyfriend Nicholas Hoult also. I would also like to invite: Phoebe Tonkin, Anette Olzon and her husband Johan, Grace Kelly, Tom Hiddleston, Elsa Pataky, and Dick Van Dyke. I don’t know why I would invite these exact people, but I just seem like good people to invite over and have dinner with, they’re all different and the fact I only have one couple that are musicians is a little weird, but I love Anette and I literally would love to have dinner or lunch with her one day, but then again I’d love it if I had dinner or lunch with any of these people though!

Pop Culture

Something that I think everybody is obsessed with is gossiping. We’ve all done it a hundred times, no matter what you think or say, you’re just as guilty of it too. We assume first before we find out any thing else out. When I first heard about Kaley Cucco was engaged for a couple of weeks or months, I don’t remember what it was, everybody (including myself) well “she’s got to be pregnant” and sometimes that’s true, but lately I’ve realized it’s not like that anymore it seems like. Everybody who is getting pregnant is married or has been engaged longer to even before they announce they’re expecting and they usually don’t get married until either right before the baby comes or a few months after the baby arrives. I mean, if you were to look outside the life of these celebrities and look around your neighborhood, they are doing the exact same thing. We complain and make comments on Facebook all the time and after just reading these bad and annoying comments that people make every single day. I stopped commenting and “liking” posts to stop seeing the box appear. My mom is obsessed with all of these magazines. Everytime she goes to the store, she will literally get four or five of them at a time. After she’s read them, she stores them underneath the coffee table.

One of the main reasons why I have always said “no” to becoming a journalist is the fact that nowadays, lying to get a buck is pretty popular. It’s always been popular since probably the first newspaper was published. I don’t want to be one of those people who has to lie and somebody reads it and tells me it’s not enough. Do more. Make up something. I’m usually pretty good about making up stories, but I don’t feel like be sued for what my boss wanted out of me. So it’s not worth it to tear somebody down just to get paid for it. So with that being said, I can say proudly that I have went and unliked all of the magazine pages on my Facebook. I never had any on my Twitter so I’m pretty okay with not seeing everybody’s personal lives plastered in pictures and reporters asking and wondering if one couple is cute or not. Everybody knows I don’t like being a burden to people and have my own set of rules in my mind so doing this shouldn’t be a big shock to you. I hate people enough, I’d rather not hate innocent people because everybody has something juicy about them. I’ve been wanting to clean my room for almost a month and instead I cleaned my Facebook. It’s not a bad thing really.