Vloggers That I Love | #3


Today I am going back to a short-lived series I created back in 2015, it was called “Vloggers That I Love” as it was a play on another series I did for my favorite bloggers at the moment. Unfortunately, I haven’t been wanting to read anything but I have been watching tons of new YouTube channels lately, so I thought that you would like to know who has grabbed my attention the most and maybe even watch them too!

Hannah Witton | disability, geek, sex & relationship

I don’t really remember how I discovered Hannah’s channel. I saw a video floating around on Twitter of somebody’s favorite disabled YouTubers and I think I watched two of them all the way through and I’m pretty sure that’s how I found her.

One of the things that I enjoy when I watch her videos, is how real she is to her audience. I think the best way to show you what I mean, is featuring the video where she explains her Stoma. I was very shocked on the fact that she was willing to show basically the whole world an exposed area on her lower stomach where her colon is located, to show us how she takes care of it day and night. Even though that was my initial reaction, I was honestly very impressed on how brave she is on doing that in the first place. She likes to talk about Crohn’s disease a lot. She helps spread awareness of it and isn’t afraid to talk about other disabilities on her channel either!

She is sex positive, which means she does discuss her sexuality very freely on her channel. I’ve noticed in the last few years that I would like to talk about sex and relationships not only on here, but in general. I’ve always believed that I am influenced by an 80 year old woman that makes me keep those topics as far away as possible, but I am slowly breaking away from that and trying to find ways to be more open to speak on about sex and relationships in my own way. I feel like she is helping me find that confidence to finally talk about some of these taboo subjects out loud.

The last thing that I felt I needed to mention is that she is a true geek. She loves to play video games with her boyfriend and friends. Whenever she talks about her monthly favorites, there are times where she’ll discuss about the games she’s been playing the most or books she’s been reading lately. So, she isn’t overwhelming you with her disability or talking about sexual things, she has a lot of other interests and that she is as “normal” as everybody else.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard | disability, history, LBGTQ & vintage fashion 

Since I’m going in alphabetical order apparently, I think I should mention that I found Jessica the same way as Hannah. Actually, I think Jessica helped me find her but I can’t remember, the best thing is that I found them and enjoyed them so much that I still watch their videos!

I think Jessica is a very unique YouTuber for so many reasons. The first time I ever watched one of her videos, I was sort of memorized because firstly her fashion sense. She loves vintage fashion, so much she literally dresses up in 1950’s clothes! Her red hair is curled perfectly and she apparently doesn’t own a pair of trousers at all! She lives in boldly patterned but cute dresses and red lipstick. It was amazing! However, it’s not just her style that is “old” she is like me and also love history! Whenever she discusses history, they are usually very informative, which is what I find kind of interesting since she is deaf, she talks on her videos and she is surprisingly clear in the way she speaks to her audience, but whenever she goes into these historicity figures is crazy, but in a good way! You literally forget that she is wearing hearing aids at all! 

I need to point out that Jessica isn’t just deaf, she has a somewhat long list of other things “wrong” with her. They are Hereditary Neuropathy with Pressure Palsies and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Personally, I am still learning about them through her videos but there is a specific video that you can learn more about it on her channel!

Lastly, she loves to talk about the LBGTQ+ community. She is married to her wife Claudia of two years I think. They have two puppies, Tilly and Walter. Claudia does join in her videos from time to time. She also helps her photography on her Instagram and YouTube channel, but really they seem to have an awesome relationship and they are really funny together too!

I hope you enjoy these two ladies and their channels if you check them out. If you know of any other disability vlogger that you think I would like, please send them my way I would love to see what their life is all about as well! 

Do you like to watch people on YouTube, recording parts of their daily life? Who is your favorite?  

Blog Post Ideas For Disabled & Chronic Illness Bloggers


Hey guys,

So you know I’ve been doing this for a long time and every once in a while my brain basically goes blank on me and I have writer’s block. Well, as I was going through this one day I thought about creating a prompt post for my fellow disabled bloggers whether they have physical, mental and/or invisible illnesses.

I got the idea after searching for different ones on other blogs and realizing there wasn’t any for my fellow spoonies so I’m hoping to change that! I hope you all like this and maybe you’ll be inspired to create some new material on your blogs! Have fun! 🙂


What is your condition?
How was the process of finding out what it was?
How you’ve adapted to new and old challenges
Mobility – What do you use to get around?
What are some of your fears as the condition worsens and/or you getting older?
How do you feel about wheelchairs or crutches?
Would you want to change the way you are?
What makes you forgot about things?
Talk about some of your medication, why you have to take certain ones
Your daily routine – give your readers a sense of your AM or PM routine


What is your community doing to fix things like sidewalks, transport, buildings, etc?
How we’re represented in the media
Do you think people see you as a person?
What is the ugly side of having a disability?
Do you have any advice for the younger generations with your disability and/or families?
Straight, Bi, or Gay – anything about your sexuality
Changing your diet – gluten-free, vegan or paleo


Interview a family member
Talk about bullying
What are some short-term or for the future goals?
Give us a sense of what you went through in school – both the good and bad
Fashion – Do’s & Don’ts
OOTD (outfit of the day)

Are there any others you think I should add? If I find any more I’ll create another one of these posts!


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