Blog Post Ideas For Disabled & Chronic Illness Bloggers


Hey guys,

So you know I’ve been doing this for a long time and every once in a while my brain basically goes blank on me and I have writer’s block. Well, as I was going through this one day I thought about creating a prompt post for my fellow disabled bloggers whether they have physical, mental and/or invisible illnesses.

I got the idea after searching for different ones on other blogs and realizing there wasn’t any for my fellow spoonies so I’m hoping to change that! I hope you all like this and maybe you’ll be inspired to create some new material on your blogs! Have fun! 🙂


What is your condition?
How was the process of finding out what it was?
How you’ve adapted to new and old challenges
Mobility – What do you use to get around?
What are some of your fears as the condition worsens and/or you getting older?
How do you feel about wheelchairs or crutches?
Would you want to change the way you are?
What makes you forgot about things?
Talk about some of your medication, why you have to take certain ones
Your daily routine – give your readers a sense of your AM or PM routine


What is your community doing to fix things like sidewalks, transport, buildings, etc?
How we’re represented in the media
Do you think people see you as a person?
What is the ugly side of having a disability?
Do you have any advice for the younger generations with your disability and/or families?
Straight, Bi, or Gay – anything about your sexuality
Changing your diet – gluten-free, vegan or paleo


Interview a family member
Talk about bullying
What are some short-term or for the future goals?
Give us a sense of what you went through in school – both the good and bad
Fashion – Do’s & Don’ts
OOTD (outfit of the day)

Are there any others you think I should add? If I find any more I’ll create another one of these posts!


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