Song Review: “Red Lips” by GTA feat. Sam Bruno (Skrillex Remix)

Sadly, I don’t listen to a lot of GTA and at this point I’m probably going to regret saying that out loud but I don’t. I mainly wanted to review this song purely to talk about the evolution of one’s music. I hope you will forgive me! Skrillex hasn’t been doing very much remixes this year. He’s been doing producing more with different artists and of course he’s been on tour and working with Diplo on Jack Ü. So the fact that he’s managed to do one remix (unless I’ve missed something and there’s more) this year I’m perfectly fine with it.

I was a dummy, the day this remix was out to the world aka YouTube and Spotify, I decided it would be a great idea to read the comments below the video to get a read on what everybody thought about it. One thing that I noticed in everybody’s comments were that “it sounds like old Skrillex” there were quite a few that disagreed and said that it wasn’t and they hated it because of that reason. Personally, I don’t think it sounds like he’s older stuff. Well, in certain areas, yes it does but it sounds a bit different too! I think as both a person and musician, your tastes and sound evolves with you, I think that’s what has been going with Skrillex. He’s growing and changing as a musician and since you can’t impress everybody some people are not liking the change as much as others!

I’ll say this first, I haven’t exactly heard the original version of this track and I probably won’t because I hardly ever listen to the original after I’ve listened to the remix. I’m sorry! Luckily for me, knowing what to look for in Skrillex’s music for four years now it’s not that hard what parts he’s added into it. The distorted vocals make it soft. I love the introduction, very slow and mysterious. That’s what drew me into the track in the beginning and I’m not lying either! Within the first minute the mood kind of shifts and gets more complex, it’s very interesting! I have a difficult time keeping myself together whenever this song plays on my Spotify, I tend to want to handbang and I can’t do that at the moment because my neck has been giving me problems lately. I love the remix a lot. I wish it was longer, but then again I always say that, don’t I?

What do you think of this remix? What are your thoughts of whether it’s a singer, band, or in this case a DJ evolution with their own music?

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